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Over the Summer the LBFY Board has been working on improvements for our league such as a new Code of Conduct and volunteer rules.  The volunteer rules were adapted to bring our league in line with other organizations.  The rule that was adapted models the requirements of school districts in Pennsylvania for volunteer requirements.

LBFY Constitution & Bylaws

Code of Conduct

Volunteer Rules

Annual Volunteer Application

Draft Procedure



                       League Meetings


Agenda                                                              Minutes


11-24-15                                                            11-24-15

12-22-15                                                            12-22-15



Agenda                                                              Minutes

1-26-16                                                               1-26-16

2-23-16                                                               2-23-16

3-22-16                                                               3-22-16

4-26-16                                                               4-26-16