Commissioner's Corner

Information for STBL Age Group Commissioners

Age Group Commissioners List:
See League Directors List on this website

Commissioner Responsibilities:
** ALL Commissioners must be computer literate! **
1) Maintain weekly Scores and Standings for your Age Group.

2) Provide (email) Weekly Scores & Standings to STBL webmaster for posting on this website.

Suggested reporting format: The attached Template contains a sample Spreadsheet from a 10A Division Commissioner. All details are contained within (Schedule, Scores, Standings, Playoffs).

3) Provide (email) Weekly Scores to all managers in your Age Group.

4) (Optional): Provide (email) Weekly Scores to local newspapers:

Bucks County, PA - Newspaper Contacts (call first to notify them about an incoming email):

Sports Line (after 6pm): 215-345-3076
Fax: 215-345-3150

Courier Times:
Sports Line (after 6pm): 215-949-4210
Fax: 215-949-4177
Email: call to verify

Suggested format for weekly scores sent to newspaper:
Dear Intelligencer and Courier Times:
Please post the following Suburban Travel Baseball Results (Nine Year Old Age Group) in your newspaper.

Game #: Date: Time: Winning Team: Losing Team: Score:

1 4-4 6pm New Hope Holland 6-5
12 4-4 6pm Valley Horsham 3-2
5) Ensure postponed/un-played games are rescheduled.
6) Mediate disputes between coaches - when help is needed, consult with the Commissioner Coordinator.
7) Ensure each team in your Age Group is represented at the ALL Star game.
8) Assemble the list of All Stars for your age group.
9) Understand and enforce STBL Rules.
10) Remember that this league exists for the sole purpose of teaching and sharing the joy of baseball with our children. They are the reason that we all come together each weekend.
Reinforce this idea with coaches, parents, players whenever possible.

The Commissioner Coordinator and The Board of Directors are always open to suggestions and comments on how to improve our league.