Age Determination

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Age groups will be determined by an April 30th cutoff date.  Therefore, the age of your player on April 30, 2020 is the youngest age group he or she can play in.  Therefore, if your son or daughter will be 10 on April 30, 2020, he or she can play for a 10U, 11U or 12U team.  He or she cannot play on a 9U team.



I have NO intentions of adopting the NEW Little League age determination of August 31st. We feel it is detrimental to player arms to force them to play on 90 foot fields earlier than necessary.  If you want your son or daughter to play as long as possible, their arm is the most important part of their let's focus on what's important, not what makes the Little League championship game younger. It's entertaining regardless of how old the players are.