FS - Spartan Varsity Game

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FS - Spartans Varsity Game

During the basketball season the Future Spartan teams have a great opportunity to watch the Corvallis High School varsity team behind the scenes.  The team gets to participate in the before game rituals and halftime discussions with the high school coaches and players and get a sense of what it is like at the next level.

The steps are outlined below.

1. FS Administrator will email coaches stating the process to schedule time with CHS Spartans.  These steps will include emailing Coach Ross and requesting the home game preferred date.

2. Have players wear their Future Spartans game jerseys, they get in free.

3. Get to the 7pm game between 6:15-6:30pm for check-in with the varsity assistant coach. 

4. Sit together as a team behind the varsity bench, wait for the signal from assistant coach on when to go back before the game and at half-time.  CHS assistant will advise the FS coach on any other special steps for that particular night.

5. Have the boys spread out in the locker room and pay attention to what the coaches say, how the players act and respond to all aspects.

6. Have fun and enjoy the experience, one day soon you too could be wearing Spartan blue in the locker room ready to play ball.

Go Sparts!