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League Rules



·         Teach basic catching, throwing and batting skills.

·         Teach base running basics.



·         T-shirts and hats will be given to the players which MUST be worn to all games. No jeans, shorts or jewelry are allowed for safety purposes (we suggest that all players wear gray baseball or sweat pants).

·         Players supply their own gloves, baseball pants and athletic shoes (soft spikes are optional), tennis shoes are allowed at this age. 

o   When in the field the players must wear a baseball glove.

·         If player would like to use their own bat, it MUST be t-ball approved and remain the responsibility of the player.



·         You MUST always set a good example of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP for all players and spectators.

·         Coaches will meet before the beginning each game to go over ground rules, lineups and cover any questions/concerns.

·         Injured player MUST be attended to immediately.

·         Coaches are responsible for forwarding all practices, games and events to the players in a timely manner.

·         Remember to keep it simple, every coach should be more concerned with the players learning how to play the game rather that who wins or loses. There are NO losers, we are all winners! Always use ENCOURAGEMENT AND ENTHUSIASM!

·         Coaches on the playing field:

  • One coach shall pitch

·         Two coaches will be allowed in the outfield 

  • One first base coach
  • One third base coach. 
  • An additional coach to help batters, if needed

Please, all coaches stay out of the way when the ball is in play.

·         No games are cancelled unless it comes from the T-Ball Commissioner



·         Home team is responsible for the preparation of the filed prior to the start of the game.

·         The base paths will be 50 feet in length and pitcher’s mound will be 38 feet from the home plate.

·         A semi circle (foul line) of 5 feet in radius will be laid out in front of batter box.

·         Spot dots will be placed in the fielders positions and a circle (same as softball) will be drawn around the pitcher’s mound. 

o   Player must stand at the back of the circle for safety reasons. 

§  Using the spot dots will accommodate 14 players.



·         Regulation games are 4 innings or 1 hour in length

o   All innings started MUST be completed in full

§  If time limit is almost up, it up to the coaches to calibrate and make a decision if another inning should be played.

·         Any rainouts during the season shall be made up if both coaches and the T-Ball

Commissioner can work out a rescheduling date/s. 

·         Players MUST show up to their scheduled game/field time (unless called before hand) and any cancellations may be done up to 15 minutes after the start time of the game.



·         Three coaches may be used on offense: 

o   One coach to assist the batter

o   Two coaches for coaching the bases

·         Each player is placed in number sequence for the batting line-up. 

o   Every player bats each inning.

o   If a player cannot bat his/her turn, the batting order continues.

·         The players are required to stay on the bench while their teammates bat

o   Players on the benches (waiting to bat) are not allowed to hold bats

·         Outs still count, although are unlimited until the whole line-up has batted for that inning.

o   If a player makes an out, they are counted as an out and must go back to their bench.

o   This continues until the team goes through their line-up one time. 

o   The last batter can run the bases until he/she touches home plate without being tagged.

·         After the coach adjusts and places the ball on the tee, the player cannot hit the ball until that coach yells “play ball”.

o   The tee will be used fro the first inning (for both teams)

o   Starting the second inning the coach will pitch 3 balls

§  If a ball in not put into play after the 3rd ball the tee will be used until the ball is hit.

·         The ball must travel past the semi-circle for it to be a fair ball

o   No balls or strikes will be called

o   The game CAN be stopped at anytime for instructional purposes


·         When the ball is hit into the outfield, the batter may run the bases until the ball is returned to the infield dirt.  The runner must stop at the base he/she is at.  If he/she is advancing to the next base already, he/she may continue to the next base.

·         If the batter throws the bat, he/she will be given two warnings. 

o   After that, he/she will be called out

·         Runners that run past a teammate on the base in front of him/her will be called out

·         The following is NOT ALLOWED: lead offs, stealing, sliding or protesting

o   The pitching coach has final ruling on the field



·         Two coaches may be used to assist the defense:

o   One coach is to be located behind the infield

o   Second coach in front of the outfield

·         The defensive team will field with all eligible players

·         All players should have a chance to play in different positions

o   Rotate players into the infield and outfield

·         All players MUST remain on their spot dot until the ball is hit

o   The coaches have the option to use the spots

·         Outfielders MUST throw the ball to the infield. They are not allowed to tag a base or a runner.

·         The pitcher player MUST remain in the circle that is drawn around the pitcher’s mound until the ball is hit.

o   It is suggested that the player stand towards the back for safety reasons

·         The defensive team may get a batter out by:

o   Catching a fly ball

o   Tagging 1st base before the batter gets there

o   Throwing the ball to the pitcher

§  The ball MUST be thrown, NOT handed to the pitcher

·         Fielders may run the ball near the pitcher’s circle, but cannot go in the circle to throw the ball to the pitcher.

o   Pitcher and Pitcher Coach ONLY

·         Ball is out of play with the pitcher coach regains possession of the ball

·         A ground ball hit the pitcher MUST be thrown to 1st base for the out

·         If bases are loaded, there will be no play at home plate

o   An out cannot be made at home plate

·         Runners on base may be forced out or tagged out per regulation baseball rules

·         The following is NOT ALLOWED:

o   Baseline interference

o   Running on any overthrows

o   Double plays

o   Protests




All rules will go into effect starting with the first game however; they will be strongly enforced starting with game four!