Risk Management

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All adult participants in WVSA and its member organizations are required to complete a Risk Management application, Concussion Course and Abuse Awareness Course. Until these items are complete and on file in the Affinity registraiton system, no adult can be assigned to a Board or Team position in their own club or league. 

There is a three step process and each person should do their own application, since there are specific questions on the form that only the applicant would know the true answers to. 

Please follow the order below in completion as you will need to upload 2 certificates into the main Risk Managment Link.

Be sure to save the concussion awareness and sexual abuse prevention training certificates


1) Complete the Concussion Awareness Course, save the certificate,
2) Complete the sexual abuse prevention training at https://safetysystem.abusepreventionsystems.com/register/wvsoccersapt  (instructions for this are available at http://www.wvsoccer.net/youth/wvsa_risk_management_link/) - save the certificate

3) Then complete the background check at https://wvsa-rm.affinitysoccer.com/reg/index.asp?sessionguid=&domain=wvsa%2Drm%2Eaffinitysoccer%2Ecom