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All-Time Roster

* Drafted by Major League Baseball

Player        Position        School        Year

Matt Abro    1B    W. Michigan University    2008

Tito Alfonso    INF    Rollins College    2002

Cory Allen    P    University of Dayton    2001

Judd Allen    P    John Logan CC    2002

Blake Anderson    P    Eastern Kentucky University    2005

Josh Anderson*    OF    Eastern Kentucky University    2002

Cody Apthorpe    P    Bowling Green State University    2010 

Jake Arendsen    P    Oakland University    2009

Mike Babin    P    Ohio University    2008 

Burke Badenhop*    P    Bowling Green State University    2003

Jason Bagoly    C    Kent State University    2010 

Dave Barkholtz    OF    Bowling Green State University    2002

Mike Barnard    C    Bowling Green State University    2005

Chris Barnwell*    INF    Flager College    1999

Will Becker    C    Vanderbilt University    2003

Phil Bednar    INF    University of Akron    2005, 2007

Cameron Betourne    P    Vanderbilt University    2005, 2007

Ben Biery*    C    Walsh University    1999

Kyle Blachuta    P    The Ohio State University    2001

David  Blackwell    OF    Saint Louis University    2009

Joe Bogdewiecz    INF    Washington & Jefferson    2008-2009 

Danny Borne    P    Middle Tennessee State    2003

Ronnie Bourquin*    INF    The Ohio State University    2004-2005

Chris Bova*    P    Ohio University    2002-2003

Mike Branon    INF    University of Rio Grande    2005

Scott Brownlee    C    Ohio University    1999-2001

Matt Brumit*    P    Youngstown State Univeristy    2000-2001

Tony Brunetti    1B    Winthrop University    2008 

Brian Bucklin    INF    University of Iowa    2000-2001

Steve Burnich    INF    UNC-Asheville    2004-2005

Alex Caghan    OF    University of Rochester    2010 

Brandon Caipen*    OF    Youngstown State University    2005

Ryan Campbell    INF    Eastern Illinois    2005

Steve Caravati    OF    The Ohio State University    2001

Dennis Cavilla    P    Rollins College    2002

Blake Chaffee    SS/2B    Miami (OH)    2007

Vince Chiera    3B    University of Akron    2007 

Jeff Cinadr    RHP    University of Toledo    2007-2008

Tanner Coggins    INF    Wabash College    2009

Joe Corfman    INF    University of Toledo    2009

Jerad Comarda    1B/3B    University of New Orleans    2008 

Bryan Conway    C    University of Richmond    2009

Adam Crowder    OF    Kent State University    2003

Aaron Cone    INF    Lakeland Community College    2003

Bryan Costin    P    Ohio University    1999

Jared Cutter    P    Xavier University    1999-2000

Ryan Cypret    INF    Ohio State University    2010 

Ben Danzinger    P    University of Akron    2009-2010

Chase Davenport    P    Wabash Valley JC    2008 

Andrew Davis    INF    Kent State University    2004

Ryan Davis    P    Kent State University    2005

Steve Davis    RHP    Kent State University    2007 

Kurt Davidson    C    University of Akron    2005

Travis D'Amico    C    West Virginia University    2003

Richie Derbak    INF    Eastern Illinois University    2008 

Todd Dunham    P    West Virginia University    2003

Kyle Dygert    INF    Ball State University    2003

Ollie Enos    C/OF/3B    College of Wooster    2007 

Alex Entrekin    C    Davidson University    2004

Joel Ernst    RHP    Wake Forest University    2007 

Andrew Estrada    PUC    Santa Barbra University    2004

Bill Fares    P    Murray State University    2004

Tom Farmer*    P    University of Akron    2008 

Kenny Ferrer    P    Elon University    2009

Blake Feaser    P    Loyola Marymount University    2004

Greg  Ferrell    OF    Mount Union College    2009

Scott Foster    P    University of Akron    2010 

Ryan France    LHP    University of Toledo    2007-2008

Eric Gaines    INF    Eastern Michigan University    2003

Mike Golom    INF    University of Rio Grande    2005

Aaron Gangi*    P    University of Akron    2003

Perci Garner    P    Ball State University    2009

Troy Garrett    C    Valparaiso Univeristy    2002-2003

Marcus Geiselman    OF    University of Akron    2004-2005

Matt German    P    Northern Illinois University    2005

Alan Gilhousen    INF    Bowling Green State University    1999

Justin Gill    P    Kent State University    2008, 2010

Brian Gillespie    INF    Virginia Commonwealth    2001

Brennen Glass    P    Kent State University    2009

Pat Gliha    P    University of Akron    2005

Scott Goetz    P    Eastern Kentucky University    2003

Josh Graham    P    Mercyhurst College    2009-2010

Chris Grimm    C    Wright State University    2000

Dan Gutschmidt    INF    Kent State University    2000

Kevin Haas    2B/SS    University of Akron    2007-2009 

Josh Haley    OF    UNC/Pembroke    2010 

Kyle Hallock    LHP    Kent State University    2010 

Nick  Hamilton    INF    Xavier University    2009

Bart Hammick    C    Tennessee-Martin University    2000

Andrew Hancock    RHP    Marshall University    2007 

Ryan Hartzell*    P    Ashland University    2001-2002

Andy Hawranick*    C    Georgia Tech University    2005

Dirk Hayhurst*    P    Kent State University    2000

Dan Herbert    OF    Walsh University    2000-2001

Cory Hindel    C    Kent State University    2007-2009

Gus Hlebovy*    P    Kent State Unversity    2003

Eric Holick    OF    Kent State University    2003

Kelly Houser    C    The Ohio State University    2004

Robbie Huffstettler    INF    Appalachian State University    2000

Matt Hundley    P    Bowling Green State University    2003

Kelly Hunt*    INF    Bowling Green State University    2001-2002

Brad Huze    C    University of Iowa    2002

Neil Huysman    P    IUPUI    2001

Matt Irvin    P    University of Pittsburgh    2000

Zeke Issacs    P    Ohio University    2005

Marc Jecman*    P    Stanford University    2003

Cole Johnson    P    Notre Dame    2008 

Kevin Johnson    LHP/1B    University of Cincinnati    2007 

Matt  Katich    C    Notre Dame    2009

Kasey  Kearcher    P    Oakland University    2009

Chris Keaton    P    University of Louisville    2001

Tyler Kehrer    P    Eastern Illinois University    2008 

Shane Kemp    OF    Middle Tennessee State    2003

A.J. LaMonda    INF    Loyola Marymount University    2004

Mark Lapikas    INF    University of Toledo    2009-10

Jason Leblebijian    INF    Bradley University    2010 

Scott Legan    INF    Illinois State University    2001

Zack Leonard    INF    Eastern Michigan University    2010 

Paul Lepore    P    St. Francis College    2004

Jim Lipinski*    INF    Youngstown State University    2002-2003

Brian Lipman    INF    Troy State University    2001

Jeff Little    P    Vanderbilt University    2000

Alex Loftin    P    University of Akron    2009 

Joe Longenecker    OF    IUPUI    2000

Corey Loomis*    INF    Bowling Green State University    2001

Matt Lorenzo*    P    Kent State University    2001-2002

Brian Lowder    P    Duquesne University    2000

Sean Luellwitz*    INF    Vanderbilt University    1999

Johnathan Lutton    C    Malone College    2008 

Brian Lynch*    P    Ball State University    2001-2002

Tim Lynn    INF/P    University of Dayton    2008, 2010

Tyler Maag    OF    Southern Arkansas University    2007-2008

Ryan Mace    P    Kent State University    2009 

David Macias    INF    Vanderbilt University    2005

Andrew MacDonald    LHP    UNC/Pembroke    2010 

Justin  Mackert    OF    The Citadel    2009 

Eric Marzec    OF/P    Youngstown State    2008 

Dave Mattle*    OF    Kent State University    1999-2001

Josh Mayle    P    Kent State University    2001-2002

Grant  McCoury    INF    Elon University    2009-2010

Rory Meister    P    Ohio State University    2004-2005

Brad Miller*    INF    Ball State University    2004-2005

Jon Miller    P    Kent State University    2004

Adam Moss    INF    Miami (Ohio)    1999

Jon  Moore    P    University of Pittsburgh/Johnstown    2009 

Alan Morrison    P    Kent State University    2008 

Erik Morrison*    P    Ball State University    2004

Lee Morrison*    OF    Bowling Green State University    1999-2000

Alec Moss    INF    Xavier University    2002

Mike Muzi    P    Bowling Green State University    1999

Davis Myers    INF    Georgia Tech    2000

John Nasshan    LHP    Bradley University    2010 

Tyler Newhart    RHP    Bradley University    2010 

Chris Niro    RHP/OF    Miami (OH)    2007 

Chris Norton    C    Marshall University    2010 

Walt Novosel*    P    Ohio University    2000

Eric O'Brien    P    Kent State University    2000

Pat O'Brien    RHP    Bowling Green State University    2010 

Casey O'Quinn    INF    Troy State University    2001

Gabe Ortiz    SS    Vanderbilt University    2008 

J.D. Osborne    P    Wofford College    2009 

Angelo Palazetti    P    Western Michigan University    1999

Jason Patton    OF    Kent State University    2000-2008

Bradshaw Perry    INF    Dallas Baptist University    2008 

Terry Pettorini    INF    The Ohio State University    2000

Darren Pitchford    P    UC Santa Barbara    2003

Ryan Quirello    INF    Gardner-Webb University    2003

Matt Raih    P    Xavier University    1999

Nolen Reimold*    OF    Bowling Green State University    2003

Kyle Roberson    OF    Winthrop University     2002

Drew Roberts    INF    Xavier University    2004

Ed Rohan    OF    Winthrop University    2008 

Casey Rosendahl    P    University of Dayton    1999

Matt  Rosinski    P    Miami (OH)     2009

Steve Ross    RHP    Kent State University    2007 

Adam Russell*    P    Ohio University    2003

Dustin Sampson*    P    Kent State University    1999-2001

Chuck Schiffauer    RHP    Youngstown State University    2007 

Mark Schoeck    1B    Valparaiso University    2007 

Kendall Schlabach    OF    Youngstown State University    2002

Matt Schlarb    P    Ohio University    2008 

Alex Schmid    C    Malone University    2009 

Chris Schmidt    OF    West Virginia University    2000-2001

Andrew See*    OF/P    Ohio University    2000

Ryan Sellman    P    Youngstown State University    2005

Mike Shaeffer    P    University of Iowa    2000

Eric Shaffer    P    Youngstown State University    2004-2005

Dan Sherwood    OF    University of Toledo    2009

Kevin Sikora    LHP    Eastern Michigan University    2007 

Jordan Simo    P    East Los Angles CC    2003

Aaron Smigelski    INF/P    Ohio University    2002-2003

Jonathan Smart    P    Youngstown State University    2002

Matt Smith    OF/P    Cleveland State University    2001

Pat Smith    INF    Cleveland State University    2002

Kenny Socorro    INF    Marshall University    2010 

Dominic Spadafora    OF    Wabash Sommunity College    2010 

Alex Stewart    INF    Murray State University    2004

Ryan Streb    P    Bowling Green State University    1999

Mike Sullivan*    OF    Ball State University    2004-2005

Pat Swain    P    Thiel College    2009

Nick Szczur    P    University of Toledo    2004

Dustin Thomas    OF    Youngstown State University    2005

Aaron  Thompkins    OF    Furman University    2009

Andy Trbovich    P    University of Akron    1999

Brandon Townsend    P    North Central College    2004

Joe Tucker*    INF    Kent State University    2003, 2005

Drew Turocy    P/OF    University of Akron    2008 

Frank Turocy    RHP    University of Akron    2007-2008

Jared Turocy    OF    University of Akron    2010 

Cody Umbright    RHP    University of Toledo    2010 

Chris Vaculik    P    Eastern Illinois University    2005

Dennis Vaughn    LHP/OF/1B    Bowling Green State University    2007 

Zach Vesco    INF    College of Wooster    2010 

Chad Wagler*    P    Kent State University    2004-2005

Chris Wallace    OF    Winthrop University    1999

Tyler Wasserman    INF    Bowling Green State University    2003

Duston Walter    C    Walsh University    2009

Pat Watt    P    University of Akron    2003

Sean Wardle*    OF/P    University of Akron    2003

Jordan Webb    INF    Winthrop University    1999

Steve Weber    RHP    Eastern Michigan University    2010 

Rob Wendzisk    LHP/OF/1B    Eastern Michigan University    2007 

Nick Westbrook    P    St. Johns River CC    2003

Brandon White    C    Kent State University    2007 

Brian White    OF    Ohio University    2002-2003

Chris White*    P    Kent State University    2002

Joe Wilkens*    C    Ohio State University    2001

Duke Williams    RHP    Southern Arkansas University    2007

Chris Willoughby    LHP    Notre Dame College    2008-2009

Casey Wilson    RHP/INF    Kent State University    2010 

Jon Wilson*    P    Winthrop University    2003

Adam Witter*    OF    East Carolina University    2003-2004

Larame Woodruff    P    Ashland University    2002

Zach Wood    P    Columbus State CC    2002

Ross Yoder    2B/SS    Mount Vernon Nazarene University    2007 

Matt Zeller*    OF    Vanderbilt University    2004

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