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Did you know that Youth flag football is a great team sport option for children? West Covina Bruins are now registering as young as five years old!

The sport offers kids the chance to play, work and have fun with a group of other children and teaches them skills to work together. Teamwork is a big aspect of flag football as kids learn how important it is to collaborate with others and work towards a common goal.

Here are some of the benefits of playing flag football:

1. Skill position fundamentals. Young athletes can learn throwing and receiving mechanics without contact.

2. Defensive fundamentals. Flag players have to see the ball, play the pass and grab the flag. Grabbing a flag can sometimes be harder than making a tackle. The proper technique in grabbing a flag is transferable to tackle football and helps with proper technique.

3. Work ethic. Just like everything else in life, reaching goals requires work. Flag offers another great environment for kids of all levels to participate in and learn the benefits of working hard individually and as a team.


9:00 AM – 1:00PM

1st & 3rd Saturday’s in April, May & June 

at Cortez Park 

Registration Fees: CHEER $310 / FLAG $295 / TACKLE $335

Ages: Cheer 5 to 14;    Flag 5 to 6;    Tackle: 7 to 14

*Age as of July 31st of the Current Year*

Minimal $50.00 deposit is required at sign-up.  Registration is not complete until the balance is paid in FULL.

The following items are needed before Final Registration can be completed:

All Players/Cheerleaders: Final Report Card for the 2019 School Year.

New Players/Cheerleaders only: Original Birth Certificate and Proof of Residency

For more information visit us at:

Cheer Contact – Lupe Serrato (626) 636-3556 or email

Football contact - Jorge Ortega (626) 485-8456 or email at