Rochester Royals Dugout Club


What is the Rochester Royals Dugout Club?
The Dugout Club is a group for Rochester Royals fans, family, and friends. Membership is $60 and proceedes go towards operating expenses for the Rochester Royals.

Why become a member of the Dugout Club?
There are many benefits to becoming a Dugout Club member. Your membership entitles you to:

  1. Thirty tickets good for any Royals home game-Tickets may be used allfor one game, one game at a time, or any combination in between.
  2. One Rochester Royals Dugout club shirt.
  3. One or more pocket schedules( as many as you would like)
  4. Entry at both Dugout Club nights to enjoy food and drinks.
You receive all of the above, a cash value of over $200, for only $60!

How do I sign up?
To become a Dugout Club member, you will need to complete the Dugout Club Membership form. Included in the membership form are directions for what to do once the form has been completed.

The Rochester Royals greatly appreciate your support as we look forward to another run at a state championship!