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New Bylaw Amendment was Passed at April Meeting

Proposed Bylaw Amendment
Attention EPAA Members! The Bylaws Amendment passed in a vote at the April Meeting. Currently Article IV to Article VIII deal with each position and responsibilities as well as establishes each Officer position.

The change condenses all Articles under one Article titled Article IV. It establishes the position of 1st Vice President of Registrations and 2nd Vice President of Sponsors.

The next change adds two new elected positions titled, Director of Grounds and Director of Equipment. It includes a full description of the job and includes the duties and responsibilities.

The two positions have been appointed by the EPAA President Steve Bruneau to fulfill the 2008 year:

Tim Dorety is the Director of Equipment 
Shane Anstice is the Director of Grounds

EPAA Bylaws

EPAA Bylaws in pdf format
The EPAA is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. It's structure is governed by the bylaws.
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