Outlaws by way of BWC

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Former Burtonsville Panthers now wrestling for the B&O Outlaws beltway team

Grayson Wendel (promoted 2012-2013)

Carter Nogle (promoted 2013-2014)

Coleman Nogle (promoted 2013-2014)

Jace Munoz (promoted 2013-2014)

Lincoln Wendel (promoted 2014-2105)

Eric Washington (promoted 2014-2015)

Cade Munoz (promoted 2014-2015)

Nicholas Banks (promoted 2014-2015)

Noah Byrum (promoted 2015-2016)

Matthew Selva (promoted 2015-2016)

Paxton Vernor (promoted 2017-2018)

Christian Argueta (promoted 2017-2018)

Jude Howard (promoted 2017-2018)

Adam Mathew (promoted 2017-2018)

Isaac Mathew (promoted 2017-2018)

Andrew Goglia (promoted 2017-2018)

Anthony Goglia (promoted 2017-2018)

Joshua Munsey (promoted 2017-2018)