Vehicle Break-In's

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To All Jaycee Slo-Pitch Park Users:


There has been some vehicle break-ins at Jaycee Slo-Pitch Parks parking areas. We have been in contact with the Calgary Police Services, and they are roaming the parking areas and showing a presence, even though this has reduced the amount of vehicle break-ins, it has not stopped it.

Please make sure you do not leave any valuables in your vehicles at anytime.

The park has security patrols roaming the parking areas and watching for any suspicious activity or anything out of the normal. Please until we get a handle on the normal routine of the comings and goings of the users of the park, you may be approached and asked some questions, please be courteous, as we do not know at this point if the persons breaking into the vehicles are in ball gear, street cloths, moving around in vehicles or such.

We also need your help, if you see anything suspicious, persons roaming the parking areas, vehicles moving in and out of the parking rows... Please contact the below phone number and report it immediately.

Park - 403-510-7104 / Calgary Police 403-266-1234
If you are witnessing a break-in Calgary Police (911)

Jaycee Slo-Pitch Park, any of their affiliates or contractors, assume no liability for fire, theft or any kind of damage or such to vehicles or personal property while parked on Jaycee Slo-Pitch Park property. Vehicle owners park at their own risk.

Thank You,
Park Management