Required Equipment

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Required Equipment

Wrestlers are required to have and wear the following equipment at all practices:

1. Wrestling shoes
2. Wrestling head gear
3. Mouth guard (if wrestlers have braces on teeth)
4. Shorts or sweats
5. T-shirt or sweat shirt

Optional items: soft knee or arm pads/bands/wraps/etc, hair nets.

Please make sure all other extraneous personal items such as jewelry, glasses, belts, watches, etc. are removed before practice.

Please make sure the wrestler's nails are cut.


- LYWC will supply team t-shirts to each registered wrestler. These will be ordered early in the season (probably just after the first practice).

- It is a good idea to have shorts with a drawstring at the waist to prevent shorts from being pulled down.

- It is a good idea to wash practice clothes after every practice so more than one pair is good to have around.

- LYWC sometimes has used shoes that were outgrown by previous wrestlers. Please ask coaches/board members about these if you are interested. They will be brought to the first practice and can be brought to later practices.

- Although shorts and a tucked-in t-shirt can be used for competition, LYWC also has singlets that can be "checked out" for the season. They must be returned at the end of the season.

- Required equipment can be purchased or ordered at Dick's sporting goods.