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Parents & Volunteers Needed for the upcoming Football & Cheer Season. We need dedicated volunteers who have the time to assist us in certain needed areas. If you have the skills and time, please reply so we can get things setup for the season to come.
**This is what we are looking for
Fundraising Members -We need dedicated people strictly focusing on coordinating fundraisers organizational wide.
Scholastics Coordinator & Members- These individuals  will assist me with gathering scholastic information ,ie. report cards, scholastic forms etc so it can be referred to the league for recognition into the Scholar programs. We want to nominate our kids for Local, Regional and National Recognition, as well as update the Blackhawks on any school related programs or events for our members.
Merchandise Committee Members- These individuals will assist in promoting and selling Blackhawks merchandise during the season.
Cleanup Crew- Volunteers to clean our restrooms and keep the field free from trash for our youth, its our field, we have to maintain it - we will supply the products- trash bags, cleaners, toilet paper etc.
Concession Stand Crew- Volunteers are always needed to serve food serve at all of our home games, we need your help to keep the concession stand up and running while our kids play their games, we will schedule you to work when your kid is not playing! We only ask for 1-2 hours of your time, the more the merrier, please let us know if you are interested.  Home Games only!!!!!!!If You are interested in any of the positions listed above, please contact our Hotline at 215-232-3130

Blackhawks Athletic Club works effectively when we have Parent Support! Please plan to assist us this Season.
We always encourage a positive environment for our youth, so we must be a good role model at all times,  As a Parent, you should adhere to Popwarner Rules at all Times.