T-Ball / Coach Pitch

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TBall / Coach Pitch League

Our T-Ball / Coach Pitch Leagues are entry level leagues for 5 and 6 year olds.  The focus of the league is to introduce young players to the game and establish fundamentals and game knowledge.

T-Ball (5 yr old): Bat a ball from a tee

Coach Pitch (6 yr old): The Coach will pitch to each of their own batters.


Summer Session (T-Ball & Coach Pitch):

The season begins in mid-April and runs through the end of June.  Each team will play a 10-12 game league schedule and a season ending Double Elimination tournament...(tournament is for Coach Pitch only).  Games will be played (Mon - Thurs & Saturdays) with 6:00 & 7:15 pm start times...you will not play every day, only a combination of dates each week.


Fall Session (COACH PITCH ONLY, T-Ball is not offered in the fall):

Season begins in mid/late Aug and runs through until mid-October.  Each team will play 10-games (no tourney for fall ball).  Games days are still being decided but will probably be Mon-Thursday ... holding Fri, Sat & Sun open for makeup games (the days are subject to change).


Each game is a 1-hour time limit.

All Coach Pitch games will be played at Bartlett Field in St. Joseph, MO

Practice times are determined by your Coach, not by the league.



By registering as a Coach, this does not mean you will be guaranteed a team.  PEB will screen all coaching applications / background checks and the Board of Directors and League Directors will select the coaches that best fit the position.

To be considered for a Coach position, you will need to complete the Coaches Application and the online Background Check on the PEB website (if you coached in the 2016 Summer session and had the background check completed, you do not need to do another for the fall):

               * Coaches Applications are available online

    • Application & Background check must be submitted no later than Aug 6th

    • The background check will cost you $12 (non-refundable and the league will not reimburse you)

    • Once you have completed the background check, the system will notify PEB by email of the results.

    • Your Assistant Coaches/Dugout Coaches (or any Adult that will be on the field/dugout with the players) will be required to complete the background check as well at their expense.

Coaches will be notified around early Aug if they were selected.

2016 Rules for T-Ball & Coach Pitch