“3-2-1 Fundraiser”.

  • Much like a 50/50 but with 3 winning prizes.
  • It’s also a guaranteed prize therefore each athlete must sell her 10 - $10 tickets to raise the guaranteed amount. However they may sell more than their 10.
  • We will also be selling additional tickets at the February 9th home basketball game. There will be incentives for the athletes who have sold the most tickets past 10.
  1.         1st prize $500, 2nd prize $100 and 3rd prize $50 ($650)
  2.         The team is going to profit $ 650 of which $200 will be saved to start a bank account for Winter Cheer.
  3.         The team will making a decision on what they would like to use the left over money for (i.e. Sweatshirts, banquet, etc.)
  4.         If anyone needs to write a check, make them payable to: NHS Winter Cheer

The team needs to raise $2000 for choreography, music, buses

All fundraisers will be applied to the team account. 

Athletes must participate.


1. Youth Cheer clinic

The team will earnaproximately $75 for every girl that signs up. I would love to have 50 campers!!! We need you all to start promoting this now. June 26-29


2. 50/50 Raffle September, will start at first football game

Each athlete will sell 10- $10 tickets


2. Pot-o-Gold - similar to canning. Each athlete will have a small paint bucket that they fill with change (2 weeks period). We have the potential to raise $800 if each girl fills her bucket with silver coin. These will be handed out in June. I am going to look into seeing if we can do day during Yankee Homecoming.


3. Restaurant Nights - % of proceeds to be applied towards team 


4,. Car Wash (we have all the supplies , so this is a no brainer) September 9th