Umpire Information

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Umpire Registration & Insurance

To register as a USSSA baseball or softball umpire you must register online and part of the registration is purchasing insurance that covers you.

You have a choice of purchasing coverage for only USSSA events or all sports associations.

Please review the insurance information and make your choice.  When looking at the cost where it says "Your age is" refers to your age not the age of the participants of the sport you are calling.



To register - go to "Click" on the Baseball tab and then "Click" on the Officials tab or follow the following link

Note 1:  the registration screen gives you a choice for State of the following:





Chose "Tennessee-Central" this will allow me to find you.

Note 2:  Registering with USSSA will also allow you to be able to call any USSSA tournaments so if you want to umpire in Nashville or other areas you will not have to register again until Jan 1 of each year.



Umpire Uniform

Umpires will be properly dressed.

Black shoes, black socks, grey slacks, black belt, umpire shirt and USSSA hat.  Except in a rare incident umpires' shirts should be of the same color as the other umpire on the same field.

Umpires are to supply their own uniforms and gear to be able to umpire behind the plate.

USSSA hat can be purchased locally or at