August Varsity practice schedule

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2018 Varsity August practice schedule... 







Week 1

Monday August 13          3:00-6:30PM

Tuesday August 14           3:00-6:30PM

Wednesday August 15   3:00-6:30PM

Thursday August 16         3:00-6:30PM

Friday August 17               3:00-6:30PM

**** Meet the Devils 4-6:30pm, parents are invited to watch Practice!!

Saturday August 18          8:30-11:30AM

Week 2

Monday August 20           8:30-10:30AM    11:30-1:30PM

Tuesday August 21           8:30-10:30AM    11:30-1:30PM

6:15PM Mandatory Fall Sport Parent/Student Meeting

Wednesday August 22   8:30-10:30AM    11:30-1:30PM

Thursday August 23         8:30-10:30AM    11:30-1:30PM

Friday August 24               8:30-11:00AM

Saturday August 25         10:00AM  4 Way Scrimmage

Week 3

Monday August 27           8:30-11:00AM

Tuesday August 28           8:30-11:00AM

Wednesday August 29   8:30-11:00AM

Thursday August 30         3:30-6:30 PM

Friday August 31               8:30-11:00AM

Saturday September 1   2:00 @ Kenmore West

Week 4 and Beyond

Monday September 3    8:30-11:00AM Labor Day

Tuesday September 4     3:30-6:30PM Teacher work Day

School Days Practice is   3:45-6:30PM

Saturdays after a Friday night game practice is 8:30-11:30AM

Monday October 8           Columbus Day   8:30-11:30AM Practice