Little League Baseball Rule Myths

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Little League Rule Myths

Many misunderstandings on the field are the result of "Everybody Knows That..." rules myths. Listed below are a collection of common mis-beliefs about Little League baseball rules. Each of these statements are false. Clicking on each link will explain the correct ruling.

The runner must always slide when the play is close

The ball is dead on a foul tip

A pitch that bounces as it comes in cannot be hit

When the catcher blocks the plate without the ball, it should be called interference

Hands are part of the bat

Runner is out if tagged when he/she turns to the left after crossing first base

A batted ball that hits the plate is a foul ball

The pitcher gets eight warm up pitches between innings

The batter is out when he/she hits the ball when he/she is touching home plate

If the batter breaks his wrists when swinging, it is a strike

If a fielder holds a fly ball for two seconds it is a legal catch, even if he/she drops it thereafter