Lloyd Grahem Memorial Sidewalk

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Lloyd Grahem Memorial Sidewalk


In case you hadn't already heard, there has been some exciting work going on down at Lacey Field the past few weeks, and we wanted you all to have the inside scoop!

The Helton brothers and their Elite Construction Services Inc. team have been busy pouring concrete out at Lacey Field the past week. Thanks to their hard work, and the collaborative efforts of James Wells, Lead Maintenance, City of Meriden, and his assistant, Doug Scott, we have a sidewalk!  

The JWBA would like to give a big thank you to Anita Grahem for making the initial donation in her husband, Lloyd Grahem's, memory.  Had it not been for this donation, the sidewalk as we see it today would not have happened.
Thank you also to Mayor Andy Surritt with R&S Maintenance and the members of the Meriden City Council for joining the Jeff West Ball Association in funding the remainder of the sidewalk.
We wanted to take a moment to thank a few more people who had a hand in making this happen.  Jason Boyer was the President of JWBA when Mrs. Grahem made the initial donation, and had it not been for his efforts early on, this collaboration wouldn't have run so smoothly!  Thank you Mr. Boyer!  
Also, a big thank you to Greg Kelly, former JWBA President and sitting board member.  He handled many of the logistics of this venture, and he made the presentation to the City Council back in November, which led to the additional funding for this sidewalk.  Thanks Greg!
Finally, thank you to all JWBA board members, past and present, for their hard work and dedication to this improvement!
We are looking forward to seeing this sidewalk put to good use this spring and summer!  :)  :)  :)






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