2019 Injury Eligibility List

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2019 Injury Eligibility List

April 14, 2019


The following players are injured or have had an injury during the 2019 season that has caused them to miss multiple games and may have an effect on their playoff eligibility. Provided that these players do not play in any other league during their injury period, they will be considered for eligibility for the 2019 playoffs.

The following list is for players who have missed games due to injuries. These players will be given special consideration in regards to playoff eligibility. Any players who are found to be participating in other leagues or athletic activities during their injury period will not be given any consideration for playoff eligibility and the number of games that the player has participated in will be used to determine their playoff eligibility.   

Any players who are in the military reserves who do not make the minimum number of games due to active duty in the reserves will also receive special consideration and may be deemed eligible for the 2019 playoffs.


The players listed below fall under either one of these provisions:

Player Team Reason Start Date End Date Games Missed
Rey Reyes Bullies Ankle  April 29th  June 1st 3
Steve Smith Bullies Shoulder May 23rd    
Mike Rivera Bullies Hamstring June 25th July 1st 2
Steve Mezzetti Phillies Knee April 14th June 4th 7
Mike Pooler Phillies Foot May 23rd June 15th 4
Jim Pooler Phillies   May 29th June 15th 5
Lou Russell Phillies Hamstring June 10th July 27th 
Dylan Courtney Phillies Back June 29th July 13th 2
Pete Varley Senators Knee April 13th April 27th 2
Eric Wisnouskas Senators Knee April 14th May 11th 3
Andrew Musante Senators Knee April 14th April 30th 2
Travis Reed Senators Shoulder April 26th June 3rd 
Pete Varley Senators Knee May 1st May 10th 1
Jack Ryan Senators Finger May 1st June 3rd 4
Pete Varley Senators Knee May 15th  July 1st 12 
Anthony Martinez Sultans Military April 14th June 18th 12
Albert Rosado Sultans Back April 14th    
Freddy Torres Tigers Leg April 14th June 25th 12
Jeff Pelletier Wildcats Back May 3rd June 1st 
Tom Burgess Wolfhounds Arm June 18th    
Matt O'Neill Wolfhounds Knee July 13th