Welcome to the Jungle!

Home to The Tri-County League Los Banos Tigers. Established in 1971. We are the Championship Youth Football team in Los Banos with over 27 Division Titles and 16 Championships. 

We have players from our program that have gone on to National Championship teams in college and the NFL as well as over 75 years of experience in our coaching staff. If you want to play with the best and get the most from football the Los Banos Tigers are for you. 

Celebrating 45 Seasons in Los Banos! Go Tigers!!!! 


A Little History!

In 2008 the Los Banos Tigers made Tri-County League history by becoming first organization to have all three teams in the Tri-County Bowl in the same year. The Junior's and Senior's are 2008 Tri-County Bowl Champions and our Pee Wee Tigers are 2008 Tri-County Bowl Runners-Up. 

In 2009 all of our teams came in second place in the West Division. All three teams made it to the semi-final round but were eliminated. 

In 2010 PeeWee, Junior, & Senior Teams came in second in the West Division. Pee Wee and Seniors were eliminated in the 1st round and the Juniors were eliminated in the 2nd Round.

In 2011 PeeWee and Seniors came on Third in the west and were eliminated in the 1st round. The LB Junior Tigers were West Division Champions #2 in the league and were eliminated in the 2nd round with a record of 9-2

In 2012 PeeWee Tigers are Tri-County Super Bowl Runner ups losing to Kingsburg. Juniors were 2012 West Division Champions for the 2nd year in a row and were eliminated in the second round. Seniors 7th overall and were elinimated in the 1st round of the 2012 playoffs

In 2013 Seniors were 12-0 Undefeated and took the West Division and won the Tri-County Senior Bowl Champinship. Our Juniors 10-2 were 2013 West Division champions and Tri-County Bowl Runners Up and our PeeWee's were 6-4.

In 2014 our Seniors returned with another great squad and were rTri-County Bowl Runners Up. Our Juniors were 2014 Division champions and Tri-County Football 2014 Champions.

In 2015, our Seniors ended their season as the undefeated West Division Champions and as Tri-County Senior Bowl Champions. As well ,all teams made it to the playoffs. 

In 2016, our Seniors ended their season as West Division Champions and made it to the Super Bowl. Our Juniors also made it to playoffs!

Congratulation to all the Tiger players. It was a great year!!

Please contact us if you have any questions

David Vaca - cell 209/752-4275

The Tigers MIGHTY MIGHT Division. 

The Tigers Cubs are for instructional play only. This means that there are no kick-offs , no punt returns, and no score keeping. Two coaches are always on the field of play. 

MIGHTY MIGHT ages are: 6 thru 8 

First 35 will be on the roster. There will be a standby list.

All league 6 year olds will be on stand by.

Weight: 40lb Minimum No maximum. Any player weighting 80 lbs or more cannot run the ball for safety reasons. 

Each quarter will be 15 minutes and a running clock. 

Play will begin at the 50 yard line: If a score or 1st down are not made, ball returns to the 50 yard line, continued until the end of that quarter and ball is turned over to the opposing team to start the next quarter. 

Each team will be allowed two quarters of offense and two quarters of defense. 

What is League age?

All players must be team age between December 1st 2015 and November 30th 2016. No exceptions!

Team Ages:
Mighty Might's age 6-8 40 lbs min
PeeWee's age 9-10 60 lbs min
Junior's age 11-12 80 lbs min
Senior's age 13-14 90 lbs min but CANNOT be in High School.

For information on signing up for the 2016 season please like us on Facebook for up to date information or email lbyouthfootballtigers@gmail.com, Contact David Vaca 209/752-4275  to answer any questions you may have. 

Tiger Creed 

Execution, Speed, & Tenacity will characterize our Performance; 
Discipline, Respect, & Honor will characterize our Conduct; 
Our Performance & Conduct will characterize our Team's!


The founding Los Banos Tigers 1971-1972 squad