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Running a baseball program in Cobb County, GA requires a investment of time, money and resources. WHS/Cobb County provides the following to the baseball program: mowing grass, light bulb replacement, minor repairs to building structures, coach and player transportation for some of the away games and paying for umpires.  The baseball program is left to fund all other needs – the 2018-19 budget was approximately $46,000 for the baseball program. 

The baseball program must work each year to raise money to cover the following:

  • Field improvements and maintenance including the tractor and storage facilities
  • Improvements to facility the including dugouts, cages, scoreboard and game viewing areas
  • Landscaping and Painting
  • Player and Coach Uniforms
  • Community Coach Stipends
  • Pre and Post Season Banquets
  • Team Building Activities

For 2020, we have several avenues for Sponsorship/Donation to Wheeler Baseball:

  • Viewing Deck (Aluminum sign hung on deck by stairs down to the field level)
  • Banners (proudly displayed at the Wheeler High School Baseball Field)
  • Sponsor Board at the entrance to the Wheeler Baseball Field
  • Donations

Sponsorships above  are not tax deductible.  Companies making use of these forms of advertising will take it as an operating expense and get the full benefit of the deduction.

All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.




Please contact David Musser once you have completed sponsor paperwork or if you have questions.


For all players, bringing in advertisers/sponsors is a great way to offset dues for the upcoming 2019 Baseball Season.

   Opportunity    Time frame    Amount Credited to Player/Family   
   Viewing Deck    Sales Due by February 7, 2020
   50% of Total
   Banners    Sales Due by February 7, 2020    50% of Total
   Sponsor Board    Sales Due by February 7, 2020    50% of Total
   Donations to Wheeler Baseball       Accepted Anytime    50% of Total





Sponsors brought in by a family are assigned to that family and not up for grabs every year. 



In addition the annual expenses budget, we have a capital budget goal of $100,000 for bleacher seating and new dugouts. Businesses that are interested in larger financial donations should contact Mark Collins (Head Coach) or Travis Alston (Booster Club President).  Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

Wheeler Baseball Booster Club operates under the Wheeler Athletics Umbrella (501 C3 Tax ID: 58-1879493)