Rule Modifications

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West Coast Women's Sixxes Football Association Rules Modification


The Association shall use as a base rule set the UIL/NCAA Six Player rule modifications with the following further modifications:


1.  The game shall be played between two teams of not more than six (6) players each, on a rectangular field and with an inflated ball having the shape of a prolate spheroid.  Team rosters shall be capped at fifteen (15) players.  Rosters shall be submitted by each team to the Association 30 days prior to the first game and there shall be no changes or substitutions after that point.


2.  The playing field shall be 80 yards long (not including end zones) by 40 yards wide.  There shall be two end zones each 10 yards by 40 yards.  The field shall be marked with a line of gain at 20 yards from each goal line, and at the 40 yard line (midfield).  Additionally, there shall be hash marks at 3, 5 and 10 yards from each goal line.


3.  The preferred method of marking the playing field will be painted or chalk lines at least 3 inches wide.  There shall be cones or pylons at the 20 and 40 yard lines.  The end zones shall be marked by placing cones or pylons on all four corners of each end zone.  Where field rules do not permit painting or chalking or where conditions are not conducive to such markings the field may be marked by cones alone.  Where only cones are used the side lines shall be marked with cones every 5 yards and cones of contrasting color shall indicate the 20 and 40 yard lines.  The end zones shall be marked with cones at the corners, the mid point of the side line and 5 additional cones across the back end zone line(color shall contrast with those of the sidelines).


4.  The offense shall have four downs (a series) to advance the ball across the next line to gain (20, 40, 20 yard lines) to be awarded a new series.


5.  There will no kick off or punt allowed during the game.  At the beginning of each half, change of possession after a score or change of possession on downs, the ball will be placed on the 10 yard hash line of the team that is next to put the ball in play. If a change of possession occurs due to a fumble recovery the ball will be placed in play at the yard line of the recovered fumble.  If change of possession is due to an interception, the intercepting team will shall take possession of the ball at the point the intercepting player is tackled or goes out of bounds.


6.  After each play the ball shall be spotted by the officials at a location that is equidistant from each sideline.


7.  Scoring shall be as follows: Touchdown – 6 points, Safety – 2 points, Point After Touchdown – from 3 yard line – 1 point, from 5 yard line – 2 points.  A fumble during a PAT will be considered a dead ball.


8.  Prior to each game, a representative of the home and visiting game shall meet to inspect the field, game ball (s), exchange and verify rosters, conduct a joint briefing of the officials and attend to any of pre-game arrangements.


9.  Each team will provide their own ball during play.  A game ball shall be a new or near new ball without any sign of defect, damage or modification and inflated to the indicated pressure on the ball.  A league standard ball shall be a standard “Youth” size and weight ball.  Balls may be either composite or leather.  Game balls shall have no markings other than those applied by the manufacturer except that the team name or an owner's name may be written in block letters no larger than ½ inch using indelible black marker.


10.  The home team shall provide 4 game officials for each game.  Game officials shall be provided with copies of UIL and WCWSFA rules modification at a point in time in advance of the game sufficient for the officials to review said modifications and ask clarifying questions.


11.  Each team shall have two jerseys (one dark and one white) for each player on their roster.  The home team shall have the option of which color jersey to wear on game day.  The home team shall notify the visiting team by the Wednesday prior to the game which jersey they have chosen to wear.