Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in this instructional/developmental level of flag football league. After completing volunteer application and passing a background check, parents may become involved in practices, and be eligible as coaches and managers.



The Coach-Athlete Relationship

 Coaches often have more impact on a child than any other adult other than the child’s parents. In some cases, coaches can be even more influential than parents. Some youth athletes spend more time with their coaches than with any of their teachers in school. That is why it is important to be a Responsible Coach and to manage your relationships with players accordingly.

As a Responsible Coach, you strive to win, but never at the expense of a child’s well-being. That means ensuring player safety in every circumstance from a routine practice where you check that equipment functions properly to deciding that a player is too hurt to go back into a game. “Never at the expense of a child’s well-being” also means that when necessary, you sacrifice wins in the name of teaching life lessons.

No matter how brightly your ambition burns, no matter how badly you want that championship, the higher priorities should always be player safety and helping players develop into healthy, productive and contributing members of society. When you consistently demonstrate those values to players and their parents -- by your character, your behavior, how you carry yourself, the way you lead, decide and communicate -- you will win them over.

When you have won them over they will go to great lengths for you. They’ll play hard. They’ll sacrifice for you and for each other, forming the type of cohesive team that is tough to beat on the scoreboard.  

Forming Relationships

Being a great coach starts with forming positive relationships with your athletes.  If you are curious, caring, honest and open, it is easier for players to connect with attach you .And having an authentic connection sets the foundation for getting and keeping players attention and respect, as well as setting the stage for openness to learning new skills, strategies and life lessons.

Especially with kids, you will never get away with dishonesty or in-authenticity. If you are a gentle person, all the bluster in the world will not convince kids you are tough. If you are rough around the edges, no false affection can hide that. Just be yourself


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