2015 W.I.L.L Season

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Last Updated: July 16

Eastern Division W L      CONFERENCE GB  
MARINERS 19 7          14-2 -  
TEAM 18 8          11-5 3  
11 15          7-9 7  
BEAVERS 9 17          5-11 9  
DODGERS 7 19          3-13 11  
Western Division          
23 3          14-2 -  
G.O.A.T.S 19 7          11-5 3  
3 AMIGOS 15 11          10-6 4  
6 20          3-13 11  
3 23          2-12 12  

Top 3 Teams in each division make playoffs. Bottom 2 play wild card game for final spot.

Tiebreaker- 1. Overall Record 2. Team Batting Avg. 3. Team HR's

2015 Award Winners

Rookie of the Year- Jake Trainor

Gold Glove- Jared Beach

Cy Young- Mike Graziani

Silver Slugger- Jordan Castelli

MVP- Austin Berger

2015 W.I.L.L Champions


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Eastern Division Regular Season Statistics

Eastern Division Individual & Team Batting Leaders- 

For individual leaders, click here


Team by Team Info-

Beavers (Captain- Adam Carosone)  SCHEDULE

Dodgers (Captain- Luke Palma)  SCHEDULE

Mariners (Captain- Rob Licht)  SCHEDULE

Nate Dawg & the Boys (Captain- Nate Morris)  SCHEDULE

Team (Captain- Tom James)  SCHEDULE



Western Division Regular Season Statistics

Western Division Individual & Team Batting Leaders

For Individual leaders, click here




Team by Team Info-

Cecil Sluggers (Captain- Alex Hammers & RJ Bell)  SCHEDULE


G.O.A.T.S (Captain- Matt Mish)  SCHEDULE


Miami Marlins (Captain- Nate Higham)  SCHEDULE


Morning Woodsman (Captain- Justin Galati)  SCHEDULE


The 3 Amigos (Captain- Dom Eannace)  SCHEDULE


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Pitching Standouts

No Hitters-

June 15- Jared Beach vs Cecil Sluggers

Perfect Games-

June 23- Clay Martin vs Team (2 inn)

Home Run Leaders

1. Jake Trainor (TM)                65

2. Jordan Castelli (MRN)        64

3. Dylan Coyle (MRN)            38

4. Austin Berger (GTS)         33

5. Clay Martin (GTS)            32

6. Justin Galati  (MW)          31

7. Mike Graziani (MW)           29

    Greyden Piechnick (BVR)

    Jacob Davey (MRN)

8. Greg Siller (BVR)               24

    Hunter Behling (MW)

9. Josh Palma (GTS)              23

    Matt Mish (GTS)          

    Dom Eannace (3AM)

10. Brandon Kline (ND)           20     

11. Luke Palma (DOD)          19

      Rob Licht (MRN)

12. Ben Hammers (MRL)        18

      Nate Higham (MRL)

      Jared Beach (GTS)

13. Adam Carosone (BVR)     17

      Jesse Marra (ND)

14. Ed Cottrill (3AM)             14

15. Alec Hannen (MRL)         13

16. Tim Marra (3AM)            12

17. Jordan Smith (3AM)        11

      Nick Serafino (TM)

      Nick Drake (MW)

18. Dylan O'Doneghue (DOD)  9

      Ethan Beachy (DOD)

      Nate Morris (ND)

      George Carson (TM)

19. Ian Hess (TM)                 8

20. Ryan Clendaniel (DOD)    7

21. Zach Faigley (BVR)          6

      Tom James (TM)

      Tanner Piechnick (TM)

22. Josh O'Hare (DOD)          5

      Connor Flaherty (MRL)

      Alex Hammers (CS)

23. Mike Trax (CS)               3

24. John McDermitt (ND)       2

25. RJ Bell (CS)                   1

Player Games Played Tracker*

3 Amigos- Dom+ Jordan S.+ Tim+ Josh (3) Eddie+
Beavers- Adam+ Greg+ Greydon+ Zach+
Cecil Sluggers- Alex (6) Jeremy (4) Mike+ RJ (5) Luke (3)
Dodgers- Ryan+ Luke+ Dylan O.+ Josh O. (6) Ethan+
GOATS- Austin+ Clay+ Jared+ Josh P.+ Matt+
Mariners- Dylan+ Jake+ Jordan C.+ Rob+
Marlins- Alec+ Ben+ Connor (6) Nate H.+
Morning Woodsman- Hunter+ Justin+ Mike+ Nick D.+
Nate Dawg & the Boys- Jesse+ Nate M.+ John+ Brandon+
Team- George+ Jake T.+ Nick+ Tom+ Ian (6) Tanner (5)
*Reminder to be Eligible for the Playoffs you must play in at least 10 of your CURRENT  teams games.
+ = Clinched Eligibility for Playoffs


Free Agent Period is Now Closed for 2015 Season
July 2, 2015-
Nate Dawg & Boys release Mackenzie Jacobs. She now becomes a Free Agent.
July 1, 2015-
3 Amigos acquire Josh Clopp via Free Agency. 
3 Amigos release Chris Marra. He now becomes a Free Agent. 
June 30, 2015-
Team acquires Tanner Piechnick via Free Agency. 
G.O.A.T.S release Tanner Piechnick. He now becomes a Free Agent.
June 18, 2015-
Dodgers release Brooks Rikeman. He now becomes a Free Agent. 
June 17, 2015-
3 Amigos release Josh Clopp. He now becomes a Free Agent. 
3 Amigos acquire Ed Cottrill via Free Agency. 
June 16, 2015-
Beavers release Matt Faigley and Nick Peroni. They now become Free Agents
June 14, 2015-
Nate Dawg & the Boys acquire Mackenzie Jacobs via Free Agency. 
June 10, 2015-
Beavers acquire Matt Faigley and Nick Peroni via Free Agency. 
Team acquires Ian Hess via Free Agency. 
3 Amigos acquire Josh Clopp via Free Agency. 
June 5, 2015-
Nate Dawg & the Boys acquire Brandon Kline via Free Agency.
Team acquires Nick Serafino via Free Agency
June 4, 2015-
Team releases Brandon Kline. He now becomes a Free Agent. 
June 2, 2015-
G.O.A.T.S acquire Tanner Piechnick via Free Agency
June 1, 2015- 
Dodgers acquire Ethan Beachy via Free Agency.
Nate Dawg & the Boys release Nick Peroni, Linda Rush, and Abby McCartney. They now become Free Agents.
Nate Dawg & the Boys acquire John McDermitt via Free Agency.
Cecil Sluggers acquire Ty Lesko via Free Agency
Team releases Tanner Piechnick. He now becomes a Free Agent.

Free Agents with Games Played

Nick Peroni (3, ND&B)

Linda Rush (1, ND&B)

Abby McCartney (1, ND&B)

*Tanner Piechnick (3, GTS)

*Brandon Kline (3, TM)

Matt Faigley (3, BVR)

Brooks Rikeman (6, DOD)

Mackenzie Jacobs (1, ND&B)

*= No longer Free Agents, Have been claimed by a team