Lightning Cheer Ages 5-15 Copy


 We are looking for Cheerleading coaches (21+) for all groups.

Must be motivated and love to work with kids. Must be able to motivate and push our girls to reach team and personal goals. Any knowledge of cheerleading is a plus. You can have Assistant coaches (18+) and Jr. coaches (ages 16 and 17) to help put together a routine for competition and safely spot stunting.

(Must be dedicated Aug. through Dec.)

Team moms are also needed. If you can help and be there for the coaches to help with e-mailing Mom's and Dad's and attend team meetings to keep the team updated on any news would be greatly appriciated.

We are also looking for cheerleaders that are hard working, dedicated and who want to learn new skill's or perfect old ones while having fun!

Cheerleading: email inquiries about coaching or cheering to Tabitha Brown and A.J. Richter at or