It is the policy of Pascagoula Girls Softball to promote the development of leadership, integrity, fairness and responsibility through fair and fun competition, using the game of softball. It is strictly against the policy of Pascagoula Girls Softball for any person, either as a participant or a spectator, to engage in arguments, to use abusive language, to harass umpires, or to exhibit any behavior not in concert with the general intention of this policy statement. All coaches, league officials, game officials, parents, players and spectators are required to abide by this policy statement while participating in any league activity.

Rules & Regs

Pascagoula Girls Softball is an independent, self-governing youth sports organization that is a member of the South Mississippi Softball Association for the purpose of inter-league and post-seasonal tournament play.

Games rules and regulations used are the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) rules for tournament and inter-league play.

Pascagoula Girls Softball ByLaws regulate the operation of the league in general, outside of game play. Pascagoula Girls Softball Standing Rules, in conjunction with ASA rules and regulations further restrict, regulate or limit game play at fields operated by Pascagoula Girls Softball only. Both ByLaws and Standing Rules are available online at the links below, or in booklet form for $3 at the concession stand.

Pascagoula Girls Softball teams in play at fields operated by other ASA associated leagues abide by ASA rules and regulations and the ByLaws and Standing Rules of those leagues during those games. Visiting teams from associated leagues in play at fields operated Pascagoula Girls Softball abide by ASA rules and regulations and the Bylaws and Standing Rules of Pascagoula Girls Softball during those games.

Teams from all associated leagues in play during post-season tournaments abide solely by the ASA rules and regulations for game play.

Run-Down Rule defined in Standing Rules

April 21, 2005 – 12:00 PM
The Board of Directors of Pascagoula Girls Softball have adopted the following rule to be placed in the Standing Rules and to take immediate effect.

Run-Down Rule
Run-down defined: The chasing of a base runner, from behind or otherwise, by a fielder, who possesses a live ball, to tag the base runner to make an out.

The following will not be considered a run-down:

A. The first baseman may make an out from home to first.

B. The second baseman may make an out from first to second.

C. The shortstop may make an out from second to third.

D. The third baseman may make an out from third to home.

E. T-Ball Only -> The pitcher may make an out from home to first or from third to home.

F. 8 & Under Only -> An arc will be drawn 20’ from the rear point of home plate towards the outfield and shall be drawn from the third base line to the first base line. If the pitcher fields the ball within the arc, she may not step out of the area of this arc to make a tag, but must throw the ball to the appropriate base to assist with making an out; otherwise she may make a tag on a base runner within this arc, or reach to tag a base runner from within this arc.

Should a fielder violate this rule, the base runner shall not be called out and shall be awarded the base to which the base runner was attempting to reach at the time of the run-down.

This rule should not be interpreted to override a naturally occurring play in which a fielder fields the ball and makes a routine out. Furthermore, this rule should not be interpreted to override the natural stop of play.

It shall be the umpire’s judgment as to the violation of this rule by a fielder and is non-protestable.

Pascagoula Girls Softball ByLaws

Pascagoula Girls Softball operates as an independent youth sports organization governed by ByLaws developed and approved by the general membership.

Click HERE to view the ByLaws.

Pascagoula Girls Softball Standing Rules

Pascagoula Girls Softball regulates games through the use of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) rules and regulations. However, additional rules, restrictions or limitations upon the games are enforced through a series of Standing Rules. All teams in play at fields operated by Pascagoula Girls Softball are subject to these standing rules.

Click Here to view the Standing Rules.

Player Eligibility

Eligibility requirements for participation in play with Pascagoula Girls Softball.

Players must:

1. Be at least four (4) years old, but not more than eighteen (18) years old, on or before January 1 of the year of registration.

2. Live within the city limits of Pascagoula; or have registered and played with Pascagoula Girls Softball at some point during their age eligibility previous to the registering season.

3. Parent or legal gaurdian must complete and sign registration form and code of conduct and pay registration fee.

4. Player must not have a medical condition that play with the league would otherwise endanger the player's health or safety. However, parent or league guardian may present a medical release from a licensed physician treating the player for the condition and sign a hold harmless agreement with the league.

5. Registering player must not be ineligible for registration due to previous action of a Pascagoula Girls Softball disciplinary review without relief of an appeal to the general membership at time of current registration.

An Explanation of Participation Fees

Participation fees are a part of any youth sports organization. The cost of uniforms, equipment and oficials for our league generally totals $14,000 to $16,000 per year - and that's if the league does not try to build anything new, or improve the condition of our facilities.

True, a large portion of this cost is funded through solicitation of team sponsors, outfield advertising and some reimbursement by the City of Pascagoula. However, most civic and sports organizations are finding it extremely difficult to obtain funding from traditional sources during the current economic times. Pascagoula Girls Softball is not immune from this trend.

Still, Pascagoula Girls Softball strives to provide an affordable sporting activity to the girls of our community and offers a season of inter-league play for $55 per participant. If broken down over 20 games and 20 practices, the cost is less than $2 per event. Not bad, considering a movie costs $7.50 these days.

Traditionally, sisters participating in the league have fallen under the so-called "Family Discount" policy, set by the Board of Directors of the league. Under this policy, the first registered player pays $55 for registration. A second and third sister, who lives at the same address can register for only $15 more each, when registering on the same date and time as the first registered sister. Fourth or additional sisters registering on the same date and time can register at no additional cost. This means that four sisters can register for the season at a cost of $85 if they register on the same date at the same time. No other youth sports league in the area offers that kind of discount!

To be considered a sister for the purpose of this discount, the following MUST apply:

1. Players must share a biological parent as listed on a certified birth certificate.


1. Players must share a biological/adoptive parent as listed on a certified birth certificate and legal adoption papers.


1. Players must share the same legal guardian as listed on a legal court order as proven by certified court copy and/or certified birth certificate.


1. In the instance of step-sisters, players must share same married parents as listed on a certified birth certificate and executed marriage license.


2. Players MUST live at the same address. (Subject to verification.)

No other familial arrangements qualify for the Family Discount. Any players who are discovered to have registered under false pretense will be suspended from play without reimbursement of registration fees.

Sisters not registering on the same date at the same time are required each to pay the $55 registration fee, even if the above sister considerations apply.

So, register early, register together, and make sure that you have the proper proof if registering under the Family Discount policy.