Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct




  1. If a fan is verbally disruptive at a game to the referee, the referee will ask the coach of the team that the fan is associated with to ask the fan to calm down.


  2. If the fan continues to be verbally disruptive, the referee will warn the coach if the fan does not calm down, the team will be given a technical foul.


  3. As a last resort, the referee will stop the game and ask the League Site Director to remove the fan from the gym and give the coach a technical foul.


  4. If the fan refuses to leave the gym, the Site Director will forfeit the game.  At this point if there is still a situation the Site Director will call the police and turn it over to them.


  5. If a fan fights at a game, the Site Director will forfeit the game and the police will be called.



  1.  Verbal abuse by a player on the court or on the bench:  player will be warned; if player continues he/she will be ejected from game and must leave the gym.


  2. If a player starts a fight and there is no retaliation by the other player, the player starting the fight will be ejected from the game and must leave the gym.


  3. If there is retaliation both players will be ejected from the game and must leave the gym.


  • In both #2 and #3, player(s) will be brought to the Disciplinary Committee for review

  • Game suspensions could result including two games or more or entire season


  1.  For fighting and drawing blood, the penalty is suspension from the league.



In the event of a team brawl, the game will be suspended immediately.  The incident will be reviewed by the North Brunswick Basketball Association’s Disciplinary Committee which could result in possible ejection from league and surrender of team’s forfeit bond.



Any violation not mentioned here that occurs during the season will be brought to the Disciplinary Committee.  The Committee’s decision will be put into place for future penalties.