MBI FAQ & Rainout Notification Info

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MBI Rainout Notification Procedures

On days when playing conditions are questionable, every attempt will be made to provide playability / rainout information on the Welcome Page of the MBI website, however, on some days, it may not be possible to get this info posted in a timely manner. 

If no notice appears on the website, assume that your game field is playable and that your game will be played as scheduled.

The City of Mesquite Parks & Recreation Dept does have the authority to deem a field or fields unplayable.  If such a decision is made, MBI cannot overrule this.  In many instances, however, the city tells MBI that it is MBI's decision whether a field is or is not playable.  In this case, the decision to play or not play is a "game time decision".  Game Time Decisions are made by MBI League Officials, and NOT by individual Team Managers or coaches.

How to learn status of your game:

-  Check the website.

If no info on on the website:

-  TEAM MANAGERS ONLY:  Call your League Commissioner
-  Others:  Call your team manager or POC

TEAM MANAGERS:  To determine rainout status, call your League Commissioner.  Do not call until 3:30 PM.  Many times, we do not have definitive status until late in the afternoon.

Saturday Rainouts:  Do not call the League Commissioner before 8 AM.

If you are unable to obtain rainout info, plan on playing at your scheduled time.

When in doubt, SHOW UP

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about Mesquite Baseball

MBI is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide a positive and organized environment for children ages 4-18 to learn and play the game of baseball.  We encourage good sportsmanship, leadership and healthy competetion..  MBI welcomes players from Mesquite as well as any other community in the area.  MBI utilizes facilities provided and maintained by the City of Mesquite Parks & Recreation Department.  We are the only city-sanctioned youth baseball program in the city of Mesquite.

Does MBI have a rulebook?

Yes. MBI league play abides by the official rules of Major League Baseball. Where applicable, MLB rules are superceded by the MBI rule book which is available on our website by clicking on HANDOUTS & RULES.

How do I register my child for MBI?

Each season (Spring and Fall), MBI conducts online player registration at this website.
Individuals who do not have internet access may visit the Mesquite Public Library and use
library computers to connect to the MBI website.
Prior to each Spring Season, online registration for teams and players begins in mid-December.
 Prior to each Fall Season, online registration for teams and players begins in mid-July.

As teams form, MBI will assign newly registered players to teams who have open roster spots.
The only way to register your child for MBI is via this website. Click on ONLINE FORMS
to access the Online Player Registration Form.

Are fees due at time of registration?

No. Fees will be due shortly after your child's team begins practice.

What if I'm late? Is a there process for late registration?

We always do our very best to place each and every child who registers for MBI. However, it can be difficult to place a late registrant simply because as we get closer to the start of each season, most teams are full and uniforms have been ordered, thereby making adding players difficult and costly. If we have enough players in the "players pool" of registrants to form a new team, we ask parents of the "pool players" to step up and coach a team, simply so that the "pool players" will have a team upon which to play.  Any existing team who needs additional player(s) can be assigned a pool player, on a first-come, first-served basis, for both the team AND the player(s) in the player pool.

How much does it cost to play, and when are fees due?

MBI League Fees are per-team, rather than per-player. Prior to each season, the league fees will be posted on our website. Costs vary by age group due to variances in number of games played, cost of umpires and variable insurance costs across the various age groups. Each team manager is solely responsible for all financial matters pertaining to his/her team. Consequently, the actual out-of-pocket costs, per-player will vary from team to team. Variables which will affect per-player costs include (but are not limited to): cost of player's uniform, practice or game equipment that the team may need to purchase, the number of players on the team, costs related to any private practice field that the team may use, and team sponsorships (if any).
Typically, the team manager will inform parents of the team's players of upcoming team costs and when
that money is due. The manager will then pay the MBI league fee for the TEAM. Generally speaking, for the
Spring season, parents should expect that all fees will be due no later than mid-March, and for fall,
fees are generally due by the 3rd week in August.

The greatest variable in per-player cost is always fundraising.  If a team does any group fundraising, this usually decreases the per-player cost.  Also, each spring,  MBI provides a league-wide fundraising raffle.  This fundraiser is very easy to participate in.  There are lots of great prizes and the tickets are very quick sellers.  Proceeds from the sale of these raffle tickets should help to reduce the per-players cost.  Again, each team manager is responsible for all financial matters of his/her team.
What equipment will I need to purchase for my child?
If this is your child's first time to play baseball on a team, ask the team manager what he or she wants you to have when you come to the first practice.  Some teams already have equipment, and some teams purchase items "as a team".  Be advised that baseball bats can be somewhat costly, so don't buy a bat until you know what size and weight that your child needs.  Also, read the "MBI Bat Rules" which can be found in the "Forms, Handouts & Rules" section of the MBI website. 
You'll likely have to purchase, at the very least, a properly-fitting fielder's glove.  If you need assistance in finding the right glove, consider going to Mesquite Sports Center.  Their folks are knowledgable and helpful.

What about players who do not live in the City of Mesquite (out-of-district players)

MBI welcomes players and teams from all area communities.  The $10 out-of-district fee which was formerly charged by the City of Mesquite Parks &  Recreation department has been eliminated.

What can I do to have my child placed on a team with players of roughly equal skill level?

When you register your child, you may wish to note in the comments section what, if any, baseball experience
your child has had, or you may wish to note what particular skills your child has. You may also note
if you would like for you child to be placed on a highly competitive team, or a strictly recreational-level
team. Please note that comments on the registration form are NOT required. Also note that we make every attempt to honor the notes & requests in the comments section, but we cannot guarantee a perfect fit every time.

After my child has been assigned to a team, who do I contact if I have questions about my child's team, or MBI in general?

Your first point of contact should always be the team's manager.  If the manager cannot satisfactorily answer the question or solve the problem, contact the League Commissioner of that age group (6U, 8U, 10U etc).  If the League Commissioner is unavailable or cannot solve the problem, utilize the following POC:
-   T-Ball & Coach-Pitch:  Contact the VP-Instructional Leagues
-  9U - 12U:  Contact the VP-Minor Leagues
-  13U - 18U:  Contact the VP-Major Leagues

The League Commissioner or appropriate League VP should be able to solve all issues related specifically to their assigned areas.  As a last resort, contact the MBI Executive VP or President only when your issue or question cannot be addressed or solved by the above listed League Officials.

How do I contact MBI Officials?

On our website, on the left-hand side, click on MBI League Officials.  Names, phone numbers and email addresses of all MBI Officials can be found here. For assistance, contact the League Commissioner for your child's age group, or the VP over that age group.  Please do not call any MBI Official after 10 PM, unless your issue is EXTREMELY VITAL and cannot wait until the next day.

Where will my child's team practice?

Anywhere in the city of Mesquite. We TRY to facilitate teams practicing "close to home" as much as possible,
however, in most cases, it just isn't practical. Mesquite has numerous practice fields scattered throughout, and your
child's team may very well practice well away from your home.

Where are games played?

As a general rule, games take place at these locations:

T-Ball (4, 5U & 6U): Hanby or Range Elementary, Vanston or Kimbrough Middle School, Paschall Park and Valley Creek
Coach-Pitch (7U & 8U): Hanby Elementary, Kimbrough Middle School, Paschal Park and Valley Creek
9U & 10U: Vanston & Kimbrough Middle Schools and City Lake Park.
11U & 12U: Valley Creek & Range Elementary.
13U & 14U: Valley Creek Park
15U - 18U: Evans Rec Center & Seaborn Elementary.

NOTE: Due to scheduling conflicts and field availability, games may be at locations other than listed above.

What are the game times?

On weeknights, MBI schedules gametimes are as follows:
T-Ball:  Usually 6:15 PM only
7u/8u:  6:15, 7:30, 7:45 or 8:00
9u - 14u:  6:15 or 8:15
15u-18u:  6:15 or 8:30
We make every effort to minimize late games for all teams, especially at younger levels. Generally speaking, as
the players get older, they will play more late games.
Saturday game times can range from 9 AM to 8 PM.

Why does MBI Schedule late games on weeknights?

We would love for all games to be played early in the evening (6:15 PM), however, we simply do not have enough fields to do so. We do not schedule late games for T-Ball teams. However, teams as young at 7u do play occasional late weeknight games (start time of 7:30, 7:45 or 8:00). We understand that this is not the ideal scenario, and we make every effort to minimize late games for all age groups, especially for our younger-age teams. We do check the state testing schedules, and we do not schedule late games for any age group the night before scheduled state-wide assessment tests are administered.

Some team managers specifically request that all or most of their games be played in the late weeknight time slot. Many folks find it easier to get to the late games, rather than having to rush from work to get to the field in time for a 6:15 game.


On what days are games played?
Spring Season:
All age groups:  Games are scheduled every day except Wednesday and Sunday
Fall Season:
Age 4 through 12 games are scheduled every day except Wednesday and Sunday
Age 13-18 games are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday only.
Wednesdays are generally reserved for makeup games (except for Age 13-18 in Fall)

How many games will my child's team play per week?

Most teams will play every Saturday during the season. Generally speaking, T-Ball and Coach-Pitch teams will play only 1 or 2 weeknight games per week. 9U league and above will generally play 2 weeknight games per
week, plus Saturday. In the Fall season, the schedule is lighter, and games are less frequent, so that players
can focus on school and get back into the "school mindset".

How long is the season?   How many games per team per season?

Number of games varies by age group.  Generally, the Spring season begins the week after MISD Spring Break.
T-Ball teams are typically done by late May.  Coach-Pitch teams are usually done by June 1.  Age 9-14 teams typically are done by the 3rd week of June.  The 15u-18u season runs from the 2nd week of May until approx July 1.

In Fall, the season begins just after Labor Day and concludes no later than Oct 31.
For the Sping season, the # of games scheduled per team is as follows:
Age 4:  8 games
T-Ball:  10 games
7u-8u:   12-14 games
9u-18u:  18 games
For the Fall season, the # of games scheduled per team is as follows:
Age 4:  8 games
T-Ball:  10 games
7u-18u:  12 games

How is Fall Ball different from the Spring season?

-  Fewer games in Fall season
-  No post-season awards of any kind.
(Effective Fall 2008, Fall rules will be virtually identical to Spring rules)
Does MBI have a Summer baseball league?
No.  We have the Spring season (late March through early June) and the Fall season (Sep - Oct).

How can determine rainout status of games?

See the "MBI FAQ & Rainout Notification Info" link on the main page of the MBI Website.

Are coaches screened?

The City of Mesquite mandates that MBI require that all potential coaches and team Moms submit to background checks annually. The MBI Executive Board retains the final approval or disapproval of all MBI Managers, coaches and team Moms. Furthermore, MBI umpires age 18 and above also undergo annual background checks.

I'm interested in umpiring in MBI.  How do I get started?

Prior to each Spring and Fall season, if MBI needs new umpires, we will post a notice on the welcome page of this website providing an opportunity for interested individuals to apply.  Check our website in January, February, July and August.
MBI Umpires must successfuly pass a background check prior to umpiring any games.
I'm interested in starting a new team.  How do I get started?

Prior to each Spring and Fall season, MBI conducts online player and team registration at our website.  Individuals who are interested in managing a team in the upcoming season should submit the Online Team Registration Form, then keep an eye on the MBI website for information about the first (and subsequent) team manager meetings.  Prospective team managers should also send an email to the appropriate League Commissioner, just to ensure that he or she is aware of the newly forming team.  The League Commissioner can answer any questions that the team manager might have
Online player and team registration begins in mid-December for Spring seasons and in mid-July for Fall seasons.

Why does the league seem somewhat disorganized at times?

MBI is run by a group of volunteers who receive no compensation whatsoever for our time and efforts.  Most of us have regular "day jobs", most of us coach or manage teams in the league, and all of us have players in the league and are involved in our children's teams.  If we seem somewhat disorganized or slow to react at times, it is certainly not due to lack of effort or concern.  Bottom line, there just aren't enough hours in the day, during baseball season

I might be interested in volunteering in some capacity to help run MBI.  Whom should I contact?
Email the MBI President

What is MBI's mailing address?
Mesquite Baseball Inc
PO Box 871205
Mesquite, TX 75187