"The Bow High School Falcon Award is given each season to one member of each varsity team. The award, decided by the coaching staff of that sport, is based on a variety of characteristics. Sportsmanship, leadership, work ethic, and a successful level of play are the prime attributes used in naming a Bow High School athlete a Falcon."
--Coaches Handbook

Fall 2008: Melissa Proulx
Fall 2009: Kerry Bolduc
Winter 2010: Kerry Bolduc
Fall 2010: Kerry Bolduc
Winter 2011: Erin Mitnitsky
Fall 2011: Caroline Forrest
Winter 2012: Elizabeth Lee
Fall 2012: Erika Lessard
Winter 2013: Sarah Bailey
Fall 2014: Dan Amato
Winter 2014: Christy Vinnenberg
Fall 2014: Kristin Oldenburg
Winter 2015: Sarah Bailey
Fall 2015: Mariana Mielcarz
Winter 2016: Sarah Gunn
Fall 2016: Ally Arcand
Winter 2017: Ally Arcand
Fall 2017: Lexie Glew
Fall 2018: Abigail Denise