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Field Rental

August 2, 2011

Can my club or organization rent the fields at Great Teays Soccer Club?

Yes, GTSC will rent a field for a fee of $25 for 90 minutes session for up to 20 kids. ($2 more per child per 90 minute session) This DOES NOT include insurance for the players. Insurance is the responsibility of your club or organization. Rest rooms may or may not be provided during the practice times. If needed please ask if one will be available at the times you will be practicing.

Names on Jersey

September 28, 2011
The BOD of GTSC has been asked about adding the players name to the new uniforms.

Yes - Here are the guidelines we ask each of the coaches or parents follow.
1.) Only white letters are to be placed above the number on the back side of the uniform.
2.) The player's given first name or last name are the only acceptable name to be placed on the uniform. NO nicknames please.
3.) We ask that the team votes on this and the hole team or no one on the team add the names.
4.) We ask that NO extra patches or team names be added to the uniforms.
6.) That one person take up the uniforms for the team, delivers them and picks them up from Quantum Soccer.
Please HELP us abide by these guidelines so we may be more uniform in our appearance, as a team and as a club. The cost will be about $5.00 a uniform. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact anyone on the board or Quantum Soccer