2013 North Branch Baseball League
Rules and Regulations

The North Branch League follows NFHS rules, with some minor changes.

1. The designated hitter is optional. The DH must be used in the initial lineup. If the DH is moved into the game to play the field, the lineup becomes a nine-player lineup without a DH. In the event of an injury, if only nine players remain, the defensive player may take over the batting position of the player leaving the game due to injury. The DH would then play the field, and the lineup becomes a nine-player lineup. THIS RULE SHOULD APPLY TO INJURY ONLY! The rule is not meant to apply to ejections of players or to players leaving the game for reasons other than injuries.

2. The appeal play has always been used in the North Branch League. In this way, there is not extra pressure on the umpires. If the umpire didn’t see it, no one knows, and he cannot allow the appeal.

3. Speed-up rule: A courtesy runner may be used for the catcher or the pitcher at any time during the game without affecting the status of those two players. The courtesy runner MAY be a starter who is no longer in the game and MAY return to the game as a substitute even after running for the catcher or pitcher. The same runner cannot be used for both pitcher and catcher and cannot appear as a pinch runner in the same inning. The courtesy runner may appear instantaneously on intentional walks and for batters hit by a pitch (dead ball situations), meaning that the batter does not have to go to first base.

4. After 5 innings, the 10-run rule will be used (as it is in the NFHS)

5. All NBL games must be completed or they will be classified as suspended games. Weather, darkness, and unplayable conditions would be potential reasons to suspend a game. The game will be started at the exact point of suspension of play.

6. Helmets are to be worn when at bat and while running the bases, no exceptions.

7. Ejection rule: Any player or manager thrown out of a game will serve a one-game suspension and pay a $25.00 fine. A second suspension in a season will result in a two-game suspension and a $50.00 fine. A third suspension will warrant a suspension for the remainder of the 2012 season. Should a team total 5 ejections (including ejections of the manager), that team will be ineligible for the playoffs. Plate umpires are responsible for notifying the umpire commissioner of any ejections. Included in the notification should be the player ejected, time of ejection, and details of the incident that caused the ejection.

8. Game forfeitures: Forfeits will be handled in two ways for the season. If the forfeiting team notifies the umpire commissioner of the forfeit prior to the day of the game, the forfeiting team must play a $25.00 fine to the league. Should a forfeit occur at the site of the contest, the league will receive a $15 fee and each umpire will receive $25 for expenses. Forfeits may be called 15 minutes after the scheduled first pitch. In order to minimize the number of forfeits, a team may use a player from another team to fill out their roster. The player in question must only be used in order to avoid a forfeit, and must hit 9th in the batting order and play an outfield position. Participation in the game would not count for requirements for playoff participation.

9. There is no game protest rule in the North Branch Baseball League at this time. Games are to be played as scheduled, with all conflicts being settled at the field.

10. Umpire fees: Umpires will be paid $60.00 per single game and $110.00 for a doubleheader. Umpires working a game by themselves will be paid the fee of $100.00. Suspended games will pay a $15.00 fee, plus $5.00 per inning (or portion of inning). Umpires should be paid prior to the game, if possible.

11. Regular season schedule: The regular season schedule will be approved on May 7, 2012. After the schedule is approved by all teams, schedule changes may only be made for the following reasons: inclement weather, changes in schedules that cause fields to be unavailable (example: a Legion game taking precedence over a NBL game in Milton), or circumstances that would considerably affect the ability of a team to make a lineup (such as a death of a teammate). The league WILL NOT reschedule games because of teams having a lack of players due to vacations, other games, etc. The league still maintains an open roster rule; teams should take advantage and roster as many players as necessary to field a competitive ball club.

12. 2013 Playoffs: The 2013 playoffs will be held on the following dates. Only cancellations for weather can change this schedule:

more info to come

Players must compete in one-third of their games to be eligible for playoffs. Should there be forfeits, those games WILL NOT count towards eligibility in any way. The breakdown would be as follows:

21 games: Must have played in 7 games
18-20 games: Must have played in 6 games
15-17 games: Must have played in 5 games

The forfeiting team gets no reduction in the number of games necessary for playoff eligibility.

The playoff schedule may only be changed through the consent of both managers.

13. Make-ups: All makeup games MUST be scheduled within 5 days of postponement or suspension. If the two teams cannot decide on a date in that time manner, the league president and umpire commissioner will pick a neutral date.

14. Debts/dues: All monies owed to the league via dues, fines, or forfeits should be paid to the league prior to the start of the 2012 season.

15. Meetings: Beginning with the first meeting following the ratification of the league rules, all teams must have a representative (preferably the manager, assistant manager, or coach) present all league meetings. Failure to do so will result in a team’s loss of all voting responsibilities and opportunity to schedule games at their convenience.

16. Player rosters: As mentioned previously, all rosters are open to any player maintaining an amateur status, with no roster limit. Once a player has appeared in a single game at any time at any place on the field, he is rostered to that team for the entire 2012 season (exception, see Rule 8). Players MAY NOT obtain waivers for any reason.

17. All decisions voted on in meetings will be final! In addition, all decisions made by the league president throughout the season will be final. The league president shall act in the best interests of the league in making the decisions. All communication to the league president should come from the managers. The league president will only deal with assistant managers and players on an emergency basis when the manager for that team is not available.