Is it normal for the kids to have more than one game in a week?

Yes.  Many teams schedule during the week as well.  We avoided that this year. 


If the schedule lists that the kids have two games, what does it mean?  The team is split into two groups or they play both games?

We are involved in several 3-ways on away games.  This means that in addition to hosting us the home team has another team on site and we will play that team as well.  There are also several times where 7/8 has 2 games scheduled both home and away.  This is due to the other team requesting and us being able to give the second game.  We do not have enough to split the team into 2 teams so what we will be looking to do during these 2 game nights is feature our developing players in one with whatever support they need from their teammates than reverse the process in the second game.


What can they expect at tournaments? They play more than one game? How long are the games?

A great time and a tired boy.  Tournaments are  social lacrosse engagements.  You get up early in the morning and pack a cooler and a few chairs to drive to Jackson or Robbinsville, set up a little camp, and follow the team as it treks from one field to another to play teams from other states or regions and sometimes some friends, too.  Jackson is guaranteed 3 games plus play-offs if we are in the champship game.  R-ville is 3 games and go home.  Most tournaments run on central clock and are 2 25 min running clock halves.


Is there a North Brunswick LAX Summer Camp?

We had a camp last summer.  The camp is contingent upon funding available to cover the camp cost. More info to come.


How do they continue the LAX program after 8th grade?

There are many summer camps out there.  We have linked to Garden State Lax on our site.  8th graders need to touch base with their high school to find out if they are running a camp and make sure they attend.  There are several leagues for 9th grade students to play in as well.


What is the required safety equipment?

Your player is required to wear an approved lax helmet, shoulder pads, arm protection, gloves and a colored mouth guard.  Without these he will not be allowed to play.  Athletic cups are highly encouraged.  Rib pads are left to your discreation.


Can they wear sneakers to practice and games?

No.  We play on a variety of surfaces and most can be slippery.  Cletes are mandatory for all players.