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PARTIES:              The REDLANDS BULLDOGS herein called the Club; and _______________, herein called the Player;

AGREEMENT:     In view of the facts above, the parties agree as follows:

The Club employs the Player to render skilled service as a baseball player with all games of the club during the Spring and Summer of 2016; effective 23, August 2016.

SERVICE:              The Player will:  (1) Show respect to teammates, coaches, parents and opponents.  This includes but is not limited to: bullying, taunting, yelling, showing visible frustration with a teammate for making an error; I understand poor behavior such as abusing equipment or insulting teammates is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the coaching staff. 

(2)  Not question or challenge umpire calls on the field or from the dugout.

(3)  Know my opponents love baseball and will try to win just as hard as my Club, and if they lose, they will feel pain and frustration as I would; Win or lose I will shake my opponents’ hands and be thankful for the privilege of playing baseball.

(4)  Understand there is no walking on or off the baseball field.  Hustle and hard work will reflect positively on the player, coaches and my family.   

(5)  Not question where I am playing or where I bat in the batting order; I understand the coaches will ask me to play where I can be most useful for the Club’s success.

(6)  Understand there will be starters and reserves on the Club; I will accept my role on the Club and support my teammates at all times whether I am a starter or a reserve player during a game.

DISMISSAL:         The Player knows that excellent attendance and adherence to the service conditions listed above are important and failure to abide by the terms of the Player contract can impact his status as a starter or reserve; excessive absences may result in being dismissed from the Club. 


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