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Trojan Baseball Alumni

This page is dedicated to listing all former players of the Trojan Baseball program. Each year we graduate seniors who will represent us in the communities of the future. Take a look at who they are.

2017 Season

Hayden Kissel

Kevin Carbaugh

Bryce Kendal

2016 Season

Austin Suders
Carlin Christian
Manning Brookens
Dakota Bitner
Hunter Brindle
Tanner Amsley
Kolbey Harbaugh
Chance McClure
Cam Flinn
Brenton Byers

2015 Season

Colten Brookens
Bryce Fiegl
Johnnie Myers
Drew Betz
Tristan Daywalt
Trenton Ebersole
Jake Plank
Matt Stonesifer

2014 Season

Angelo Hronis
Jesse Helman
Nick Graham
Colby Dice
Steven Smith
Jonathon Brown
Josh Rife

2013 Season

Andrew Shreiner
Tyghe Bowers
Logan Stonesifer
Mickey Gladfelter

2012 Season

Andrew Plank
Daulton Weagley
AJ Maun
Joe Furry
Tyler Ocker
Jason Lombardozzi
Colten Arnold
Cody Whitfield
Tige McCurdy
Caleb Deuschle

2011 Season

Zane Bard
Andrew Byers
Drew Stonesifer
Garrett Sanders
Kyle Patterson
Mitchell Warner
Lars Cline
Andrew Reed

2010 Season

Tyler Fore
Jordan Riley
Tyler McDonald
Chad Martin
Greg Hammond
Casey Maun
Matt Clark

2009 Season

Corey Wilson
Calvin Mentzer
Jonathan Furness
T.J. Warner
Chris Thomas