2018 - State Tournaments Information

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2018 State Tournament Champions

 2018 Southern New Jersey State Champions:

                       8 Year-Old        Moorestown       

                           9 Year-Old        Cherry Hill Nationa

               10 Year-Old        Marlton        

                       11 Year-Old 70'     Burlington Twp
           12 Year-Old 60'     Medford
                     12 Year-Old 70'     Mount Laurel  
            13 Year-Old           Hamilton

                    14 Year-Old           Atlantic Shore

           15 Year-Old            Millville 

                            16/18 Year-Old- Rep Cherry Hill West



Congratulations to Atlantic Shore on the winning the 14 year old World Series in Eagle Pass,Texas.    

2018 Tournament Results

2018 8u State Tournament Bracket - Winner Moorestown 

2018 9u State Tournament Bracket - Winner Cherry Hill National

2018 10u State Tournament Bracket - Winner Marlton

2018 11u State Tournament Bracket - Winner Burlington Township

2018 12u/70 State Tournament Bracket - Winner Mount Laurel

2018 12u/60 State Tournament Bracket - Winner Medford

2018 13u State Tournament Bracket - Winner Hamilton

2018 14u State Tournament Bracket - Winner Atlantic Shore

2018 13-15 State Tournament Bracket - Winner Millville

2018 16-18 State Tournament Bracket - Cherry Hill West Advanced 


2018 Rule Changes

2018 Rule Changes


2018 additional pitching rule game

Babe Ruth League Rule 11.05, Paragraph 5 - NOTE:
New Wording - No pitcher shall appear in a game as a pitcher for three (3) consecutive days regardless of pitch count. Exemption: 7&8 year-old divisions. (three (3) consecutive games is eliminated from the Note on page 27 of the Babe Ruth League, Inc. Baseball Rules and Regulations & Official Playing Ruth.



Bat Decertified


USA Baseball informed youth organizations, including Babe Ruth League, Inc., that effective immediately and until further notice, the bat identified as the Easton Ghost X YBB18GX10 30/20 2 5/8" ( OR THE "Easton Ghost X 30/20 5/8" at retail) has been DECERTIFIED by USA Baseball and is no longer an approved bat under the USA Bat Standard.

USA BAT: Easton Ghost X 30/20
Model Number(s): YBB18GX10 30/20 (D: 2 5/8), LL18GHX 30/20 (D: 2 5/8)

Length: 30" (-10)

All other certified lengths and drops of the Easton Ghost X USABAT remain approved for play.