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FACILITY RULES for Western Regionals



The following guidelines will be followed for use of the Regional Center facilities by all visitations.


1.      The Local League/District will be responsible for any damage or loss of property during the visitation. A $250.00 security deposit is required prior to the visitation.


2.      The Regional Center will not be responsible for any damage to Local League property or loss or damage of any personal property while visiting at the Regional Center. Visitors are responsible for protecting their personal belongings while at the Regional Center.


3.      Evening Games must be completed by 10:00 PM and the field cleared by 10:15 PM. The Stadium Lights will be turned off at 10:15PM.


4.      No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs of any type are permitted anywhere on the Regional Center complex. (This includes the parking lot)


5.      Smoking is not permitted in any building on the Regional Center complex.


6.      Smoking is not permitted in the Stadium Seat areas, on the field or inside the Batting Cages.  Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking area.


7.      No skateboarding, roller blading or bicycling is permitted anywhere on the Regional Center complex.


8.      Throwing and/or hitting baseballs and softballs are limited to the Stadium Field and Practice area ONLY.


9.      All players must wear approved protective equipment in accordance with Little League Baseball Rules and Regulations.


10.  Managers and coaches are responsible for the actions and safety of all players at all times. NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS, CHEWING GUM, SHAVE CREAM, WATER BALLOONS OR PAINT OF ANY TYPE IS PERMITTED.


11.  Managers must observe the no On-Deck rule (Rule 1.08 Note) at all times.  The highest incidence of injury is by players swinging bats while not at home plate.


12.  The district/league is responsible for keeping the ground free of trash.


13.  No Pets allowed on the complex with the exception of service animals.


14.  No Motor Homes, Trailers, RV’s or other such items are allowed on the complex.



Julie Christian

Team Mom Coordinator

(951) 285-9492