How to Use Community Pass

Every player on your roster must complete a registration form on the SB Recreation website - "Community Pass" (make sure everyone knows your team name as they will need to enter that on the registration website).

Click on the link below to go to "Community Pass."

Community Pass - Individual Registration for SB Rec Basketball

After you are on the "Community Pass" Website, follow these directions:

1a. If you are a "existing user," DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!  Enter your user name and password and skip to step 3
1b. If you are a new user to this online registration site you must Click on: “Create a New Account for Your Family Now.”
2. Fill in all the requested information, including creating your own user name and password. When creating an account you must add yourself to the account -- select "add new child."

3. Once you have created an account, you will be taken to the "Welcome Page". In the "select activity" pull-down tab select "2019-20 HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL LEAGUE" and click the orange "Register now" button.
4. Next you will be take to the "Verify Account Information" page which shows previously entered information about parent/guardian and emergency contact information. Review the information and click the orange "continue" button at the bottom.
5. Next you will be at the "select participants" page. If you added yourself early on your name should be shown on this page. However, if your name does not appear on this page then you need to select "add new child" and complete the information for yourself. Check the box next to your name and click the orange "continue" button.
6. Next you are on the "Profile Verification" page. Complete the information about yourself and proceed to the next page.
7. You should now be on the "Select Programs" page. Check the box next to "High School Basketball Program" and continue.
8. You should now be on the "High School Sports Form" page. Complete all the information on this page and continue.
9. The next page shows "Confirm Registration." Your name should be listed there. The third section is "method of payment." You can pay online using a credit card or pay by check.
10. You will next go to the "Registration Receipt" page. Make a note of your family ID number as you will need to out that on your check (if applicable).
11. You will NOT mail in your payment Please see step #12.
12. You should receive an email receipt of registration. If you paid by credit card on line the receipt will say “amount due = $0.” If you are paying by check, the receipt will say "amount due = $75."  You MUST print this e-mail and give the receipt to your team captain.