This rule book will be used for WPF NFL Flag Games until updated by NFL with WPF rule modications as noted in the flag section of the website.


Rules will be reviewed before the season starts to update any changes.

 WEPLAYFOOTBALL League Specific Rule exceptions.

Game Ball - All Teams will use footballs Supplied by the league to the coaches. The Home team will provide one football to the referee at the coin toss.
A & B levels will use a PeeWee sized football. This is the NFL flag Blue football. 
C to F levels will use a Junior sized football. This is the NFL Play 60 brown football. 

Mouth pieces are required to play on the field.

Game Jerseys - The A, B, C, D, E, & F levels will use the NFL Flag jerseys.

Minimum number of players - Teams must have a minimum of 4 players to start an official game.

Level A and B, if a team has only four players then the other team can only field four players.

Level C, D, E, and F, if a team has only four players then the other team can field four or five players

Scrimmage Mode - The NFL Youth Department confirmed in scrimmage mode both teams will get the ball for up to three possessions until the 15 minute mark. No points count in scrimmage mode.

Game Points - During the regular NFL Flag Football season the league gives 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. The actual points are kept for end of season play-off tie breaking.

PAT Penalty - When an offensive or defensive penalty occurs during a PAT the attempt will be replayed, if not declined. On an offensive penalty the ball will be moved the penalty yardage and the PAT decision cannot be changed after a penalty.

PAT no time on clock - If a touch down occurs as time expires the team will be given the chance for PAT.

No overtime periods during regular season games.

A Level Exception to Dead Ball - During the quarterback - center exchange if the ball is dropped only the quarterback can pick up the ball to continue the play. Ball must be picked up within 3 seconds or it will be blown dead.

Total number of Coaches on the side with a team during a game is two (2).

 The NFL Flag 2016 Official Rule Book will be used for the WEPLAYFOOTBALL regular season flag games.


The NFL Flag 2016 Regional Tournament Rule Book will be used for the WEPLAYFOOTBALL Flag Tournament games.


The Tournament will be a Double Elimination games up to the Championship Game which will be a Single Elimination games.



Flag Team Manager Responsiblities

Team Manager Responsiblities are as follows: Keeping in touch with the coaches, in the event of a rain out calling parents and letting them know schedule changes, snack schedules, team shirt order forms, and being the liason between the coaches and the parents. In the event that you have any questions you make contact

Flag Team Advertising Sponsorship

Each team is required to secure $200 in adverstising sponsorships. See handouts sections for packages and receipts.

Flag Refund Policy/NSF

All fees are NON-refundable. Refunds are available for registration fees only in the event the player moves prior to the seasons first practice. Refunds for cancellations within 3 days from registration agreement date will be for registration fees only and minus the credit card fees plus the administrative fee. Fundraising, Sponsorship, and Buyouts are NON-refundable for any reason.

All refunds are subject to approval of the NWHCYS treasurer . For qualifying refunds, members must be in good standing with the league and have paid all fees by the beginning of the practice schedule for the season. Refunds will be minus any child specific equipment that has been ordered/refurbished/purchased/or contracted on behalf of the player and is subject to a $55 administrative fee. All refund requests must be in writing and sent via postal service to the business address. Email is not accepted. Refunds close for consideration after the second practice of that season. Refunds if grated must be paid by the close of the season. The close of the season is defined as 10 business days after tournament weekend or a Superbowl.

Effective Date: January 7, 2008
Updated: May 29, 2013

Any check that is returned for any reason will be assessed a $50 NSF fee.

Flag Football Age Verification

Every year registration is accepted in the spring and the birthdate cut off is the August 1st of that year. Although you might sign up in December and the school districts are continuing in the academic year, the NFL uses the cut off of the year where the season is played.

All players are eligible to play at their corresponding division. What their age is on or before the cutoff date of August 1, 2017. See divisions below...

Age Divisions - A player may play up one division but there will be no exceptions to play down one division. if a player is 11 or 12 they may play up to the 13-14 age Division, but if a player is 9 or 10 they may not.

Division A: 5-6 years COED
Division B: 7-8 years COED
Division C: 9-10 years COED
Division D: 11-12 years COED
Division E: 13-14 years COED