Woodville South Football Club turning 100 in 2010

Woodville South Football Club will be turning 100 years in 2010.


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THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. please note some information at this stage may seem a little garbled this will be rectified soon.
The history of the Kilkenny Football Club has been compiled by Gino Chinca and Peter Hewitt. 
All information and photos collected from past archives (Adelaide) Woodville Council,local residents 
past players and officials have given some kind of information whether large or small. 
All information is as near as possible.
1st Edition 1966.
  Page 1-11 Club History
  " 12-14 Stories of Incidents
   15 Items of Interest and Special Achievements
   16-17 Abbreviations,Club Names,Assoc.,Grounds,No.of Teams
   18-23 Club Constitution
   24 Coaches and Captains
   25 Home Grounds
   26 Life Members
   27 Premierships
   28 End of season trips
   29 Nick Names
   30 Map of home grounds
   31 Badges & Blazer
   32-34 Carlton Football Information
   35-130 K.F.0 seasons, stories, cuttings, scores goalkickers and best players
   131 Premiership Teams
   132 Players who played League
   133-135 Past Players
   136 Profile G.Chinca
   137 Profile P.Hewitt
   138 End of an Era
  PREMIERS - 1906,18,19,20,28,32,34,39,43,55,56 & 66
  The following is the story and history of the Kilkenny Football Club as accurate as possible.
  A great deal of the information has been gathered by talking to past players, families, residents
  of the district etc.,
  checking newspapers where ever possible and our own personal experiences of over a period of 17 years.
  Club records have been very hard to find.
  The history of the club appears to have commenced in the late 1800S and 1990 could have coincided
  with the 100 years of the formation.
  The club was originally named 'Carlton Football Club' and in the book history of Woodville 1977
  by Susan Marsden mention is made of the Carlton Club which also shows a photo of the 1906 premiership team
  but unfortunately no names are listed. Photo looks to have been taken in Tarcowie St.
  against the old Norman Memorial Church wall.
  Several of the very old former members of the Kilkenny Football Club have verified that the club was
  originally called Carlton.
  At one stage a part of the Kilkenny suburb was known as Carlton.
  The area was from the Kilkenny Railway Station down the south side of Wilpena Tce. to Myponga Tce.
  and through to Aroona Rd. down the northern side of Aroona Rd. to the railway line.
  At no.38 Wilpena Tce. there was a butcher shop called 'Packers Carlton Meat Store.'
  In Arkaba Rd. which runs parallel to Wilpena Tce. was the Carlton Tennis Club and on the corner of
  Tarcowie St. and Aroona Rd. (n.west corner) was the Kilkenny Wesleyan Church (before it's amalgamation
  with the Beverly Primitive Methodist Church in forming the Elgin Methodist Church in 1901) the address
  was shown as Carlton.
  Packers Butcher Shop was opposite Catherine (Kate) Bryans paddock.
  Kate Bryans house was at 66 David Tce. and she owned the land around Bryan Ave. which runs between
  Tarcowie St. and Myponga Tce. (parallel to David Tce.) was named after her family.
  Original land was owned by Patrick Bryan who appears to be her husband, sold a section of the land
  to the Kilkenny Congregational Church in 1885.
  An article in the Port Adelaide News October 1st 1904 made mention of the Carlton team playing a team
  from Norwood at Adelaide Oval on October 1st 1904.
  The Carlton Football Club name must have changed between 1906-1918. First reference of the name is a
  photo dated 1918 and the new team was called Kilkenny United Football Club and were
  premiers in 1918,1919 & 1920.
  A photo of this era is hanging in the Woodville South Club rooms.
  At the bottom of the photo is the wording..'! Presented to D.Kennedy ESQ"` as a token of esteem
  Mr Kennedy was a local policeman of that time.

Page 2  Prior to being Kilkenny United the club could have also been known as the Kilkenny Troop, as there
  was a result in the sports section of the Sunday Mail June 4th 1916 for a match played on June 3rd 1916
  against the Croydon Troop. The name Troop could have referred to the First Kilkenny Boy Scouts who
  commenced in 1914.
  Scores were Kilkenny - 16.27 Croydon - 2.00. Goalkickers for Kilkenny were T.Trust,Hall,Woods, Jupe,Oaten,
  Clifford,Pengilly and Edwards with Best Players being T.Trust,Oaten,R.Trust,Clifford,Hunt and Halliday.
  The two Trust players, Clifford,Pengilly,Edwards are all in the 1918 Kilkenny United photo.
  Just before World War 1 players started wearing numbers on their jumpers.
  The word'United'was dropped from the name between 1928 and 1931 and prior to this period scores for
  1918,1919 mention Kilkenny Rovers but no other reference could be found. Two of the goal kickers listed
  in the match Kilkenny Rovers versus Payneham Rovers on Saturday July 12th 1919 Trust and Pretty also
  appear in the 1918 United photo.
  Newspaper records show that the club played in the general association from at least 1918 to 1920 and
  next reference showed that in 1922 and 1923 they played in the West Torrens Association.
  From 1927 to 1933 the club played in the Port Adelaide Association winning the no.1 division premiership
  in 1932. The scores being Kilkenny - 13.14 Rosatala - 8.13.
  1922 saw the boundry for West Torrens extended to Woodville Rd. and during the 1920,1930 and 1940's
  Kilkenny was the hunting ground for the West Torrens Football Club and over the years the club has
  supplied many league players to both West Torrens and Port Adelaide clubs.
  A meeting at the Russels house in Rowell Cres. in about 1930 was suggested the clubs name be changed to
  Kilkenny Juniors but only reference was an application to Woodville Council to use Princes Square which
  they later cancelled, no other reference could be found.
  1934 was the clubs first season in the Adelaide and suburban association and were premiers that year and
  again in 1939. They got to the final through a protest.
  In the semi-final Saturday August 26th 1939 played at the Albert Druids ground behind the Adelaide Gaol.
  Kilkenny were beaten by Goodwood 5.13 to 4.15 but protested because Goodwood played their 19th man
  before their 18th named player.
  The opposing captain told Art Russel (captain of Kilkenny) that one of his best players had not arrived
  and was going to play his 19th man first (teams only had 19 players in those days) Art said if the player
  arrived and went on the ground after the team was named and if Goodwood wins he would protest and so he did.
  The hearing went before the Adelaide Suburban Association who threw the case out.
  Mr.Tom O'Reilly the Kilkenny Chairman then went to the Junior Union League who also threw it out.
  They then appealed to the South Australian National League Chairman Mr.T.S.O'Halloran who upheld the
  protest and the match was given to Kilkenny.
  All this took place in one week.
  Kilkenny then went on and won the premiership.
Page 3
  The 1939 Premiership Dinner was held on October 31st at the Buffalo Hall.
  Art Russel arrived in his army uniform received his trophy for Best and Fairest and then left for World War 2.
  Art was one of the first men from Kilkenny to enlist in the war.
  A write up of this protest can be found in the Advertiser dated August 30th 1939 page 12 and September
  1st 1939 page 16.
  They stayed in that association until 1940 and because of the second world war and the shortage of players
  went into recess in seasons 1941 and 1942.
  In 1943 young Jim (Gummy) Edwards,Bill Eden and his brother Ray commenced the club again with Ray being
  the secretary-treasurer. Unfortunately Ray died suddenly in 1944 and Bill took over as secretary-treasurer
  a position he held until 1957.
  Ray's funeral was one of the largest seen in Kilkenny at that time and all the Kilkenny Footballers marched
  behind the funeral procession to the Cheltenham Cemetery.
  Because of shortage of players at this time several teams in the district didn't form and these players
  transferred to the Kilkenny Club and the following list was supplied to me by Bill McManus.
  Queenstown church of christ
  Frank Mckinley
  Frank Broadbent
  Jack Broadbent
  Les Glaister
  Ray Montgomery
  Karl Lyndh
  West Croydon Methodist
  Con Brooks
  Les Valladares
  Henry Horsfall
  Albert (Skinny) Hewitt
  Keith Jarvis
  Norman Memorial
  Henry Wright
  Miller Engineering
  Barney Phillis
  Dave Power
  Moss Footer
  Other players to join were Bill Edgewood,Colin Hill,Len Hill,Toddy, Allan Blight,Allan (Pluto) Peters,
  Ken Matthews,Tom Nicholls and Max Bamford who came from Simpsons with Jim Edwards.
  Coaches at that time could have been Jack Sibley (who had the shop opposite Princess Square)
  Reg Cunningham,Bob Henderson and Bill Edgewood.
  In 1943 they afflilated with the Adelaide and Suburban Association again until 1946 when they were
  beaten in the grand final by Flinders Park with the score being Flinders Park - 11.08 Kilkenny - 10.08
  with the game being played at Alberton Oval on September 14th 1946.
Page 4
  Mr George Guymer a prominent Kilkenny identity and business man promised each player 2.0.0 pund ($4.00)
  if they won the grand final. Unfortunately they lost but he still gave them 1.0.0 pound ($2.00).
  Cliff Turner kicked the winning goal for Flinders Park in the last minutes of the game.
  1947 found the club switching back to the West Torrens District League and the teams were entered.
  One in the Gold Division and the other in Blue Division.
  They stayed in this association until 1952 when the club struggled to field one team only.
  After six seasons in the West Torrens Association another move was made in 1953 to the new Metropolitan
  Association where they stayed until 1956. During this period they were premiers in 1955 and again in 1956
  when the club went through the season undefeated.
  In 1957 West Torrens Association accepted Kilkenny back and this association functioned until 1960 when
  the West Torrens Association disbanded. A new association was formed in 1961 known as Western District
  Football League which comprised patronage from the following league clubs, West Torrens Football Club,
  Woodville Football Club and Port Adelaide Football Club and Kilkenny played in this association.
  Due to lack of support from junior clubs in these areas the association folded after the initial season.
  During the history of the West Torrens District League only two Kilkenny players achieved 'Life Membership'
  of this association M.McDonald and G.Chinca.
  At the end of 1961 Doug French and Gino Chinca attended a meeting at Unley Oval in the view of Kilkenny
  joining the Sturt District Football League, but after a long discussion with the Kilkenny Committee it was
  moved that the club approach the Glenelg, South West District Football Association, which was done and the
  club was accepted in 1962.
  Kilkenny competed in this association until 1969 when the name of the association changed to Glenelg and
  South Adelaide District Football Association.
  1964 saw the club field two teams again this being the first time since 1951 that the club was able to
  attract more players.
  In 1966 the club were Premiers in the A2 grade.
  The clubs last game in season 1970 played at home at Ledger Reserve as the Kilkenny Football Club was
  against Torrensville United but no scores could be found.
  1971 saw the name of the club changed to what is now known as Woodville South with the club still
  maintaining the colours of red and white, but nobody knows how the colours originated and the
  Woodville South Club are still known as 'The Cats'. Over the years the Kilkenny Club were very
  colorful with the way they existed. They existed by pleasant Sunday mornings held at various members homes.
  One week the morning would be held one side of the Port Road and the next Sunday the other side.
  Advertising would be by word of mouth.
  Three locations were used in Williams Street, Knaggs,Jordan and Meeks.
  In later years uptill 1966 majority of the Sunday mornings would be held at Jim Savages Foundry in Pope Street.
Page 5
  These were the days before the club had their own club rooms and liquor licence.
  Houses used on other side of Port Road were in Castle Street (Peters) and Mundulla Street (Rayners) other
  houses were used but not to this extent. When the mornings were held at two of the houses, the Peters and
  the Jordans the wives or the mothers would make pasties to sell to the members. Most of the mornings would
  go until approx. 1.30pm and those members that were single would go on to other football shows.
  In the mid 1950's there was a very strong Sunday afternoon football league and a few would go to these matches.
  Games would of played regularily at Hansen Reserve and that would be where some would head for.
  The reason the club went to private homes on the Sunday mornings was because on at least two occasions the
  change rooms at Princes Square were raided by the police with the clubs chairman and secretary of the time
  being fined.
  These Sunday mornings would only be run during the football season and the ritual would be who ever had a
  car or station wagon would have to go to the Ice Works on Torrens Road opposite Aroona Road and pick up the
  keg or kegs from there. The keg(s) would be ordered early in the week from the Halfway Hotel who would
  deliver to the Ice Works for chilling. The Hotel would supply the co2 gas but the club had their own
  equipment and glasses.
  At one stage price of the beer to the members would be 10 for 10/-($1.00) and they would then be issued
  a ticket for ten drinks and every time a drink was issued the ticket would be punched. If the ticket was
  not finished that morning it was transferable to another Sunday.
  During the course of the morning a weekly mini tatts was held and profits would be between 30.0.0 - 40.0.0
  During the 1940's - 1950's the older ladies of the club Mrs. Eden and Mrs.Peters would knit the players
  jumpers plus they would wash them by hand.
  Players that played during 1950 and mid 1960 had to pay a weekly fee to play, commencing at 6a (5G)
  gradually increasing to 3/-(30) over the years. This money paid for the umpire plus covered insurance
  payments because there was no private health cover or medicine benefits available.
  At all home games a committee member would take a donation tin around the oval and would collect donations
  from spectators from both teams.
  In the early days the club could not afford a bell to start or finish a quarter of football and they
  would bang on a four gallon kerosene tin for the noise to alert the umpire.
  Before a match would be commenced the umpire would line up the two teams and would check to see if their
  spriggs were okay and that no tacks would be sticking out of the leather spriggs plus make sure the players
  didn't wear any rings.
  As Kilkenny was an Amateur Football Team they relied on local business and local identities to help with
  financial support. This usually came at the beginning of the season and at the end of a season where players
  would be presented with trophies for various feats during the season. Some trophies that come to mind were
  toasters, card tables,pen sets,electric razors,mixmasters,pewter mugs and of course kitbags.
Page 6
  As the club consisted of working class people credit was often given to members and I don't know if there
  was any person who failed to pay up what he had borrowed or received credit for.
  Mention must also be made that the first 60-70 years of the clubs history players actually lived and
  worked in the Kilkenny and near by areas. A lot of players played in ordinary boots as football boots with
  spriggs were a luxury item. It wasn't until about the late 1940's the majority of players had actual football
  boots. Another item which players use to take pride in is their kitbags. They would be made of genuine
  leather and would last for years and years. Certainly different to the ones used these modern days.
  During this period of time training would commence three to four weeks before the season commenced and the
  players usually kept fit by riding their bikes everywhere. Push bikes were another prize possession owned
  by the players. When the club played their away games, players and officials would meet in front of Frank
  Halls Library/Barber Shop 25 Kilkenny Rd. or next door in front of the Billiard Saloon which was at number 25A.
  Those players that owned motor cars would transport the players to the various games and at times would carry
  more passengers than were allowed by law. This practise of meeting on Kilkenny Rd. for away games lasted
  until the mid 1960's.
  After each football match was played uptill the end of 1965 players would meet back at the Halfway Hotel
  for a drink and discuss their game and in those days the Hotel would be packed because the Hotels
  closed at 6.00pm.
  One of the traditions of the club that went on for a number of years was the 'Pie and Pastie' night held
  on the last night of practise before the first game of a new season. The club would supply pies and pasties
  plus a few beers for free. If the club was finiancial enough they would put on a football film plus a talk
  by old ex-league players.
  Another long tradition was that each player that played at least three games received a pair of football socks
  and was given an end of season trip with all travelling and accomondation expenses being paid by the club.
  The player also had to raise a certain amount of money to be eligible for the trips. These trips were held
  on the long weekend in October. Further mention of these trips will be mentioned later in this history.
  Carlton/Kilkenny have had several home grounds with the first being Princes Square Pope Street Beverly,
  where they could have played in the late 1800's to approximately 1926.
  Conditions of the use of the oval was that no bad language nor misbehaviour shall be caused by the members.
  From the mid 1920's until approximately 1935 the club played at Catherine (Kate) Bryans Paddock.
  (The original land being owned by Patrick Bryan her Husband).
  This ground which was situated between Rosie St. (changed to Tarcowie St. in 1952) and Myponga Tce.
  bounded by Wilpena and David Tce. to the west. Kate Bryans original home is still at no.66 David Tce.  
  although in early Sands and McDougalls Directories it is shown as no.62.

Page 7
  Kilkenny street numbering changed in 1952.
  It was a very large oval and one day the club come to play a match and somebody had laid a house foundation down.
  There was still room to play football on-the side.
  This ground was also popular for travelling circuses and a long time resident of Kilkenny, Kath Parker (nee Perry)
  who lives on the corner of Wilpena and Myponga Tce. quoted about finding old pennies when digging the garden
  when her house was first built. The reason the club switched from Princes Square early in the 1930 was because
  the club could not afford to pay the hire fee which was about 4/6 (45).
  T.F.Blythmann secretary of Kilkenny Football Club in 1932 quoted KateBryans was a very good oval and it would be
  lined with spectators all the way round`.
  Also quoted by Jim Edwards Jnr. 'players leaving the ground were often hit by opposition players who pulled up
  tuffs of grass and dirt clumps which they threw at them'.
  Before the start of a game local identity Jim Tester would go over the ground and pick up stones, pebbles etc.
  so the playing surface wasn't too rough. Also other members would drag tyres over the surface to try and pick
  up the 'three corner jacks, players would also spend hours picking out the 'three corner jacks' out of their
  clothes after the match.
  Claude Stephens who lived at 23 Yallum Tce. and who's back yard faced Bryans Paddock lent his shed so that the
  players could use it as a change room. Claude was the local representative for Bushells products and later
  worked at Shearers also Rudi Stott who's son also played for Kilkenny lived on David Tce. and his shed was also
  used as change rooms for one season.
  From Kate Bryans the club tranferred to Hansen Paddocks on Hansen Rd. Kilkenny (now known as Hansen Rd. Reserve)
  which they shared with the Kilkenny Cycling Club. They only played there for approximately five seasons.
  Members of the football club that come to mind Perce Beare, Tom and Bill Blythman and Ted McLoughlin were original
  members of the cycling club and in 1932 Tom Blythman was secretary of the football club. 
  Then it was back to Princes Square until 1954 when the Woodville Council sold the oval to Pope Products.
  There was a lot of controversies concerning the sell out, plus protest meetings but the council stood firm.
  Mr.W.A.Hoskin was Mayor at the time. First reference can be found in the Woodville Times Friday July 30th 1954
  and continues in until February 11th 1955.
  Mr.Hutchens member for Hindmarsh asked in Parliment in June 1955 three questions regarding Princes Square to
  the Premier Mr.Tom Playford.
  1. Who paid the land tax for the five years prior to 1965.
  2. What was the amount.
  3. When the property transferred.
  In a report by the Commissioner of land tax in reply to Mr. Hutchens questions (Woodville Times June 24th 1955).
  He reports that Princes Square is entered in the assessment book of the department as a public reserve and as
  far as it is known by the land
Page 8
  tax department has always been so defined and is therefore exempted from tax. The land was tranferred from
  John Riggs to Edward Stephens in 1849 and trustees of Edward Stephens to William Thomas Foster in 1875.
  Pope Products were the winners in the exchange because they received five acres of prime land valued at
  the time 115,000($30,000) while the council had to settle for approx.seven acres valued at 7,000($14,000).
  Princes Square had no electricity and lighting was supplied with tilley lanterns, showers were lit with an
  old 'chip' heater which had to be lit about 30 minutes before they could be used plus they had to be
  continually filled with wood pieces. Some players used to bring their own wood for the heaters.
  Princes Square was the playing ground for many other local sports groups whether the neighbourhood boys
  or organised teams. The ground was very rough but there was no other choice.
  In 1955 the Woodville Council leased the Ledger Rd. Reserve to the Kilkenny Club after purchasing the land
  from the war service home division. The club played there until 1971 when the club became Woodville South.
  The original pipes used on the new oval were donated by Sir Barton Pope of Pope Products and the water used
  came from a bore at Hill's Dairy on Ledger Rd. which was several hundred yards north of the new oval.
  The first game played on this ground was against Brighton on May 14th 1955 with Kilkenny winning 11.13 - 3.7.
  The first losing game was against Edwardstown on May 21st 1955 and the scores were Edwardstown 9.13
  Kilkenny 9.8.
  The new brick building clubrooms were built in 1966 at a cost of $10,328.30 by the Seaview building co.
  Previously the change rooms consisted of a galvanised shed situated on the opposite side of the ground with
  the cement floor being put down by players, members and committee men who volunteered their free time.
  This shed was more modern than Princes Square because electricity was connected.
  Since the original building built in 1966 additions have been made by the Woodville South Club.
  In 1967 the Kilkenny Football club applied to the licencing court for a liquor licence which was granted
  and this put an end to the use of private homes for the Sunday mornings.
  Kilkenny was one of the earliest junior clubs to have been granted a liquor licence.
  The committee would be elected at the annual general meeting which would be held in about February of each
  year and the meetings were generally held at the Buffalo Hall in Arkaba Rd. Kilkenny.
  Claude Stephens who was mentioned earlier in the history was caretaker and handled the bookings.
  The committee comprised chairman,secretary,assistant secretary, treasurer,deputy chairman and six other
  members elected at the A.G.M. All positions were of a honorary capacity. Each person nominated must be
  finiancial in every way from the previous season and could only be nominated by a financial member, prior
  to 1957, the position of secretary was combined with the treasurers duty.
  Committee meetings were usually held on a Tuesday night once a fortnight,
Page 9
  for the first part of the season then revert to once a month.
  These meetings over the years were held at private houses prior to 1966 meetings were held at Peter's in
  Castle Street West Croydon, Calberts Aroona Road West Croydon, Fawcetts Main Street Beverley, Jordan William,
  William Street Beverley and Savages corner of Pope and Peglar Streets Beverley.
  This was bestowed on players or members who have given outstanding services to the club.
  To qualify a player had to play 100 games or a member 10 years service to the club.
  A person had to be recommended by the management committee and elected by a three fourths majority of
  those members present at the annual general meeting. If a member was made a life member they would be
  presented with a certificate at the annual dinner and presentation night usually held in October.
   The inscription on the certificate reads:-
   We live in deeds,not years,in thoughts,not breaths,
   In feelings,not in figures on a dial,
   We should count time by heart throbs,he most lives,
   Who thinks most,feel the noblest acts the best.
  The words are from festus a blank verse epic based on the faust legend was written by Philip James Bailey,
  and published in 1839.
  Progressively enlarged editions appeared throughout his life time and by the time the last edition was
  published in 1889 Festus had swollen to 52 scenes and 40,000 lines.
  The verse quoted is noted on page 60 10th edition until 1957 there was no restrictions as to how many
  life members be appointed per year and on February 20th 1959 the constitution of the club was altered so
  that no more than 2 members were bestowed in 1 season. Records show that the clubs first life members
  were Harold Blight,A.Burford and D.Watson and they were made life members in 1938.
  Records show from 1938 to 1967 there were 50 people given life membership of the Kilkenny Football Club.
  Life membership meant that the person no longer had to pay club subscriptions.
  The Kilkenny Football Club had a constitution which they adhered to and these rules gave the set up of the club.
  It explains the duties of the officers, committee proceedures, what committees were needed, the appointment
  of a coach and players representative, special meetings, the proceedure for honorariums subscriptions and
  match fees and many other rules and conditions.
  Up till the end of 1950 social functions and annual meetings were conducted at the Buffalo Hall and over
  the years the "high light" being the annual dinner and presentation nights which were always held after the
  end of season trips.
  The ladies of the club would come to the fore and do the catering.
  At one cabaret held in the mid 1950's (these were usually held once per month at the Buffalo Hall).
  The police walked in to check the liquor licence (which the club forgot to get on a few occasions).
Page 10
  While they were checking and asking questions the keg was rolled out the back door under the police noses
  to the house opposite the hall and when they got out to the kitchen the police could not find any evidence
  present, so no charges could be laid.
  These monthly social functions were a time when the young players learnt to dance.
  If they sat too long the older ladies would get them up for a dance and teach them the various steps,
  great fun was had by all.
  In later years the club had monster cabarets which they held once a year and at this function they would have
  a large cash raffle as a draw card. Some of the places used was the Goodwood Hotel, West Croydon/Kilkenny
  R.S.L.Hall, the Maltese Hall Hilton, the Motor Cycle Hall Woodville Gardens and the Lockleys R.S.L.Hall.
  Another fund raiser which was held over a number of years and helped to bring in funds was the raffle held
  at the Halfway Hotel (during the football season) on Friday nights and Saturday mornings and normally sold
  by Clarrie Calbert and Bill Lowry. Tickets were 3 for 2/-(204) prizes being 1st leg of ham, 2nd bottle of
  whiskey and 3rd one pound of bacon, with the winners drawn on a Saturday morning.
  Tickets would be completely sold out.
  Another highlight of the club was the end of season trips. Members would have to work hard to participate
  in these trips. Over the years some of the places visited were Broken Hill,Port Pirie, Burra,Ballarat,
  Horsham, geelong,Melbourne and St. Kilda in Victoria, When the club travelled ny train a special concession
  rate was given as it was booked and classed as an educational trip. This was organised by the long serving
  chairman Clarrie Calbert and who worked for the South Australian Railways. Other methods of travel was by bus.
  Matches were only played against Broken Hill on these occasions and in 1946 Kilkenny defeated Broken Hill
  with Ken Obst winning the Best on Ground trophy. In 1948 at the Broken Hill Jubilee Oval the Broken Hill
  team thrashed Kilkenny.
  Each trip to Ballarat the senior members of the club would go to the Ballarat orphanage and make a
  presentation and a donation which the children enjoyed. Also the club would be entertained by the Ballarat
  Football Club.
  In March 1960 5 members of the Kilkenny Football Club Messrs C.Calbert (chairman), G.Chinca (secretary)
  and committee men V.Cook, J.Savage and G.Howard presented the Geelong Football Club plaque with a mirror
  bsckground featuring 2 cats shaking hands. This presentation was to repay Geelong for kindness in
  entertaining Kilkenny in past years on their trips. The gift was going to be hung in a prominent place in
  the new hall at Kardina Park.
  Great fun was had on these trips and a lot of stories could be told and listed are a few that come to hand
  and not necessary in year order.
   1. On going on one trip a Kilkenny local boasted about the size of his case he was taking because he
   had 53 articles in it, a pack of cards and a toothbrush (which he didn't use).
   2. The same member liked a drink and after a trip to Geelong he was known as Guy Fawkes.
   This was because he fell asleep with a cigarette alight and set fire to his mattress in the hotel room.
Page 11
   3. On another particular trip this time to Ballarat when the club was due to leave late on a Monday
   afternoon the manager of one of the hotels the club was staying at complained there was a lot of
   cutlery and silverware missing and if it was not forthcoming the club would not be catching the
   Melbourne express back to Adelaide. After a quick whip round the goods were found with the culprit
   and the club was then able to catch the train.
   4. Another time 2 members of the K.F.0 went to Horsham to pay a cash deposit for the forth coming
   trip but due to a misunderstanding the money was left in the kitbag which was left in the back of a
   farmers utility. The money spent the whole afternoon touring Horsham and it was not until the evening
   that the 2 members caught up with the farmer and the kitbag still intact in the back of the ute.
   5. On a trip to Melbourne a member Perc Knaggs tried to hypnotise an elephant up the stairs of
   Carlyons Hotel which at that time was the leading Hotel in Melbourne, but unfortunately the elephant
   would not obey. The elephant was from near by Worths Circus.
   6. Also on another trip to Melbourne the club stayed at another leading Hotel where there were pigeons
   in the rafters of the roof. On this particular Saturday night the younger members were able to catch a
   few and tie tags with slogans on their feet. These pigeons were then put in the lift and the doors shut.
   When the doors open youn can guess the result. Once again we the committee were called before the
   management. The following night a member of the Riverside Football Club tried the same tatic but
   unfortunately he fell through the skylight ceiling and was killed.
   7. On these trips the club would take up to 50 members and include a couple of vice-presidents. On
   this particular trip to Geelong a former captain/coach walked into a barber shop and said that he
   wanted a hair cut. When he was told to take a seat he then presented his own hair dresser who then
   proceeded to use the shops equipment and gave the Kilkenny member a hair cut. The barber from Kilkenny
   had his own business and was a vice _president of the club.
   8. Another story could be told about the trips was this particular trip the club was going away on a bus.
   The bus was about to pull away about 6.30pm on the Friday night when the Halfway Hotel closed and
   everybody realised that there was no toilet on the bus. A quick look around found a metal bucket
   behind the Bank of Adelaide on the corner of Port and Kilkenny ° roads and this was used as a make
   shift toilet on the bus. Quite a few stops had to be made along the way to empty the bucket.
   The bucket was returned a bit smelly to the bank on Tuesday morning.
   Where ever the club went on their trips they were well entertained by the local clubs and members.
   Going on these trips has been fun, educational and have had their funny moments.
   It was always funny seeing the younger married players (not all of them)being farewelled by their
   wives at one end and then being farewelled by girls at the departure where we had been visiting and
   then being met by their wives on our return to Adelaide.
Page 12
Many individual stories can be told about incidents that have happened on and off the playing field and the following are a few examples and again they are not in any year sequence.
1. When the club played College Park for the first time back in season 1955. Both teams had to change in a horse stable with horses. There were harnesses, horse collars and straw all over the barn. This ground was situated adjacent to the St.Peters College northern end. Also next to this oval that Kilkenny were playing on was another game in progress and the players from the college were wearing three figure numbers.
2. In a match against Hindmarsh played at the Hindmarsh Oval Ray Mathews went to grab a Hindmarsh player around the waist but instead grabbed him by his athletic support. The opposing player stopped swung Ray around while he was still holding his support causing Ray to tear the ligaments in his knee..
3. Then there was the time Big Bob (Moose) Miller was warming up before a game against Lockleys at Lockleys Oval, when he slipped fell over and broke his collarbone and could not take his place in the team.
4. Talking about self inflicted injuries there was a Kilkenny player who was running along the boundry chasing the ball when he tripped over the first aid box which was stationed inside the boundry. He finished up with a nasty injury. This accident happened at Ledger Reserve.
5. In a game against Plympton it had rained that heavy the whole afternoon that the whole Plympton Oval was covered by water. Ron Sheehan picked up the ball went for a run and a bounce but the ball stopped dead and didn't move. The look on Ron's face told story.
6. In 1961 in a game against Woodville North played at Ledger Reserve Kilkenny were winning easily and the captain/coach of Woodville North was having a go at his players and in particular his brother for not trying. The captain told his brother he would hit him if he didn't play better so the brother said 'Go on hit me' and the captain did by knocking him out.
7. During the late 1950's and early 1960's the club found it hard to field a team of 20 players at times and occasionally the club played unregistered players although they registered a 'Bill Buck' who didn't exsist. It was amazing at a medal count at the end of the season when Bill Buck received 3 votes for a Best on Ground performance and nobody could remember who he was for that match.
8. Fred (Wagga) Burton an old Kilkenny player told the story that when he was in the services during World War 2 he played football in Victoria. The first time he played and went for the ball he was hit from behind, when he came to the legendary Jack Dyer was standing over him and his comment was 'When you are playing football in Victoria you keep one eye on the ball and the other looking around you'.
9. In 1955 Kilkenny had a prominent jockey playing for them. He would compete in the first two races of the day and then turn up to play for Kilkenny. This particular Saturday afternoon towards the end of the season he was reported for an incident but didn't front up to the tribunal. Consequently he didn't play again.
Page 13
10. Kilkenny Football Club at one stage shared the Ledger Reserve with the Allenby Gardens Methodist Church Football Team and at a meeting of the two clubs to discuss watering the oval as it had been a dry winter. The Allenby Gardens Team could only afford divine intervention as they claimed they weren't very finiancial.
11. In a game against Brompton at Brompton's ground at Renown Park the oval had to be cleared of horses before the game could commence, apparently they would let the horses graze on the ground during the week.
12. Then there was the player who complained that his hair got messed up when he played, which affected his appearance. The following week was his 21st birthday and he was presented with a parcel which contained a comb with several teeth missing and a mirror after this he didn't complain any more.
13. In another game played at Ledger Reserve a Kilkenny player was going around hitting the smaller players from the opposition team. When he was confronted by the big ruckman from the other team who told him he was going to get him after the game. The Kilkenny player took off across the ground for his life as soon as the final bell went, leaving his clothes behind in the change shed.
14. In a game against Marion at the Marion Oval a Kilkenny player who was out injured and was getting rough treatment from a Marion player. He could only stand a certain amount when he finally had had enough, so he jumped the boundry fence hitting the culprit. It took a while for play to resume again, nothing could be proved that he was a Kilkenny player or supporter.
15. Lockleys had a goal umpire who was in the habit of cheating especially when his son was playing full foward. This particular Saturday afternoon the father happened to mention to the Kilkenny full back that his son had a large boil on his neck and to go easy on him. The first time the ball came down the Lockleys end the two players clashed with the result being the Lockleys player getting a wack on the back of the neck. the site of his neck wasn't very pleasant. It was just desserts as the father the previous season had signalled a point for Kilkenny instead it should have been a goal resulting in Kilkenny losing by 3 points.
16. The club had a trainer who seemed to enjoy a drink or two of port on cold and wet days of a game it wasn't unusual for him to supply the players with a nip of port at half time and three quarter time. What the players didn't finish the trainer certainly made sure work of it and he would try to ride his bike home afterwards.
17. In matches when the club was kicking with the wind and when there was a gale blowing the club would make sure there was someone at the end to retreive the ball but when the opposition kicked with the wind nobody was there. In those days there wasn't any time on.
18. At a junior game at Ledger Reserve there was a player that played for Kilkenny, who was bigger than the umpire. The umpire made several mistakes and this big player picked the umpire up and told him to get his game in order. From then on the umpire was afraid to make a decision.
Page 14
As can be seen by the stories listed the K.F.0 has had a lot of character and characters. Many, many more stories can be told by individuals and to close off a lot of players and members were given 'nicknames' for one reason or another and a separate referrence is made to those names that come to memory but there maybe a few forgotten.
Page 15
1939 Won semi final against Goodwood by protest. (see under 1939)
1954 Last game played by Kilkenny on Princes Square was against Torrensville United but no scores can be found as to who won.
1955 First game played at Ledger Reserve was against Brighton on Saturday May 14 with Kilkenny winning 11.13 to 3.7.
First game lost at Ledger Reserve was against Edwardstown on Saturday May 21st scores were 9.13 to 9.8.
1956 Went through season underfeated.
1962 First game played in the Glenelg South West District Football Association, April 28th against Marion with Kilkenny winning 4.7 to 2.3.
First game lost in new association May 12th Torrensville United 7.17 Kilkenny 8.6.
1967 First season club used new club rooms.
1968 'B team went through season without winning a game.
1970 Last win at home as Kilkenny was August 1st Kilkenny winning 6.8 to Torrensville United 4.3.
Last game played as Kilkenny at home was August 15th against Blackwood but no record of scores.
Club did't win one in the West Torrens District League or Western District League the one year it formed.
The club had 50 life members and 38 league representatives. SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS
Most games played by one family 617 games, A.G.Hewitt (182), A.W.Hewitt (178), P.G.Hewitt (257).
Also mention must be made of the Blight family and it would be a very hard task to establish as their family numbers quite high. Bi11,Horrie,Jack,Allan and Harold Blight Snr. all brothers (Ron, Tom and Harold Jnr.) sons of Harold (Barry and Malcolm) sons of Jack.
Most games played by one person A.Peters (320). (Can't find when he began; finished but played a lot of games). Possibly commenced 1943.
Bernie Jordan
Niel Matheson 1953 Lionel Bradley 1961
Bernie Jordan and Alan Mathews
P.G.Hewitt (5), A.W.Hewitt (4), F.Manning, L.Price, T.Blight, R.Mathews, A.Mathews, R.Jeffries, B.Phillis, K.Jarvis, A.Blight,(1) F.Arscott (1) 1956 S.A.N.F.Union under 25's played in Victoria.
Page 16
ABBREVIATIONS (for pages 17)
C.F.0 - Carlton Football Club
K.T - Kilkenny Troop
K.UTD./R - Kilkenny United or Rovers
K.UTD - Kilkenny United
K.F.0 - Kilkenny Football Club
W.S.F.0 - Woodville South Football Club
G.A - General Association
W.T.F.A - West Torrens Football Association
P.A.D.A - Port Adelaide District Association
A & S - Adelaide & Suburban
M.F.L - Metropolitan Football League
W.D.F.L - Western District Football League
G.S.W.D.F.A - Glenelg South West District Football Association
G.S.A.D.F.A -- Glenelg South Adelaide District Football Ass.
V AP—DAME of LIca As ec-r id ..1 knmi  
1890-1903 NV T k.uOad Wdr NoT f<~ni,v N or%Arns 
1904 t_ . P c. d. 11 1 ,  
1905 F. c =r   
1906 premiers C . F.    
1907-1915 NOT Kti wWr    
1916 K. T. ., ~, •. ,  
1917 Noy' e.!v w    
1918 premiers K.cr,---/R-. C, n. e s s uAar  
1919. premiers K.tie_l Q. ,. ,,   
1920 premiers    
1921 K . u NOT v W N Arm - k,.~ l„i ,..^  
1922 1L. LIYfl . iAI. r. I A. tliJcES. S )I4 E  
192 tl_ urea.    
1924 ,liar !c u e..r n/ 3,~ - a T ~t ,.i c5 ,.~ ..!  
1926 Ktlk ENwl°f UN Irtt U 1' k 
1921 k. LJTh . P. A..I~.A. ..  
1929 PRGM/ ZS K . UTi~ .r n z21 wICF S[Si s1r2G - 
1929  w~ATr Y iZyAfrs  
1930 I&T kt. w    
1932 premiers i.e. F. C P: A . . A . +~ 1,  
1933 1<. F. r rI „ Dior 1lM In ~,.^ i.J 2 i'e4nS 
1934 premiers AL _ r. - e A   
1935 k-,. C  ~C.~,-r A j: az, nr S .  
1936 K . F_ r.  No r fCm InI i i 2 . i'Ap 
1937 K. P_ C ,. NAM.s ,1 Rdst,2,, 2. 7=A.rs 
1938 r< . Jr. C ,• + 2 TEA KC 
Page 17
_~rat2_ Alarm or L`lua ASct i~aT,L / N©,1E ;RIU,JA 1 r Ar
1939 premiers: . F. C • .A -s. E-MA19CAl 
    f TEAm
1940 14 . P. C ;, rr .r 
1941  ,n .tenor ,=a /2 r-1 
1942  Jr  
1943 ,t.r . L R s S, t~;xtnrC S ScQvver" r `7'ZA+^!
1944 premier <_ F.   i2rn"
1945 rc. F. .~ __ ,~ r ~~AM
1946 k , =. ~r ;, ~r f r~ Am
1947 is . ~. c tom. T. F A. ii it Z ~AMs
1948 k.,=. c  ;r .t z eAms
1949 k. P. c , r~ ,t ar 2iEAidS
1950 9L. ~~ ~~ ~t . 27inms
1951 ic . , , ,t zseA,~s
1952 i . F. C   1
1953 !<_ r_ c rl . F. L  1 r AA
1954 k.,=.   
1955 premiers ,c.F,  Re, ,2~s r rtgM
1956 premiers W. F,   AM
1957 rc. r=. c w.r. A.  i''ZA;ln
1958 a. F. L •~ y, I1 A,n_
1959 rc. t-_ C ~~ ro a~ r rAm
1960 IL. c. .   , rz.44
1961 w . c. c L _ n . i^ L. ; r r -ran
1962  i J. o. F. A.  
1963 K. F_ C ;, rr ,r y2,am
1964    Z'1EAIn
1965 K. r. C •~ i ~~ n 2 -rurmS
1966 premiers K . ;. . ~f « ~~ 2- -rEAOK
1967 K. r. £. r lr rr 2 TEArns
1968 :r,r. ,. ,~ rr rr z T.4,ns
1969 is .F. L G_ S. A ..~ . r. A. ~, o^ 2 ff-4~+s
1970 K. F. C 11 rt ~r a 27EAmS
1971 ^v.,s. F. c   z p.3
Page 18
1. The name of the Club shall be Kilkenny Football Club. COLOURS OF CLUB.
2. The colours of the Club shall be red and white.
3. Life Members shall only be recommended by the Manage-
ment Committee and elected by a three-fourths majority
of those members present at the Annual General Meeting
No t' AC -rNaW Iwo P% MataL er ec .1,w iieMuasHqp
Ia Aul 04f ytha, t~UALIFICATIONS FOR  
 LIFE '1 EfidBEI?SHIP .  
a. 10 Years serviceto the Club.  
b. 100 Games.  
The Officers of the Kilkenny Football Club shall be
elect, d at the Annual General Meet g.q4r 3 .. ,
a • .HP- fN,a,Jc~  ,v zvwAy 4f
F o^+ Tie l~RevrovS S«tso~ s  .:  ca.v ov'.r '3~
F ~ee6 ified. ~M1NRT£4 By A `i, ~
c, I
1'va'~~-c3 .' r1~'rri3c2.
b. ill Offices of the C1u are to be of an honorary capacity.
Chairman's Authority.
 5. The Chairman at any meeting shall have authority on
 every point of order,and in case of doubt or difficulty
 the usual mode of Parliamentary procedure shall be
 Duties of Honorary Secretary.
u. The Honorary Secretary,on accepting his appointment
 shall be responsible to the K.F.C.,and shall be its
 executive officer .He. shall,vfhvnever possible,attend
 and report at all management- -committee meetings,and
 shall assist to conduct the business. He shall also
 furnish a final report of the season's activities at
 the Annual General Meeting,and in general,perform all
 duties imposed on him by the Management Committee.
 Duties of Hon ora.r Asst. Beet.
 7. The Honorary Asst.Sect.,on accepting his appointment,
 shall whenever possible,attend all management committee
 meetings,and shall in general perform all such duties
 as shall from time to time be imposed on him by the
 = Honorary Secretary or the Management Committee.
 Dies of Honorary Treasurer.
 8. The Honorary Treasurer shall receive the revenue of
 the Club,and shall pay in all sums received to the
 Club' s Account at the Bank of Adelaide, Kilkenny, and
 shall pay all accounts duly passed for payment by the
 Management Committee. He shall keep accurate accounts,
 which shall be presented with the Bank- Passbook at
 each Management Committee Meeting.
Page 19
 8, Duties of Hon. Treasurer Cont.....
The Honorary Treasurer, having accepted his appointment shall be responsible to the K.F.C., and shall present at its annual General 'fleeting a statement of its receipts and expenditure, duly audited by the Honorary iuditors.
Duties of Honorary Auditors.
 9. The Honorary :auditors shall at any time during their term of office, have the power and right to inspect the Club's Books whenever they deem it necessary. They shall duly audit all books at the completion of the activities of the Club each season, such books being made available to the Auditors at least fourteen (14) days prior to the A.G.M.
Duties of Delegates.
10. The Secretary and one other selected by the management committee shall act as liason officers of the Club to
the Football Body to which the Club affiliates. They shall
• report back to the management committee all information
• of interest concerning the Club.
Proxy Delegates.
11. Proxy Delegates shall be appointed by the Management Committee whenever they deem it necessary in the case of emergency.
Management Committee.
12. The Club shall be under the control of the Management Committee, to be composed of:
1. Chairman
2. Secretary
3. Asst. Secretary v 4. Treasurer 5. Deputy Chairman
and six (6) other members elected at the A.G.M.
Managements Committee's Powers.
13. The management committee may, any y properly convened meeting, deal with any matters affecting the Club, and its decision thereon shall be final and binding.
Absence of Oham nan.
14. In the absence of the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman has all the powers as constituted for the Chairman.
Tro _ies.
15. The allocation of trophies shall be determined by the Management Committee unless otherwise specified by the donor of the Trophy prior to the commencement of the season.
Continued .......
Page 20
Night of Meetings.
16. The Management Committee shall meet at least once a month WE
during their term of office, and at any time or times as
may be considered necessary by such committee or by the
Sub Committees.
17. At the first meeting of the Management Committee, after the Annual General iV".eeting, the Committee shall elect the following sub committee:-
Social Committee.
 18. The Social Committee shall consist of seven members, comprising:-
1. Chairman
2. Secretary
3. Treas'irer
and four (1+) others to be members of the Management Committee.
 19. They shall also on the same night, from applications received, decide the positions of coach and trainers.
Non attendance at meetings.
20. Any Committee Member who fails to attend three(3) consecutive meetings without sending in a written apology shall automatically forfeit his position on the committee. A new officer shall then be elected by the calling of a Special Meeting by the Secretary.
Selection Committee.
21. The selection committee, to be chosen by the players, shall consist of five (5) members, comprising:-
A. B.
1. Capt.-Coach 1. Coach
2. Vice-Capt. 2. Captain
3. Head Trainer 3. Head Trainer and two(2) non players and two (2) non players.
List B is to be abided by only in the event of the Coach not being captain.
Players Representative.
22. The players representative shall be chosen by the players prior to the commencement of the season. He shall act as a liason officer between the players and the Management Committee and shall report at any Management Committee Meeting whenever he deems it necessary. Such notice of attendance must be in writing at least twentyfour (24) hours before such meeting, and at such meeting the Players 3epresentative shall be heard before any business is conducted by the Committee. He shall after being given consideration by the Committee have no further interest in any of the ensuing business and be asked to leave the meeting.
- Coach.
23 The position of coaach shall be advertised in the daily press at least fourteen (14.) days prior to the A.G.M.
Page 21
CONSTITUTION Continued... 21
applications to be closed by 8 p.m. on the day prior to that meeting. All applications are to be in writing.
24. The position of trainer (s) shall be advertised in the daily press at least fourteen (ii) days prior to the A.G.M. nominations closing by 8 p.m. on the day prior to to that meeting. _Prom the applications received, the management committee shall at its first meeting following the A.G.M. decide upon the trainers for the season.
Goal Umpire.
25. The position of goal umpire shall be decided upon by the management committee prior to the commencement of the season.
Colour Steward.
 26. The position of colour steward shall be decided upon by
 the management committee prior to the commencement of
 the season. The colour steward shall, on accepting his
 appointment, be responsible for the attention and upkeep
 of the guernseys from week to week, and shall on match
 days act as doorman. He shall where-ever possible assist
 the Secretary with any duties which arise before and
 after the matches.
 Authority to collect monies.
 27. The Treasurer, Secretary and Asst. Sect, shall be
 authorised to collect monies on behalf of the Club.
 Si~ngof Checues.
 28. The Treasurer of the K.F.C. shall sign all cheques,
 duly passed for payment by the management committee,
 and countersigned by either the Secretary or Chairman.
 29. The Management Committee may vote to the Honorary
 Secretary or any other official any honorarium that is
 thought proper.
 30. -ubscriptions shall be decided upon at the A.G.M.
 Match Fees.
 31. Match Fees shall be decided upon by the management
 committee prior to the commeujement of the season.
 32. Should any player or official misconduct himself. the
 Management Committee may suspend or otherwise deal
 with such player or officia..l.
 Continued ..........
Page 22
CONSTITUTION Continued....
33. Any player seeking a clearance must confirm with the following before consideration is to be given to his application:-
1. -Player must be financial to the Club.
2. Have no Club property in his possession.
All applications for clearances must, firstly, be forwarded to the Secretary on the Official document, and secondly be placed before the management committee for consideration. All clearance; if complying with the conditions set out above, are then forwarded to the District Body.
MEETINGS. Annual General Meeti
 34- The Annual General Meeting of the K.F.C. shall be held on
or before the 15th. of February each year.
The following shall be the order of business of the Meeting:-
1. Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting. 2, Correspondence.
3. Secretary's Report for previous year.
4. Treasurer's Statement.
it 5. _mendment of Constitution.
6. Election of Officers.
7. General Business.
The Secretary of the Club shall give at least seven days notice of each Annual General Meeting, the meeting to be advertised in the press.
Special Meeting.
 35, A Special Meeting of the K.F.C. shall be called by the Chairman or the Secretary upon receipt of a written reauisition received by the Secretary.
a. Such requisition shall clearly state the purpose for which the meeting is to be called, and no other matter shall be considered at that meeting, which shall be hold within seven days after the receipt of the necessary request.
36. 'Those entitled to vote shall be players and members of the previous season. Voting shall be by show of hands unless a ballot be demanded by five or more of the members present.
37. The existing Constitution shall not be repealed, altered or added to without the consent of the majority of the members present at the A. G.M.
Fourteen days notice, in writing, shall be given to the Secretary of such proposed repeal, alteration or a.diition.
Page 23
CONSITIUTION Continued.......
38. I life member, having had the honour bestowed upon him or her, shall at the next presentation dinner receive recognition of this honour by the presentation of a Life Membership Certificate of the Kilkenny 3ootball Club. He or She from thenceforth shall cease to pay membership
fees to the Club, being given at the same time full priveleges of any bona fide member of the K.F.C, each year.
SIGNFD............................ CHAIRMPN
SIGNED................ .......... SECRET1'Jff

Page 24
1890-1931 not known not known
1932 G.Wright A.J.Adair
1933-1937 not known not known
1938 Harold Blight Harold Blight
1939 not known A.Russel
1940 not known not known
1941-1942 not formed 
1943 W.Edgewood W.Edgewood
1944 K.Obst 
1945 K.Obst 
1946 K.Obst 
1947 T.Holland 
1948 T.Holland 
1949 F.Burton F.Burton
1950 F.Burton F.Burton
1951 Horrie Blight Horrie Blight
1952 not known 
1953 G.Godfrey G.Godfrey
1954 B.Jordan B.Jordan
1955 M.McDonald M.McDonald
1956 R.Smith R.Smith
1957 A.Grindley A.Grindley
1958 A.Grindley A.Grindley
1959 J.Edwards Jnr. J.Edwards Jnr.
1960 J.Edwards Jnr. J.Edwards Jnr.
1961 L.E.Bradley L.E.Bradley
1962 L.E.Bradley L.E.Bradley
1963 L.E.Bradley L.E.Bradley
1964 D.Bain D.Bain
1965 D.Bain D.Bain
1966 D.Bain D.Bain
1967 D.Bain D.Bain
1968 B.Liversey B.Liversey
1969 B.Liversey B.Liversey
1970 G.Cooper G.Cooper
1971 G.Cooper G.Cooper
1972 G.Cooper G.Cooper
Two names mentioned that could also have been coaches are Reg
Cunnigham and Jack Sibley. Jack Sibley also had the shop on the
corner of Pope Street opposite Princes Square.
Perce Ray was also captain of Kilkenny but year or years not known. He worked as a fork lift driver at Popes and he was electrocuted when he hit over head wires at work.
Jack or Frank Broadbent was also captain at one stage but year is
not known. Frank died 3/6/1991 aged 83 but Jack had died earlier ,SSooe with Frank Jnr ie did't know if his father played for Kilkenny but was aware both played for Queenstown Church of Christ.
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not known
Princes Square
= Princes Square
Kate Bryan's paddock Hansen Road Reserve didn't form
Princes Square Ledger Road Reserve
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LIFE MEMBERS *deceased
1938 Harold Blight 1966 Mrs.A.M.Hewitt
A.Burford N.Mathe son
D.Watson 1967 R.Travis
1939 Horrie Blight L.Cornish
W.Russel * 1968-70 not known
1941 did not form
1942 1943
1944 D.Heaft P.Beare was also a life member but
W.J.Dowling year is not known. Others who could
1945 A.S.Eden be life members are, A.Bickle,
R.Medwell F.Burton and D.Drummond.
1947 E.Hese *
A.G.Hewitt 1948 Mrs.B.C.Eden 1949
1950 Mrs.A.S.Peters
L.J.HoS kin 1951
1952 L.J.Peters *
W.A.EDEN 1953 T.Holland *
L.C.Hill * 1954 A.L.Peters *
F.B.Havey *
1955 M.McDonald sir G.Godfrey A
1956 B.Jordan *
K. McMillan 1957 C.Calbert
W.Kranz *
1958 Mrs.J.Chinca (nee Eden)'
1959 V.Geue * A.W.Hewitt
1960 W.McLean P.G.Hewitt
1961 T.Hoskin G.Chinca
1962 J.Chinca )k' T.O'Reilly
1963 F.Fawcett J.Cowling
1964 R.Mathews Mrs.E.M.Jordan
1965 K.Kelly J.Savage *
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1906 Carlton Football Club
1918 Kilkenny United Football Club General Association
1919 Kilkenny United Football Club General Association
1920 Kilkenny United Football Club General Association
1928 Kilkenny United Football Club Port Adel.Dist.Assoc.
1932 Kilkenny Football Club Port Adel.Dist.Assoc.
(Sept.17 Kilkenny 8.14 - Rosatala 8.13)
1934 Kilkenny Football Club Adelaide and Suburban
(Aug.25 Kilkenny 12.10 - West Suburbs 8.11)
(Sept.l Kilkenny 5.14 - Edwardstown 5.5)
1939 Kilkenny Football Club and Suburban
(Kilkenny 14.8 - Sturt C b--7)
1944 Kilkenny Football Club Adelaide and Suburban
1955 Kilkenny Football Club Metropolitan F.League (Aug.27 Kilkenny 17.12 - College Park 10.11)
1956 Kilkenny Football Club (undefeated) Metropolitan F.League (Sept.29 Kilkenny 9.17 - Kesmond 9.10)
1966 Kilkenny Football Club Glenelg Sth.W.Dist.F.L. (Sept.10 Kilkenny 14.9 - Edwardstown 5.10)
NOTE Information still to get on the 1928 premiership and club premiership 1944, records can't be found at present. Quoted by Bill Eden.
1976 'A' Woodville South Football Club (undefeated)
1983 'A' Woodville South Football Club
1985 'C' Woodville South Football Club
1986 ',A' Woodville South Football Club
1987 'C' Woodville South Football Club
1989 'C Woodville South Football Club
1990 '`G' vi lie Saufh FccibaII C-IL,,6
1001 A Ioo t w /f SQVIV x-16411 C1010
aoo( j3 k.JoobVe//e ,Soo I n or,3,jf CM
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1932 Mannum 1968
1942 1969
1945 Broken Hill
1946 Broken Hill
1948 Broken Hill
1951 Port Pirie
1952 Port Pirie
1953 Broken Hill
1954 Burra
1955 Burra
1956 Horsham
1957 Ballarat
1958 Ballarat
1959 Geelong
1960 Geelong
1961 Geelong
1962 Melbourne
1963 Melbourne
1964 St.Kilda Victoria
1966 1967
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A 'Flowery' Adair Alan 'Daisy' Bates Fred 'Wagga' Burton Harold 'Skeet' Blight Percy 'Polar Bear' Beare Claude 'Joe' Brown John 'Feathers' Bird Dean 'Blood' Bessell Lionel 'Braddles' Bradley 'Shaker' Benz
'Tiny' Bennett
Count 'Soapy' Burford Don 'Darkie' Collins Clarrie 'Snucky' Calbert Keith 'Young Snucky' Calbert Wally 'Jinx' Dowling 'Young Jinx' Dowling Alf 'Fat' Eden
Jim 'Bottler' Edwards Jim 'Barrell' Edwards Jim 'Old Gummy' Edwards Jim 'Young Gummy' Edwards. Kevin 'Fat' Flaherty Frank 'Nigger' Fawcett Vic 'Hector' Geue Malcolm 'Pickles' Godson Colin 'Skipper' Gregg Don 'Grassy' Gre n Allen 'Aly' Grindley (snr) Allen 'Nipper' Grindley (jnr) Barry 'Hook' Grindley Malcolm 'Bluey' Grindley Tom 'Toots' Goldsworthy Albert 'Skinny' Hewitt Peter 'Pee Wee' Hewitt Kelvin 'Mingo' Huppatz Colin 'Midge' Hill Tom 'Shine' Hoskin Tom 'Bombhead' Holland Allan 'Acka' Hawke Doug 'Skinner' Heaft Frank 'Yump' Havey Tom 'Wishy' Hart
Doug 'Tubby' Jenkins John 'Curly' Kamprod Brian 'Bronco' Liversey Don 'Sabu' Marshall Gordon 'Rocky' Marshall Allan ' !flyrtle' Mathews NE'il 'Haim;' Matheson Robert 'Moose' Miller Keith 'Mick' McMillan
Malcolm 'Mick' McDonald Bernie 'Hack' McGlynn Bill 'Ghost' McLean Trevor 'Bubbles' Obst Jack ' 1Joz7a' Oaten Frank 'Bluey' O'Gorman Allan 'Bluey' O'Brien 'Tiger' Potts
Allan 'Pluto' Peters 4- Ron 'Donkey' Pinder 'Snowy' Powell
K 'Buddy' Rogers
Ronald 'Bawldy' Sheehan Edward 'Trigger' Tregeagle Doug 'Soapy' Watson 'Dutchy' Watson
Bruce 'Spider' Webb Eric 'Cookie' Wegener Cyril 'Drip' White Bob "'Bunny' Valadares Doug 'Dusty' Hill Kevin 'Con' Kauske Clarrie 'Yorkie' Calbert Allen Young Aly Grindley Jnr. Allen 'Basil' Peters G 'Singer' Bennett Allan 'Trader' Horn Jack 'Sandy' Blight
iiICS 1 ltL' ,' 4,nh
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We congratulate-•the linperi In on their winnin the etniersh p of the..
.A.ciel it1e and Suburbp,n Arisocintion.
The Norvoode and Caritous will' inset at the h elaide Oval t his after-
noon.  This match should be worth watching, send there is pure to ba a. large attendance.
he premiership match of the 4.de -laide and Suburban Association was s played at the Jubilee Oval last Satur- d v, When the Portland Imperials and West Adelaide 11. play off for the coveted Donor. The game, -which wrvi well contested, was T,witne ed by -la.rge number of spectatorI3. Both-
sides showed good form, and the game was full of interest, €specirlIy n''the last quartor. Victory Cell to the Imperials, who kicked 5 gov.l 1
behicids to their opponent^, 5 goals {? behinds. ienason (2), Latie, Whicker,
and Iiibbortson kicked the wibner'
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- t _
1 nnutber of cothe1 ,ports. ,w h a,, ho\cls. ,tl,o enjoveel a revival at the trot of the century, but most of the sporting r1111)s iii W o dlville were not honied until after World War I. and the establishment of adequate sporting facilities at Woodville Oveal.  In ho \\c'ser. had been played regularly ill the district for about :II) years.
Iti July l"ttill. a teats li-(ut \V"oo<l,ille l)laseci Adelaide vu the North Parklands (Adelaidie vNoll) . but according to Joseph Bower—a member—the \Voodville Football Club was first foriiictl in 1875. In April, 1875, the .l(lverliser reported the club's "first color match on the grounds of Mrs. Terrell at Woodville. The weather was very windy, nevertheless some splendid kicks were trade". "l here is no mention of their opponents, but "the Concordia Band discoursed appropriate music*'. In 1876 the club challenged any other club around Adelaide, "to play a game of football according to the Old Adelaide Rules, which Rules will be played by the above Club in future'. Ships' officers of Port Adelaide took tip the challenge
and other newly formed clubs such as Port Adelaide, Adelaide and Gawler. Together with /Woodville these were among the original members of the South Australian Football Association. formed in 1377,12
But it was hardly Australian Rules' The number of players to a side varied from 15 to 20 (it wasn't until 1899 that the Victorian Association made the rule 18 men a side) , At one match, after defeating Gawler, the Woodville team then took on 30 spectators: at a Port Adelaide match at Glanville. "after the game had been kept up for au i hour without either side scoring a goal. ends s'ere changed with no better result'.
And it was a short life for the Woodville team, which disbanded in 1878. Most of the players, including Joseph Bower, transferred to the new Norwood Football Club. But there is mention of several other local teams, among them the Woodville Catholics" and the Carlton Club, both of which were still in existence in the early 1900's.
area. "There were several other local teams, i^tcluding the Carlton Club, the Woodville Park Cricket Club and the Woodville Methodists—which all played on Princes Square, in Beverley.'
Princes Square was the playing ground for malty other local sports groups, whether the neighbourhood boys or organised teams. Woodville Council allowed use of the square provided '\o bad language nor misbehaviour shall be caused by the members". The ground was very rough, but the choice then was between Princes Square or the paddocks. Old residents also describe a sporting area at the site of the present Mareeba Hospital, and "Woodville Catholics had a very good football team and played on the Kilkenny sicje_of Pai-L Street on Bryan's Paddocks".*
Princes Square was set aside as a recreation area when the township was first laid out, a practice which had not been adopted elsewhere. Two other squares at Beverley had already been lost to industry—as Princes Square itself would be. The earlier squares had been bought by J. T. Headdey, in 1884. Yet a few years later, in 1889, residents of Woodville proper were so concerned at the lack of recreation areas that they held a public meeting about the matter. For the time being nothing came of it. The paddocks would have to do.
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Season 1912
Looked at Sunday Mail sports section beginning May 4th to September 7th and found no scores or reference of Carlton or Kilkenny.
Season 1913
Looked at Sunday Mail sports section beginning March 29th to June 28th and July to September, found nothing. May 3rd listed Port Adelaide Suburban Association, some of the teams which were Albert Park, Port Adelaide Congregational, Port Methodist, Ethelton, Thebarton, Queenstown, St.Georges, no reference to Kilkenny. Just before World War 1 some sectors of the press called for players to wear numbers. Shortly after this was done they began to give the public a list of the players names as well as the number and are now used in all sports today.
Season 1914
Looked at Sunday Mail sports section April 4th to June 27th, July to August found nothing. May 2nd 1914 the first issue of the S.A Budget was conceived.
Season 1915
Looked at Sunday Mail sports section April 10th to June 26th found nothing. Also July to August found nothing.
Season 1916
Looked at Sunday Mail sports section April 1st to June 24th found one score for Saturday June 3rd Kilkenny Troop 16.27 - Croydon Troop 2.00. Goalkickers - T.Trust,Hall,Woods,Jupe,Oaten,Clifford, Pengilly,Edwards. Best players - T.Trust,Oaten,R.Trust,Clifford, Hunt,Halliday. (The two Trust players,Clifford,Pengilly,Edwards, are all in the 1918 Kilkenny United Premiership Team). From July 1st to August 26th found no other details.
Season 1917
Looked at Sunday Mail sports section March 24th to June 30th and July 7th to September 8th found no scores. Found in the Sunday Mail dated July 7th 1917 page 3, 'After recent cases of fires at Kilkenny 2 youths, members of the Kilkenny volunteers fire brigade, Harry Trust and Vernon Harry Battersby with George Kitchener
Rubert Simmonds and Horrace Leslie Bockman, set fire to a hay stack belonging to Catherine Bryan on or about February 9th were charged in court today. Bail was allowed to the accused each X 50.0.0 and an additional surety of X 50.0.0 and remanded until Wednesday next July 11th. The court was packed out.' H.Trust and H.L.Bockman are in the 1918 premiership team photo. The Advertiser Thursday July 12th page 8 listed the case again, 'The Kilkenny Fires'. Several people gave evidence including Mrs.Bryans daughter Mary. After hearing evidence the accused were committed for trial.

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Season 1918
Looked at Sunday Mail sports section July to September 28th. Associations listed were Imperial,Metropolitan,City and Suburban, General,teams in the General Association were Chapel St.Jnrs., Archer St. Methodist,Kent Town Jnrs.,Central Jnrs.,Thompson Memorial,North Adelaide Jnrs. Also found the following.
Saturday July 6th Kilkenny Rovers 6.5 - Central Jnrs 1.3 Best Players-Suck,Keinslater, Turner Goalkickers-Suck 4,Turner & Marsh 1
July 20th Hindmarsh 5.10 - Kilkenny 4.13 Goalkickers-Clifford 2,Edwards 2
July 27th Henley Beach 19.16 - Kilkenny Rovers 1.2
Season 1919
Looked at the Sunday Mail sports section March 29th - September 27th. Associations listed were Y.M.C.A,Adelaide Association, United Association,Sturt Jnrs.,United Church,East Torrens and General Association. Teams in General Association were Sturt Rovers,Klemscott,St.Patrick Jnrs. ,West Suburban Jnrs.,Kilkenny Rovers,North Croydon, Excelsior,Blackwood,Richmond Jnrs., Forrestville.
Saturday May 3rd Kilkenny Rovers 2.7 - North Croydon 1.5
July 12th Kilkenny Rovers 7.11 - Payneham Rovers nil Goalkickers-Trust 3,Heast,Pretty,Flaherty, McCarthy 1 each
Season 1920
Looked at Sunday Mails from March 27th to September 11th found 1 score listed under General Association.
Saturday June 26th Alberton 1.3 - Kilkenny 1 Goalkicker-Shipton
Season 1921
Looked at Sunday Mails from March 26th - August 27th found nothing.
Season 1922
Looked at Sunday Mails April 8th - August 26th found the following.
General Association
Saturday April 22nd Kilkenny Utd. 10.14 - Woodville Catholics 3.2 Goalkickers-Irwin & Jefferies 2,Cakebread, Coulter,Oaten,Polgreen,Pretty & Sullivan 1
Page 38
Under West Torrens Association,other scores were listed with teams competiting being Underdale,Croydon,Kilkenny United,Woodville dtd. Torrenside,West Torrens,Central and Woodville Catholics.
Saturday May 20th Kilkenny Utd. 10.11 - Woodville 5.7
Best Players Cakebread, Wilson ,Edwards ,Campbell Brothers,Quinn,Coulter.
Saturday July 15th Underdale 12.9 - Kilkenny 2.15
Saturday July 29th Underdale 16.30 - Torrenside 2.3 SEMI FINAL
Saturday Aug.5th Woodville Utd. 8.10 - Kilkenny Utd. 4.4 Best Players Halliday, Edwards, Coulter, Gore
According to Ern Kollische (5-9--90)(261 2172) the football boundries were changed and Woodville Rd. became West Torrens boundary ending.
Season 1923
Under the heading of West Torrens Association March 31st to Sept.29th.
Saturday June 16th Underdale 14.14 - Kilkenny 6.9
Croydon Union 16.21 - Woodville Catholic 5-S Saturday June 23rd Croydon Juniors - Kilkenny 3.8
Saturday Aug.ilth Woodville Catholics 9.10 - Kilkenny 2.19 (maybe misprint as there were 5 goals kicked) Goalkickers Aitchison 3,Wills,Hunt 1 each.
Saturday Aug 11th Underdale 8.10 - Croydon 3.2
Saturday Aug.25th Croydon 16.15 - Torrensville 5.5 Croydon Union minor premiers for 1923.
Season 1924
Looked at Sunday Mails March 29th to August 30th found no scores, there were 2 associations that Kilkenny could have played in. General Association that consisted of Croydon United,Rosatala, Franklin St Methodist,Brunswick Juniors or West Torrens Ass. Croydon,Lockleys,Underdale,Torrenside,Henley & Grange. West Torrens League were premiers for first time and in that team was J.Oaten ex Kilkenny player.
Season 1925
Looked Sunday Mails Marc scores and listed was We
petiting Underdale, West Catholic,Ethelton,Henley Juniors.
h 28th to September 26th again found no st Torrens Association with teams cornTorrens Central, Croydon Union, Woodville
& Grange,Lockleys,Torrenside and Brompton
Season 1926
Looked at Sunday Mail March 27th to September 18th found no scores listed.
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Season 1932
Saturday June 18th Kilkenny 9.15 - Albert Park 5.12
  Goalkickers-P.Hosking 4,G.Read 2, Oaten,
Saturday June 25th Kilkenny 11.14 - Rosatala 8.12
Saturday Sept.l0th Kilkenny 13.14 - Largs Bay 7.14
Saturday Sept.l7th Kilkenny 8.14 - Rosatala 8.13
Season 1933 
Kilkenny Football Club had 2 teams A & B there was another club
and that was called Kilkenny Terminus. The 3 teams played in the
Port Adelaide District Association.
Saturday May 6th Rosatala B 11.19 - Kilkenny 7.1
  Goalkickers-Heast,Carr 3 Roach 1
  Best Players-Gale, McLoughlin, McLeod
Saturday May 13th Kilkenny 13.19 - Riverside 9.11
  Goalkickers-Hosking,Mercer 3 Oaten,Cameron 2
  Blight, Nicholls,Heast
  Best Players-Blight,Ray,Mercer
Saturday May 13th Kilkenny Terminus 17.18 - Kilkenny B 9.8
  Goalkickers-Carr,Scott 2 Newton, Dowling
  Best Players-Stott, Dowling,Newton,Hammond
Saturday May 20th Kilkenny 19.17 - Largs 6.9
  Goalkickers-L.Hosking 8 Cameron 3 Blight 3
  Mercer 2 Heast Oaten & Watson
  Best Players-H. J. Blight,Adair,Hosking
Saturday June 10th Kilkenny 18.12 - Semaphore Park 10.8
  Goalkickers-Blight 7 Read 5 Holt,Oaten 2
  Best Players-Adair,Hosking, Holt
Saturday June 10th Peterhead 9.16 - Kilkenny 3.5
  Best Players-O' Brien, Smith, Young
Saturday June 17th Ottoway 20.23 - Kilkenny B 6.9
Saturday June 24th Peterhead 23.32 - Kilkenny B 3.7
  Goalkickers-Stott 2 Heast 1
  Best Players-Carr, Carson, Goldsworthy
Saturday July 1st Rosatala B 21.19 - Kilkenny B 2.6
  Goalkickers-Heast,Butler 1 each
  Best Players-Dowling,Botroff, Hammond
Saturday July 15th Birkenhead 10.12 - Kilkenny 8.6
Saturday July 22nd Ethelton 31.31 - Kilkenny 5.1
  Goalkickers-Stott, Adair, Carr,Shelly,Gale
  Best Players-Burford, Wilson, Woods
Saturday July 29th Riverside 16.14 - Kilkenny 4.5
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B grade
Saturday Aug.5th Ottoway 20.13 - Kilkenny 1.0 Goalkicker-Roach
Best Players-Woods, Revell,Orango Final
Saturday Sep.l6th Riverside 6.17 - Kilkenny 8.3
This game was played at Alberton Oval and it was blowing a gale. In the last quarter Kilkenny were kicking with the wind and looked like winning unfortunately someone got hold of the bell and rang it causing the umpire to call full time with about 10 minutes still to play.
Kilkenny Terminus Results 1933
Saturday May 6th Birkenhead 6.4 - Kilkenny Terminus 9.9
June 17th Ottoway 13.19 - Kilkenny Terminus 6.11
Goalkickers-.Hughes 2 Bradley, Sparrow, McFarlane
Best Players-O' Brien, Young, Perry
A grade
Saturday June 24th Ottoway 17.19 - Kilkenny Terminus 4.6 Goalkickers-Hughes 2 McFarlane, Pitman Best Players-Hughes,O'Brien, Pitman
July 15th Rosatala B 24.40 - Kilkenny Terminus 2.0
Goalkickers-Bradley, Harrison
Best Players-Whaite,Perry, Young, Radford
Season 1934
Adelaide and Suburban Association
Grade A2
Saturday April 28th Edwardstown 7.10 - Kilkenny 2.8
Grade Al 
Saturday May 12th Kilkenny 14.21 - West Suburbs 5.16
 Goalkickers-Wright 4 Johnston 3 McLachlan
 Nicholls 2 each Oaten,Medwell,Blythman 1
 Best Players-Nicholls, Holt,Hemer,McLachlan
Grade Al 
Saturday June 2nd Kilkenny 22.16 - Glen Osmond Rovers 5.3
 Goalkickers-Blight 7 Oaten 5 McLoughlin 4
 Nicholls 3 Hosking,Bruce,Medwell
 Best Players - all played well
Grade Al 
Saturday June 9th Kilkenny 11.16 - Richmond & Keswick 4.11
 Goalkickers-Bruce,McLoughlin 3 each Blight 2
 Best Players-McLoughlin, Oaten, Bruce,Heast,Holt
Grade Al 
Saturday June 16th Kilkenny 10.10 - Flinders Park 7.11
 Goalkickers-Blight,McLoughlin 3 H.Blight
 Best Players - all played well
Page 43
Saturday June 23rd Kilkenny 15.20 - Edwardstown 10.10
 Goalkickers-Blyth 4 Heast,Johnson 3
 J.McLachlan 2 H.Blight,Medwell,C.McLachlan
June 30th Kilkenny 23.30 - S.A.R Institute 2.0
 Goalkickers-P.McLoughlin 8 Heste 4 D.McLoughlin
 3 Hosking,Bruce 2 Medwell,Oaten,Blight,Blight.H.
 Best Players - all played well
July 7th Kilkenny 11.17 - West Suburbs 10.15
 Goalkickers-Nicholls, D. McLoughlin , Oaten ,Blight
 J. McLoughlin,Blythman,Medwell
July 14th Kilkenny 9.12 - Flinders Park 8.12
 Goalkickers-J.McLoughlin,Medwell 2 Reade,Waite
 Oaten, Nicholls, D. McLoughlin
July 21st West Torrens Rovers 11.3 - Kilkenny 12.6
 Goalkickers-H.S.Blight 3 H.Blight,Read,McLeod
 Oaten 2 Medwell
Saturday Aug.11th Edwardstown 10.12 - Kilkenny 9.15
 Goalkickers-Read,Blight 3 Hosking,Nicholls
 Best Players-bit ,Hosking, Bowl ey,Blight
Saturday Aug.25th Kilkenny 12.10 - West Suburbs 8.11
 Goalkickers-Oaten 3 Blight, McLoughlin, Read
 Medwell 2 D.McLoughlin
 Best Players - all played well
Saturday Sep.lst Kilkenny 5.14 - Edwardstown 5.5
 Goalkickors-Oaten 2 Nicholls, McLoughlin, Farmer
Season 1935 
Looked at Sunday Mails March 30th - September 21st 1935 Adelaide and Suburban Association
Saturday April 27th
" May 4th
May 11th May 18th
May 25th June 1st June 8th June 15th
Inter Association
Saturday June 29th July 6th July 13th July 20th
Kilkenny 10.13 - West Suburban 7.10 Goalkickers-Blight 8 Medwell,McLoughlin
Best Players-Hemer,McLoughlin,Watson,Riseman Blight
Kilkenny 15.16 - Flinders Park 7.7 Goalkickers-Blight 9 Blythman,McLoughlin 2
D. McLoughlin,Gale
Kilkenny 13.8 - West Torrens Rovers 1.3 Brunswick 9.6 - Kilkenny 6.13 Goalkickers-Blight 3 T.McLoughlin B. McLoughlin, Medwell
Best Players-Medwell ,B. McLoughlin T.McLoughlin,Holt and Russel
Kilkenny 8.10 - Col.Light Gardens 7.18 Kilkenny 18.14 - Edwardstown 3.10 Excelsior 4.9 - Kilkenny 3.5 Kilkenny 8.11 - Port Adelaide C 6.12
Adelaide & Suburban 8.12 - Port Adelaide 4.10 Western Suburban 12.8 - Kilkenny 7.17 Kilkenny 8.9 - Flinders Park 7.8
West Torrens Rovers 8.9 - Kilkenny 6.13
Page 44
Saturday July 27th  Brunswick 14.16 - Kilkenny 6.11
  Aug.3rd Kilkenny 13.7 - Col.Light Gardens 2.2
  Aug.10th Edwardstown 8.8 - Kilkenny 6.15
  Aug.l7th Kilkenny 18.17 - Excelsior 13.14
  Aug.24th Kilkenny 16.15 - Port Adelaide C 15.18
Saturday Sep.7th Western Suburbs 8.12 - Kilkenny 6.12
Saturday Sep.2lst Excelsior 17.13 - Western Suburbs 11.10
Season 1936
Adelaide and Suburban Association Division 1 teams competiting Kilkenny, Excelsior,
Flinders Park, Glen Osmond Rovers,Brunswick,West Torrens Rovers,Col.Light Gardens
Kilkenny had 2 teams competiting Division 1 and Division 2.
Saturday May 2nd Kilkenny 9.7 - Col.Light Gardens 4.10 A team
Saturday May 9th Kilkenny 15.14 - Brunswick 8.13
   Goalkickers-Nicholls 7 McLoughlin, Jonas, Kent 2 Cameron,Tedwell 1
A team
Saturday May 16th A team
Saturday May 23rd B team tf
   B team
Saturday May 30th  A team
Saturday June 6th A team
Saturday June 13th B team it
   A team 
Saturday June 20th  B team <<
   A team 
Saturday June 27th B team «
   A team
Saturday July 4th B team
Saturday July 18th  A team
Saturday Aug.l5th  A team
Saturday Aug.22nd Kilkenny 13.9 - Flinders Park 8.10
   Kilkenny Bye
   West Adelaide 8.16 - Kilkenny B 7.7
   Best Players-Edgewood,Tugsley,Butler, Skelly
   Kilkenny B 11.9 - West Torrens United 6.16
   Kilkenny 15.24 - Glen Osmond 6.4
   Kilkenny 13.12 - Excelsior 8.9
   Best Players - all played well Kilkenny 4.4 - Col.Light Gardens 3.5
   Col.Light Gardens 11.11 - Kilkenny 7.16
   Metropolitan 8.13 - Kilkenny 8.9
   Brunswick 15.7 - Kilkenny 9.18
   West Adelaide Reserves 10.12 - Kilkenny 2.4
   Best Players-White, Butler, James,Halfpenny
   Kilkenny 9.6 - Flinders Park 8.11
   Col.Light Gardens 8.17 - Kilkenny 6.5
   Kilkenny 9.16 - Excelsior 7.9
   Col.Light Gardens 13.20 - Kilkenny 13.7

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Season 1937
Adelaide and Suburban Association.Again Kilkenny had 2 teams competiting.
A team
Saturday May 1st Brunswick 15.18 - Kilkenny 12.13
  Goalkickers-Cameron 4 Hosking,Medwell 2
  Best Players-Todd,Cameron,Blight,Hemers
B team Al Kilkenny B 13.16 - Harris Scarfe 5.11
Saturday May 8th Richmond & Keswick 8.12 - Kilkenny 7.7
  Best Players--Cameron,Seedle, Watson, Todd
B team 14 Kilkenny B 19.14 - Southwark B 3.2
A team  
Saturday May 15th Kilkenny 11.14 - Semaphore Park 11.4
B team it Payneham 7.12 - Kilkenny 6.6
A team  
Saturday June 5th Kilkenny 11.7 - Hindmarsh 10.10
  Goalkickers-Tugsley,Hemer 3 Hosking 2 Cameron
  Edmond, Todd
  Best Players-Cameron, Blight,Medwell,McLoughin
B team Saturday B team Saturday B team Saturday
A team Saturday
B team
A team Saturday
June 12th Excelsior 6.10 - Kilkenny B 3.7
June 19th Payneham B 10.10 - Kilkenny B 5.11
June 26th Richmond & Keswick 11.14 - Kilkenny 5.15
July 3rd Semaphore Park 12.6 - Kilkenny 9.8
41 Harris Scarfe 15.18 - Kilkenny B 5.9
July 24th Hindmarsh 10.7 - Kilkenny 1.1
Best Players-R.Hemer,White, Tregaskis ,Cameron Kilkenny 13.10 - Excelsior Union 3.8
Kilkenny B 19.11 - Col.Light Gardens 3.0 Best Players-McFarlane, Heillibrand,Halfpenny Eden
B team of
B team
Saturday Aug.l4th A3 Semifinal
B team
Saturday Aug.2lst nQ Final
A3 Final
Saturday Aug.28th
Al Grandfinal Saturday Sep.4th
Kilkenny 15.13 - Payneham 8.11
Best Players-Medwell,Pugsley,Half penny, Eden Huppatz
Harris Scarfe 10.17 - Kilkenny 4.7 Best Players_ McLeod,Hart,Brooks,Butler Goalkickers-McLeod 2 Woods, Halfpenny
Brunswick 9.19 - Richmond & Keswick 10.10
Sc.A5ow1 1938
Adiliated with S.A. National Football l.raauc Ltd., cold
S.A. National Jtutior Football Iltiton
Official Programme
Season 1938
S.A. N.\'l'IONal, F'JoI'llAI.1. I.l-:.\t;I;E 1.11).
and K. S. I!F'A ' 1'Y, lists.
President: J. I.. liitu\\N, I? 1.
Chairman: J. V. \Ir1:EE,
Deputy Chairman: A. k 1:N N V, liey. Flunclary C:anmissioner: iii<IJr li ROIlELI' , l.i..11. 1-louorary Deputy
A. Rl tiV, ,.,.i.
V. \l tll'I, s; 1 :;t
it; ii
 COnunisst,.a cf L' t,yu!ry sits I u:-s_; ,.,,a
7 I00 5hiittP t I th f t , a
Adelaide, is Ll... ...ti.:. u. a., t,,.it..e t5 ....t, i.: , when required.
 R. M. I)sl,.n'ue Lhl., I'nt'act.,. urria :it.: _' I .,idc
(C. 1231).
Page 46
Clubs, Hon. Secretaries, Colours, and Grounds.
Brunswick.—Secretary: L. Burchell, Hamley Street, Ade-
laide. (uluur,: Red and Black Vertical Stripes,
Black Knicl:erc. Grounds: South Parklands, Cr.
South Terrace and Cohen Avenue, Left Side.
Richmond and Keswick.—Secretary: A. Blundell, 32
Ansley Crcacent. Galway Gardens. Colours: Navy
and Guld, Vt lute Knickers. Grounds: Lane Street,.
North IItchtuuud.
hndmarsh.--Scouary: J. Noakes, 81 Clitityrd Street,
To, n u; s tile. Colon re: Maroon, with Yellow V,
Black Kuickero. Grounds: Nort Ii- \est Parklands
(near Junction t'urt and North Lines).
Kilkenny. --Secretary: Id. W. Hall. Curran Street, Kilkenn p. t'„Lint, Red Jersey, White V. White
Kwck t<. (1,01111,1,: llansou's I';uldocks. liansun's
Road. Kilkctnt)
\Vest Adelaide Ramblers.—Secretary: U. Miller, 16 Little
Gillen Street, Adelaide. Colours: Green Jersey
tvtth (;old V. \\ kite Knickers. Grounds: Share with
Grange.-Joint Sect, tortes: S. Irish. Grange; C. C. Drever, Grange. Colours: Green and Gold, White
Knickers. Grounds: Grange OcaL
Riverside:- Secretary: T. Banbury, .5, College Street,
Portland. Colours: Black Jersey, with White V,
Neck, Black Knickers. Grounds: 100 yards South
Culutnercial Road Railway Station.
Rosewater Rovers.--Secretary: J. W. Waldron, 10 Nep-
tune Street, Rosewater. Colours: Black and \White
Jersey, \-criic:tl Stripes, Black Knickers. Grounds:
Rusewatet R, serve. e.
Semaphore Park. creutry: A. Stocklev, 43 Victoria
Road, Birkculr aJ. Colours: Black and White Jersey. Black knickers. Grounds: Stevedurr Company's Paddock, down II art Street to Robin Road.
Clubs, Hon. Secretaries, Colours, and Grounds.
Harris Searfe.—Secretary: W. J. Stevens, 61 Gladstone
Road, Mile End. Colours: Light lllue Jersey with
Dark Blue Collar and \', Black Knicker,. Grounds:
South Park Lands, near Harriers Oval.
Goodwood.---Srct etary: A. R. I):t lc, it Farah Place. Redfern. Culuurs: Gold Jersey tvult Black l', (flack
Knickers. Uruuntls: Goo,ltcoud ((va1..
Southwark B. -Secretary: (L \V. \Vilke,, _'1 Chapel
Street, Thebartou. Colours: Navy Iliac Joey, with
White V and Cullar, White Knickers. Grounds:
North-West Parklands, near Intrrnatuuual Service Station.
Excelsior Juniors.—Secretary: II. iliareltall, -i5a Green
Street. Brontpton. Colours: Gold and Lillie Jersey,
Vertical Stripes, White Knickers. (;rounds: Off
Torrens Road, Ilromptuu.
Grange B.--Joint Secretaries: S. Irish, Grange; (-. C. Drever. Grange. Colours: Green and (lull, White
Knickers. Grounds: (;range Oval.
South Adelaide Juniors.--Secretary: K. \tilts, 1.1a (.tom-
well Street, Adelaide. Colours: Blue Jersey. White
Collar White Knickers. Grounds: Soot It Parklands,
near harriers Oval.
Colonel Light Gardens B. -Secretary :. A. Slel.eait, 4
Eton Street. (.(I. Light I .trtleus. C,dynrs:Black
Jersey, White V twl White Collar, \Vhite knickers. Grounds: 7,lortltick Oval (Col. Light (::ndcus ['rant Terminus).
Kilkenny B.- -SectetarY. (L W. Fl;dl, Curran Street.
Kilkenny, ('oluurs: Red Jersey with White V,
White Knickers. Giotinds: Share with Kilkenny A,
Al Divi.,iuu.
Sturt Senior Colts.-Secretary:
Colours: Two lilac Jersey, Black Knickers. Grounds:
Goodwood I). it
Page  47

 All matches to be played on grounds of first-named Club.
 April is -ha r+is Suite v. 1oL Light Gardens B.
 Gtwdwo iI v. Stunt Senior fulls.
PROGRAMME - A L Southcvatk It v. Kilkenny B.
All matches to be played on grounds of first-named Club. Grange 13 v. Excelsior Juniors.
April 3d-Brunswick v. Richmond & Keswick. - South :\dclaide Juniors, bye.
Kilkenny A v. Hindmarsh. May 7-_Start Sr it ('ults v. Harris Scarfe,
 y. is Sc
Semaphore Park v. Grange A. Klkenn Ii c Excelsior .
ph iy
Rusewater Rovers v. West Adelaide Ramblers. South Adelaide Juniors v. Col. Light Gardens B.
Riserside, bye. Grange B c. Southwark 13.
May 7-Riverside v. Brunswick. (1,.dtvoo I. to s.
Hiudinarsh v. Grange. May 1i-H rr+ Sca+t, e (:cu,gc It
West Adelaide Ramblers v. Kilkenny. Southwark II v. Stunt Senior Colts.
Richmond & Keswick v. {tosewater Rovers. Go:+ttvuud -. Kiikcneiy 13.
Semaphore Pa rk, bye. Esecisi;lt juniors V. South Adelaide Juniors.
Ilay 14--Itrunswiek v. Hindruarsh. (%d. I,i~ht G ,ii kits 13, hyc
G,ange v. \1cst Adelaide Ramblers lvfay '1 A,11 situ I. c IL+ui S.arn•.
Seinaph.,re Pak v. Itichnio,+d and Keswick. S.,Isitu
 Juuiurs v. Southwark It
Riverside v. Ronett uer Rovers. I ti es'l I.i ht (t oleos It v. Ci,nttco;,,1.
Kilkenny, bye. SituI eniur (oils v. Excelsior Juuinrs
 Ciii to It it'
May 21-\Vest Adelaide Ramblers v. Brunswick. Adelaide )nuu,r:.
Ilindmaish v. Riverside. May 1! trti, Srr:,rii' V. 5r,nth
 - (:,:u,6c B.
 tinnt ::u+ ( it.. v.
Richmond :u,d Keswicic v. Kilkenny. (u!cuel t Ganlens It V. Excelsior Juniors.
Husctrater Rovers v. Semaphore Park. Southtv:nk it v. Gon,hvo+,d
Grange, bye. Kilknr I Gyve.
. Seaph ore Park. t
May 28-Brunswick r m Jour .1- : ,h \ I ! lu n c r, v. iurt tiruinr (.olis.
Kilkenny t. ltosewater Rovers. tae!st , Ituiions.
Grange v. Riclnnontl and Keswick. ( n,t, It 1 ill.cuuy II.
Riverside t. West Adelaide Ramblers. I + nc!  viit (r+letta R v. Suuthwarl: II.
Hindmarsl[, bye. Il,.,,,s ~i;,,. 1ye:
June I \Vest Adelaide Ii'blers v. 1<ichmond & Keswick. Time 11- t ILti 5. 'tie
Srtuaplime Park v. Kilkenny. (  ,.+I t -,...
Ro en ties Rovers v. I-lhohna'sh. ,utl+ :.1 In: +. - 1 3
I i erside v. Grange. ( TI 1.-.+:: .. ._.. S-s*or Cults.
Brunswick, bye. c utl .:.i' I
June II--West .Adelaide (:amblers v. Semaphore Park. 
Kilkenny v. Riverside. Jnnc 15.-}. ++1 .'..I i ++ +
 it S I !+
G,:utge V. Iiruuswic.k. 
Richmond and Kcowick v. Ilindntarsh t :.. I I J ut H..'. •.::-. R
 + t
Itosewater Rovers, Lye. 
June 18-]i, unswick V. Rusewater Rovers. 
Sun,,phenc lark v. Riverside. )u,ir: tl ,!
IIut .. Adelaide Ramb lers. E 11. nt I' i .,iii t .; , - 11.
Kilk ettity r Grange. 
enny . nge 
Richmuud and Keswick, bye.  +„ .. I .,..
June 25--Brnswick v. Kilkenny. -.-
Riverside  v. Richmond & Keswick. July 2--JUNIOR UNION CHAMPIONSHIP.
Sun t! Kure lark v. Hindinarsh. 
Ru*w:atei I nets Grange. Adelaide and Suburban v. United Church
'At' Adelaide k:uuhlers, bye. (Adelaide Oval)
End of list Kouml. July 9-Colonel Light Gardens I3 v. Harris Scarfe.
July 2.-JUNIORUNION CHAMPIONSHIP. Kilkenny B v. Southwark ]I.
Adelaide & Suburban v. United Church Start- Senior Celts v. Goottwood.
(Adelaide Oval) Excelsior Juniors v. Grange R .
July 9-- u ud an d lie>w irk v. I k. 
\ Vest A ide Sunth Adelaide Janiors, I+ye.
tsewvic Rovers 
\ e st dc!a Rain v. Rusewatcr : 
Jim hnar.b v. Kilkenny. July 16--ll:nris Scarfe v. Short Senior Colts.
t ,.iuge v. Setuaphorc Park, Col. Light Gardens Ii v. South Adelaide Jrs.
Riverside, I,ye. Excelsior Juniors v. Kilkenny B.
.July la-Riverside v. IIiudinarsh. Southwark B v. Grange P.
Brunswick v. West Adelaide Ramblers. Goodwood. bye.
Kilkenny v. Richmond and Keswick. rf,,
 July 23-Grange {i V. Harms Sot.nfra
Semaphore Park v. Rosewater Rovers. Stunt Senior Colts v rl: It.
Grange, bye. Kilkenny B v. Goor.lwoud.
__...----_-_-_. ---- ._-. - - - ~ South Adelaide Juniors v. Isxcclsior Juniors.
July 23-Hmthnarsh v. Brunswick. 
West Adelaide Ramblers v. Grange. Colonel Light Gardens. Itye
Richmond and Keswick v. Semaphore Park. 
hoses atcr Rovers v. Itiverside. Iuly 3(i-- Son tl, Adelaide Iuniors v. Harris Sea tie.
Kilkenny,  bye. Grange v. Slut t Semite CoIts.
July .t1-Brunswick v. Grange. Excelsior Juniors v Colonel Light Gardens B.
Rin v. Richmynd and Keswick. Goodwood v. South~t u'k B.
Riverside v Kilkenny, bye.
Riverside . Kilkenny. 
Semaphore Park v. West Adelaide Ramblers. Aug. 6-Southwark it v. South AJc!aide Jimiurv.
Rosewater hovers, bye. (L;od,v;,nd C+,I,n+cl it i,:+nlu,.
Aug. (i-Richmond S Keswick v. West Adelaide R'hlers. L:•.ccl=ion Junior:, v. Stu;: ti,'uiuI C,:Its.
Kilkenny v. Semaphore Park. : l(:,rris Scaric V. Kilkent" lt.
Crauge v. Riverside. (:r:;age i3. Lye.
Hiudma sh v. Itosewater  Hovers 
. Aug. I3 tii,n t ,i+ur C ohs s. S,'+tit .\;I&'laide juniors.
Brunswick, bye. • 
 Excel _;ion Juniors v. (i+,u..Itv...A
Aug. 13- !Luse water I ovens v. Ktlke„uy. liilla'uny ti (ir:~+•i:,• It
I<ithmuud and Keswick v..(;rangc. S,nth":ul: It t-. f•.L+,-I 1lit Gaul ti It
Scwaliht,rc Par!: V. Brunswick Ii:+iris Sc:air, L~•c.
\Vest Adelaide I<amhlers v. Riccrside. 
Iliudtn:u'sh, bye. Ant;, _'+, ih .\,i_i.tt'l1 ++ i c It.
Aug. 2l.-llindu+arsh v. Semal+hore Park. ( I + 1 I hi + ,,'t ,l 11:r u+,, It
 t I t ..,.1 I lire , 5 _.. ti.
Kilkenny v. Brunswick. I c1s or In++n'; i!!i,:arlc 11
Richmond and Keswick v. Rive-1,1e. 
Gr:u,ge V. Ruscttatcr Rovers. 
West Adelade li:unblers, bye. tig.  Stttt t ;t' + n t';J+., t' d;,u' l I.i: in ('orbits 13.
Aug. 27-_Rusewater Hovers r li,unstsick.  t + + r I I,,,,. It
 II t: I 1 ,. lu +„+
I(ite,side v. Semaphore Park.. +;: r.
lint Atle L,+dt ltamLlers V. 1liurlwureh. "oil 'n': `i ,+I1 \;I:I wIo liti,+„r:,.
t,rauge v. Kilkenny. )h. ; I
Richmond :oil Ksvwick, :L)e. jq,!. t t i. l  '1,L 1::'.IIt:: t ll.\.\li IttN51f1!'
Sept. 3--1 IN:\I. JUNIOR IINIUX t'{f:111l'11, 'Still. 
 ;t pt. In s .... ''tilt 6,::.
Sept. Ilk- itruuswick t l'iversi,lc. + +.5 ti;u,+ +m„ 1', .It:..
Kilkenny v. \\cst :\,Icicuttc K:,tulict.~. II + is  I ,: :+r L. IL
Cringe t'. Iliudtuarsh. ( I;+ L:c, !1 t~+.wvs
Itu)e\vater I V Ibmcliii rn+I :,nil lx WII'k.. I I .,+.,.... I"•,'.
Su'IItal,liore 1 rk, : Jaye. 
 Stilt. ii ;1.511- "I .tl II  it it I.. n:
Sept. 17 SEMI I INAI. (Liot+u,ls to be :,trant;cd). .0 tillS di
Sept. 24-1.I N A I.. 
 5cld.. dl. -PIN:\!_
Oct. 1--Challenge Notch• ii urcessary. 
__ r Oct. 1- Ch:+llei+ge Stitch, . it nccc*nai y
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Season 1938
Adelaide and Suburban Football Association Al teams competiting, Brunswick,Richmond & Keswick, Kilkenny,Hindmarsh,Semaphore Park, Grange A,Rosewater Rovers,West Adelaide Ramblers,Riverside. Home ground,Hansons Paddock,Hansons Road Kilkenny. Secretary, G.W.Hall,Curran St.,Kilkenny. A2 teams competiting,Harris Scarf e, Col.Light Gardens,Goodwood,Sturt Senior Colts, Southwark B, Kilkenny B,Grange B,Excelsior Juniors,South Adelaide Juniors.
Al Saturday April 30th Kilkenny V Hindmarsh Home
A2°"  April 30th Southwark B 10.11 d Kilkenny B 7.4
   N.W Parklands
Al " May 7th West Adelaide Ramblers 14.13 d Kilkenny
   9.11 South Parklands
AZ  May 7th Kilkenny B - Excelsior Juniors Home
Al " May 14th Kilkenny Bye
A2 " May 14th Goodwood 18.7 Kilkenny B 3.1 Goodwood Oval
Al " May 21st Richmond & Keswick 20.15 Kilkenny 7.6
   Lane St.,North Richmond
A2 °' May 21st Kilkenny B 3.4 Harris Scarfe 29.15 Home
Al.".  May 28th Kilkenny 9.6 Rosewater Rovers 14.14 Home
A2 °' May 28th Kilkenny B Bye
Al " June 4th Semaphore Park V Kilkenny
A2 " June 4th Grange B 9.16 Kilkenny B 7.12
Al " June 11th Kilkenny V Riverside Home
A2 " June 11th Sth.Adel.Jnrs 11.26 Kilkenny B nil
Al " June 18th Kilkenny 6.11 Grange 10.7 Home
A2 " June 18th Sturt Senior Colts V Kilkenny B
   Goodwood Oval
Al " June 25th Brunswick 6.6 Kilkenny 1.6 South Parklands
A2 " June 25th Kilkenny B 1.3 Col.Light Gdns 13.17 Home
  July 2nd Bye Ail retains
Al " July 9th Hindmarsh 13.21 Kilkenny 13.14 N.W Pklands
A2 " July 9th Kilkenny B 3.5 Southwark B 10.17 Home
Al " July 16th Kilkenny V Richmond & Keswick Home
A2 " July 16th Excelsior Jnrs - Kilkenny B Brompton
Al " July 23rd Kilkenny Bye
A2 " July 23rd Kilkenny B 1.4 Goodwood 15.18 Home
Al  July 30th Riverside 21.16 Kilkenny 8.2
   Commercial Rd
A2 " July 30th Kilkenny Bye
Al '° August 6th Kilkenny 4.11 Semaphore Park 4.8 Home
A2 " August 6th Harris Scarf e'V Kilkenny B South Parkland
Al"  _August 13th Rosewater Rovers 21.19 Kilkenny 3.4
   Rosewater Reserve
A2 " August 13th Kilkenny B V Grange Home
Al  August 20th Kilkenny V Brunswick Home
A2 " August 20th Col.Light Gdns `V Kilkenny B Mortlock Oval
Al " August 27th Grange 12.9 Kilkenny 2.2 Grange Oval
A2 " August 27th Kilkenny B v Sth.Adel.Jnrs Home
  Sep. 3rd Bye All 7 ens c
Al " Sept.io.Eh Kilkenny 7.2 West.Adel Ramblers 13.13 Home
A2 " Sep.lOth Kilkenny B V Sturt Senior Colts Home
A2 " Sep.l7th Sturt Senior Colts 12.10 Goodwood 4.6
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Scasc~w! 139
 ;~r'~~', f' f ~.~;tp COLOURS.
r C *' r .~ GRADE Al.
tt~," y  _ * Brunswick.—Secretary: L. liurchell, 30 Ilaniley Street.
Adelaide. Grounds: South Parklands, corner South
t:*Terrace and Cohn Avenue (east side). Colours: Red ` + I sts  Y  and Black Jersey. Vertical Stripes, Black Knickers.
Adelaide aide nd Suburban Excelsior A.—Secretar}: G. L. Tilbrook, 4R Gilbert St.,
 7 Bowden. Grounds: Off "1'orrens Road, Brompton.
Colours: Gold and Blue Jersey, White Knickers.
 Football Assaclation grange.—SecreGtary: C. C. Dreyer. 21 High Street. Grange.
 11 Grounds: range Oval (200 yards north of railway
station). Colours: Green and Gold Jersey, White
 ~.',=. Atl{U1itd »ith S.A. Natlo°ai Football League Ltd. and Knickers.
 S.A..'Junior''Nat10Aal Paotba Union Hindmarsh.—Secretary: J. Noakes, 81 Clifford Street,Corrensville. Grounds: North-West Parklands (pear junction of Port and North lines). Colours: Maroon Jersey with Yellow "V," Black Knickers.
•Richmond and Keswick.—Secretary: M. A. Arnold, 14 iBurt Avenue, Hilton. Grounds: Cr. Bickford Street
 OFFICIAL PROGRAMME and Marion Road, Richtnond. Colours: Yellow and
 •  Black Jersey, Black Knickers. SEASON 1939 4 Riverside.—Secretary J. P. Stephens, 99 Langham Place,
i;. Portland. Grounds: 200 yards south-west of Com;uer-
vial Road Railway Station. Colours: Black Jersey,
White Collar, Black Knickers.
West Adelaide Ramblers.—Secretary: C. 1lesecke, 127 Sturt Street, Adelaide. Grounds: Share with Brunswick.
 Colours: Green and Gold, Black Knickers. Chairman:

• S. N.''McKEE: •Esq., Augusta Street, Glenelg.
 'Phones: X 1421 (Private), C. 4747 (Business). Col. Light Gardens.—Secretary: V. Short, 24 Angas Road, Lower Mitcham. Grounds: Dlortlock Park Oval, Col. Light Gardens. Colours: Black Jersey with "V,"
e ry; White Knickers.
V. WIG1jT, 9 Essex Street, Goodwoo$. Excelsior Juniors.—Secretary: G. L. Tilbrook, 48 Gilbert
'  'Phones: U 4019, (Private), C. 757 {Busi in
 nels). Street, Bowden. Grounds: Share with Excelsior .A i
Al Division. Colours: Gold and Blue Jersey, White
' Knickers.
•Goodwood.—Secretary: D. E. McLaren• Frances Street,
Clarence Park (U 3756). Grounds: Goodwood Recrea tion Grounds. Colours: Gold and Black Jersey, Black Knickers.
Harris Scarfe.-Joint Secretaries: N. A. Hodges, 7 Wood.r field Avenue, Fullarton, and L. Penley, 13 Dudley
Commission of ErIquiry slat on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. . Street, Parkside. Grounds: South Parklands, near r'
 sh;l'lt lit Leneworth- Buildings ; 92 Flinders Street; Adelaide, ( Adelaide Harriers' Oval. Co liar Colours Light Blue Jersey
 • in.the:oflice:of Mr. Bruce Roberts,. LLB..;then required. with Dark Blue , Black Knickers.
. . .1 Kilkenny.—Secretary: R. H. Hillebrand, 7 Oxford Street,
' '- 1l oodville Park, (C. 4085). ' Grounds: Hansen Paddock,
a~~~~ s , y~ ~ ~ +~v 1(utsen ite Kilkenny. Colours: Red Jersey, White
7i~T' i~ ~a~, "V " White Knickers.
ay it ,F µ " Southwark B.—Secretary: G. W. Wilkes, 21 Chapel St.,
•1'hebar toll . ("rounds : North-West Parklands, near
international Service Station. Colours: Navy Blue
~ 4
 r Ierscy, Vs lute "V" and Collar, White Knickers.
South Adelaide Juniors.--Secretary: S. O'Donnell, 26 Cairns Street, Adelaide. Grounds: South Parklands, near Adelaide Harriers' Oval. Colours: Navy Blue Jersey, White Sasfi, White Knicjcers.
Sturt C.---Secretary: H. Seaman, 66 Unley Road, Unley.
(:rounds: Goodwowl. Recreation Grounds. Colours:
'Iwo' Blue Jersey, Black Knickers.
Page 50
SEAS~IV l93~ 
 GRADE A2. 1~
   Apr. 39-Goodwood v. Sturt C
PROGRAMME.  Col. Light Gardens B v. South Adelaide Juniors i
  Harris Scarfe v. Kilkenny 14
GRADE Ai.  Southwark. B v. Excelsior Juniors
Apr. 29—Brunswick v. Richmond & Keswick  May 6—Col. Light Gardens B v. Sturt C
Grange v. Riverside  Excelsior Juniors v. Goodwood
Excelsior v. West Adelaide Ramblers  Kilkenny v. Southwark B
•Ifindmarsh—Bye  South Adelaide Juniors v. Harris Scarfe
May 6 Iliudmarsh v. Excelsior  May 13—Goodwood v. Kilkenny
West Adelaide Ramblers v. Grange  Excelsior Juniors v. Sturt C.
Riverside v. Richmond & Keswickb  Southwark B v, South Adelaide Juniors 4
Brunswick-Bye  Harris Searle v. Col. Light Gardens B
May 13 -Richniond & Keswick v. West Adelaide Ikamblers  May 20—Sturt C v. Harris Searle
  Kilkenny V. Excelsior Juniors
Grange Hindmarsh  Col. Light Gardens B v. Southwark B'
Brunswick v. Riverside  Goodwood
Excelsior—Bye  South Adelaide Juniors v.
May 20—Riverside v. Aindmarsh  May 27—Goodwood v. Col. Light Gardens B
Excelsior v. Richmond -& Keswick  Kilkenny v. Sturt C
West Adelaide Ramblers v. Brunswick  Harris Scatfe v. Southwark B y
Grange—Bye  Excelsior Juniors v. South Adelaide Juniors
May 27—lliudmarsh v. West Adelaide Ramblers  June 3—South Adelaide Juniors v. Kilkenny
  Col. Light Gardens B v. Excelsior Juniors
Brunswick v. Excelsior  Southwark B v. Sturt C
Richmond & Keswick v. Grange  
Riverside—Ilye  Goodwood v. Harris Searle 1.
Julie 3—Excelsior v. Riverside  fl1.
  June 10—Harris Scarfe v. Excelsior juniors
(:range v. Brunswick  Southwark B v. Gaodwood
Ilindmarsh. Richmond & Keswic  Kilkenny v. vol. Light Gardens B
v. y {
West Adelaide Ramblers—Bye  I: Sturt C v. South Adelaide Juniors
Juste 10—Riverside v. West Adelaide Ramblers   END OF FIRST ROUND.
Brunswick v. Hindmarsh  
Excelsior v. Grange  June 12—Junior Union - Championship: Adelaide and
Richmond & Keswick—Bye  Suburban Association v. Port Adelaide District
  Association, Kensington Oval, 10 am.
 June 17—Sturt C v. Goodwood
 June 12—Junior Union.. Championship: Adelai de and South Adelaide Juniors v. Col. Light Garde B
  Kilkenny v. Harris Scarfe
 Suburban Associatiost v. Port Adelaide District Excelsior Juniors v. Southwark B
 Association, Kensington Oval, 10 a.m. 
 v. June 24—Col. Light Gardens B v. Harris Scarfe
 June 17—Richmond &Keswick Brunswick South Adelaide Juniors v. Southwark B
 Riverside v. Grang .-.Kilkenny v. Sturt C
 West Adelaide Ramblers v. Excelsior Goodwood v. Excelsior Juniors
  July 1—Kilkenny v. Goodwood
 June 24—Excelsior v. Hindmarsh Sturit C. v. Col. Light- Gardens B
 Grange v. West Adelaide Ramblers South Adelaide Juniors v. Excelsior Juniors
 Richmond & Keswick v. Riverside Southwark B v. Harris Scarfe
  July 8—Harris Scarfe v. Sturt C
 July 1—West Adelaide Ramblers v. Richmond & Keswiek , Excelsior Juniors v. Kilkenny
 Hindmarsh v. Grange Southwark 3 v. Col. Light Gardens B
 Riverside v. Brunswick y .'Goodwood v. South Adelaide. Juniors
 Excelsior—Bye i
  July l$—Col: 1'g hf.c-Gatdttta B v Goqdwood. +. +
  Stui.0 v.°Excelsior Juniors x tt
 July 8—Hindmarsh v. Riverside 
 Richmond & Keswick v. Excelsior Harris -Scarfe v. South Adelaide juniors
 Brunswick v. West Adelaide Ramblers Sou.th'iritrk. B v- Kilkenny ' lid
 ,July 15—West Adelaide Ramblers v. Ilindmarsh July 22-Kilkenny' v. South Adelaide Juniors`
  Excelsior Juniors v. Col. Light Gardens B
 Excelsior v- Brunswick Sturt C v- Southwark B
 Grange v. Richmotid & Keswick Harris Searle v. Goodwood '
 Ri  verside—Bye 
  July 29-Junior Union Cha npionship 
 22—Riverside v. Excelsior 
 July 22 
 Brunswick v Grange -Aug.5--South Adelaide Juniors v: Sturt C
 Richmond & KTswick v. Ilindmarsh 
  Eicelaf6r Juniors v. Harris Sca~fc
 West Adelat amblers—Bye CqI: Light Gardens B v.Kilkenny
 July 29—JtntiorUnion%Championship Goodwood v.' Southwark B
 Aug. 5—West Adelaide;Ramblers v. Riverside Aug.' 12-Semi-finals. : (Grounds to be arranged.)
 Hindmarsh v. 'Brunswic .Aug• 19—Final.
 Grange Excelsior 
 Richmond & Keswick--Bye Aug.. 2—Challenge Match, if necessary,
 Aug- 11 --1st Team v. 2nd Team 
 • : '3rd Team v. 5th Team All match be playe
  to P Y on grounds of first.
 4th Team v. 6th Team mentioned club.
 (Grounds to be arranged.) 
 Aug. 19--1st Team v. 3rd Team  
 2nd Team v. 4th Team  
 5th Team v. 6th Team  
 (Grounds to he arranged.)  
 * Aug. 22-1st Team v. 4th Team 
 2nd Team v. 5th Team 
 3rd Team v. 6th Team 
 (Grounds to he arranged.) 
 Aug. 29—Semi-finals. (Grounds to be arranged .l -- --  • -_
  Th. !t ^
 • Sept. 9—Final. (Ground to be arrauFed.) Kent Press. Collage Road.. Kant. Tovfff 1011
  (Sbnkfeldh+i1 tirtieY?t, '
 Sept. 16—Challenge Match, if necessary. ,}
 All matches to be played nu grounds of first- , y'~
 •., mentioned club. 
 --' ;
Page 51
Season 1939
Adelaide and Suburban Football Association teams competiting,
Col.Light Gardens ,Excelsior Juniors,Goodwood,Harris Scarf e, Kilkenny Southwark B,
South Adelaide Juniors,Sturt C. Home ground,Hansen Paddock Hansen Road,Kilkenny.
Saturday  April 29th Harris Scarfe V Kilkenny South Parklands
  May 6th Kilkenny V Southwark B Home
  May 13th Goodwood V Kilkenny Goodwood Grounds
  May 20th Kilkenny V. Excelsior Jnrs Home
  May 27th Kilkenny V Sturt C Home
  June 3rd Sth.Adel.Jnrs V Kilkenny South Parklands
  June 10th  Kilkenny v Col.Light B Home
  June 17th  Kilkenny V Harris Scarfe Home
  June 24th  Kilkenny v Sturt C Home
  July 1st Kilkenny d Goodwood Home 13.19 - 10.9
  July 8th Excelsior Jnrs - Kilkenny Brompton
  July 15th  Kilkenny d Southwark B N.W Parklands 7.12 - 5.6
  July 22nd  Kilkenny d Sth.Adel Home 17.10 - 3.10
  July 29th  Bye
  August 5th  Kilkenny d Col.Light Gdns Mortlock Park 17.20 - 4.12
    (Inter Association Final)
Saturday  August 12th  Adelaide & Suburban - East Torrens 11.10 - 9.15 (A2 Division Final)
Saturday  August 26th  Goodwood 5.13 - Kilkenny 4.15 (A2 Division Grandfinal)
Saturday  Sept.2nd Kilkennv 14.8 - Sturt 6.7_, Played at Albert Druids Ground
    behind the Adelaide Gaol N.W Park_lands, Junction Port & North railway lines.
    Kilkenny were beaten in the semi final but protested because Goodwood played
    their 19th man before the 18 players selected.
    The opposing captain told Art Russel (captain of Kilkenny) that his best player
    hadn't arrived and was going to play his 19th man.
    Art said that if the player arrived and went on the ground and if Goodwood win
    he would protest and so he did.
    The hearing went before the Adelaide and Suburban Association committee who threw
    the case out.
    They then went to the Junior Union League who also threw it out.
    They appealed to the S.A National Football League chairman Mr T.S.O'Halloran who
    upheld the protest and the match was awarded to Kilkenny.
    Mr Tom O'Reilly the Kilkenny chairman was the man that instigated the proceedings
    which only took a week to finalise. A write up of the case can be found in
    'The Advertiser' 30th August 1939 page 12 and 1st September 1939 page 16.
    (The mention of the case is in the front of the history of K.F.C.) The dinner of
    the 1939 premiership was held in October at the Buffalo Hall.
    Art Russel arrived in his army uniform to receive his trophy for Best & Fairest
    and then he left for World War 2.
    Art was one of the first men from Kilkenny to enlist.
Page 52
tea 3: s ~ ~ _(~
~~_ S r `4 5 tc~,y~"" ~,sy
.; .; .
~ ~ I^ ~ i t
 Nrl7 ~ F ~ `'~~ —! - 1
' • a ~` (` ljY roc `, ~~~~l;~A
w ar r w. !i'. ,~ ..~•`.i '\ : 'rim-~ 't. • , c. 1.
'~rJ^ 1Cv a ~" r1F1~f .: ^ '"v -a r -r ,,-,;, c-« ~, ,, • :~'~,~
fii ayCb}sY7 ~4P` :.. lF11 _' PR3 ~~E~k ^i 4~tL~ m ,~ 07r~C:n'y s»`
w ~ ~ Gt xait ? ii >
 ~-rfjR.,-~ ' .f'~i~ rw r ~ &~`L ' ~~~~ {T 1~C,.gx~ ~1 ';"r "
~°`il •r• p ~ ~+P,Y r ~y:' i ,...;c ~y r~hg.a . L,;~ f •. u'~ .. A~~i .+"Sr
- T~'£y •~G~ 1' ;16', f.q~~ r r ~y~ p. lftL`4 •'F,'!3y ` 'r° i`•.. -~~ r -,, rr
,L p'~'r+!3~ rl S{ir~~ 7 ~~~~~~~~: y#~ R~~`~cP~'*^V ~r°'aT t ~~~
 r a
Page 54
Season 1940
Adelaide and Suburban Division 1 teams were: Hindmarsh,Excelsior Riverside, Rosewater Rovers,
          Goodwood, Richmond & Keswick, Brunswick and Kilkenny.
Saturday  April 27th Excelsior 6.12 - Kilkenny 6.10
   Rosewater Rovers 11.14 - Hindmarsh 10.9
  May 4th Goodwood 11.15 - Kilkenny 11.13
  Hindmarsh 11.18 - Brunswick 7.11
May 11th Brunswick 16.18 - Kilkenny 10.6
May 25th Riverside 12.17 - Kilkenny 5.9
June 8th Hindmarsh 19.19 - Kilkenny 7.11
June 22nd Goodwood 25.19 - Kilkenny 1.3
July - September pages 15 & 16 missing from the papers
Saturday  Aug.24th Adelaide & Suburban 8.10 def Nth.Adel.Assoc. 7.8
  Played as curtain raiser Adelaide Oval.
Season 1941
Found no scores listed from May - August Sunday Mail.
Season 1942
Found no scores listed from July - December Sunday Mail.
There is a possibility that Kilkenny didn't form in 1941-42 because of the war and some of the players transferred and played for the West Croydon Church.
Season 1943
  AdP1 ai dP and Siihurhan " 
  July 3rd
  July 17th
  July 24th
  July 31st
Saturday  May 29th
  June 26th Kilkenny 32.14 - Michell 4.3
     Flinders Park 22.25 - Beaufort 3.2 
     Hindmarsh 24.21 - Perry Engineering 5.4 
     Kelvinator 10.18 - Simpsonia 9.12 
     Norwood C 7.13 - South Adelaide Colts 6.15 
     Ethelton 12.24 - Brunswick 6.5 
     W.Torrens Colts 13.15 - Thompson Memorial 8.10
     Kilkenny 19.7 - Prospect Church of Christ 2.5
    Best Players-Montgomery, Jordan, McKinlay Valadares,Dermody,Blight 
     Kilkenny 13.9 - Albert Druids 5.11 
     Kilkenny 10.12 - Prospect Chursh of Christ 8.6
    Best Players-_Watson,Edgewood, Footer ,Morton,Hewitt 
     Kilkenny 21.11 - Michell 3.7 
     West Torrens 16.8 - Kilkenny 13.8 
     Thompson Memorial 11.11 - Kilkenny 7.9 
     Kilkenny 31.28 - Norwood C 5.4 
  Aug. 7th Aug. 14th Semifinal Blue Division
Saturday  Aug.28th Sep.4th Grandfinal Blue Division
Saturday  Sep.11th Kilkenny 10.12 - West Torrens C 8.14
    Thompson Memorial 19.13_-- Kilkenny 10.19
    Thompson Memorial 17.10 - Kilkenny 11.9

Page 55
Season 1944
Adelaide and Suburban Association (April 8th - September 30th)
Saturday June 17th Prospect Church of Christ 13.11 - Kilkenny 8.8
June 24th Sth.Adel.Snr.colts 14.11 - Kilkenny 9.14
July 1st Excelsior 14.7 - Kilkenny 10.10
Season 1945
Adelaide and Suburban Association Red Division (March 31st - September 29th)
Saturday May 12th Ethelton 8.11 - Kilkenny 5.2
May 19th Kilkenny 20.18 - Brompton 4.5
May 26th Kilkenny 7.11 - Kelvinator 8.2
June 2nd Kilkenny 14.9 - Hindmarsh 10.9
June 9th Kilkenny 11.13 - Thompson Memorial 11.4
June 16th Beaufort 8.12 - Kilkenny 7.13
June 23rd Kilkenny 7.8 - Flinders Park 7.5
June 30th Ethelton 16.9 - Kilkenny 6.15
July 7th Kilkenny 8.7 - Brompton 6.8
  Best Player - Hewitt
  Goalkickers-Horsefall 3 Noble,Hil1 2 Brook 1
July 14th Kilkenny 6.10 - Kelvinator 5.11
July 28th Kilkenny 13.12 - Thompson Memorial 1.5
  Best Players - all played well
  Goalkickers-Noble 4 Hill 3 Hewitt,Rogers 2, Jarvis,Brooks 1
Aug.4th  Hindmarsh 14.14 - Kilkenny 7.3
Aug.11th Kilkenny 9.10 - Beaufort 7.2
  Best Players - all played well
  Goalkickers-Hill,Rogers 3 Noble,Hewitt,Jarvis 1
Aug.l8th Flinders Park 6.17 - Kilkenny 6.12
  Best Players - all played well
Season 1946  
Adelaide and Suburban (March 23rd - June 29th)
  Saturday May 11th Kilkenny 13.8 - Riverside 7.5
  May 18th Kilkenny 12.8 - Rosewater 11.7
  May 25th Kilkenny 15.18 - Albert Lodge 8.9
  June 8th Hindmarsh 12.10 - Kilkenny 7.6
  June 22nd  Kilkenny 19.16 - Ethelton 7.6
  June 29th  Adelaide & Suburban 11.11 - East Torrens 10.8
  July 13th  Kilkenny 19.17 - Brompton A 11.8
  July 27th  Kilkenny 15.9 - Flinders Park 13.10
  Aug.10th Kilkenny 13.16 - Ethelton 13.14
A Grade Grand Final
Saturday  Sep.l4th Flinders Park 11.8 - Kilkenny 10.8 (played at Alberton Oval )
    Mr George Guymer a prominent Kilkenny businessman promised each
    player £2.0.0 ($4.00) if they win the Grand Final.Unfortunately
    they lost but he still gave them £1.0.0 ($2.00).Cliff Turner kicked
    the winning goal for Flinders Park.
Page 56
Season 1947
  West Torrens District Association.
  appears there may have been three grades, 'A grade' Blue Division and Gold Division.
  Teams were Flinders Park,Woodville North,Brompton,Kilkenny,North croydon, Davies Coop,Albert
  Druids,Hindmarsh,Grange,Henley Beach. It appears that Kilkenny had two teams.
Gold Division Saturday April 26th May 3rd
  May 10th June 7th
  June 14th June 21st Gold Division
  June 28th July 5th Blue Division
  July 12th July 19th July 26th
  Blue Division Aug.9th
  Blue Division Aug.23rd
  Flinders Park 11.14 - Kilkenny 8.6 Brompton B 20.21 -
  Kilkenny B 2.4 Brompton 9.14 -
  Kilkenny 10.8 (draw) Kilkenny 12.22 -
  Davies Coop 8.14 North Croydon 15.13 -
  Kilkenny 7.12 Kilkenny 17.15 - Hindmarsh 10.10
  W.Torrens District 9.14 - Port Adelaide 1.8
  Brompton 15.14 - Kilkenny 6.15
  Kilkenny 12.19 - Flinders Park 8.4          
  Kilkenny 12.23 - Grange 5.6
  Kilkenny 9.11 - Albert Druids 8.6
  W.Torrens District 13.14 - East Torrens 8.7
  Kilkenny 20.18 - Henley 6.8
  North Croydon 18.00 - Kilkenny 5.7
  Brompton B 10.10 - Kilkenny B 5.6 semifinal
Sunday Mail Saturday July 19th 1947 photo shows Horrie Blight Woodville Amateur League Captain
  presenting Geof Motley with a kit bag on making the state side in football.
  Horrie played for Kilkenny and Geof Motley went on to win a Magery Medal with Port Adelaide.
Season 1948
  West Torrens District, again appears as if there was three grades,
  A grade,gold division and blue division.
  Blue Division Saturday May 1st Blue Division
May 1.5th May 22nd Gold Division
"  May 29th A grade
Gold Division June 5th Gold Division
  June 12thNorth Croydon A 16.18 - Kilkenny 17.8
  Hindmarsh 14.12 - Kilkenny 9.8
  Flinders Park 10.15 - Kilkenny 4.4
  Hindmarsh 10.13 - Kilkenny 1.4
  Kilkenny 12.15 - Brompton 3.2
  Kilkenny 6.8 - Davis Coop 3.12
  Grange 18.17 - Kilkenny 3.3
Page 57.
Blue Division 
Saturday July 10th Henley 13.13 - Kilkenny 13.7
Blue Division 
Saturday Auq.7th Albert Druids 11.6 - Kilkenny 10.11
Saturday Aug'.l4th W.Torrens District 5.10 - North Adelaide 3.11
   Played at Adelaide Oval as Curtain Raiser to the Sturt 22.22 - South 9.8 League Game.
   Kilkenny had 4 representatives in this game A.Jeffries,B.Phillis,K.Jarvis,A.Blight.
Blue Division 
Saturday Aug.2lst Torrensville 11.12 - Kilkenny 4.11
Gold Division 
Saturday Aug.28th Woodville North 10.12 - Kilkenny B 8.12
Gold Division  Woodville North,Torrensville United,Grange, North Croydon,Brompton,Hindmarsh,
   Flinders Park,Davis Coop & Kilkenny
Blue Division  Flinders Park,Hindmarsh,North Croydon,Albert
   Lodge,Henley,Torrensville United, Brompton & Kilkenny
Season 1949 West Torrens District
Blue Division
Saturday April 30th  Grange 15.15 - Kilkenny 8.16
  May 7th Henley A 11.7 - Kilkenny 9.10
  May 14th North Croydon 24.21 - Kilkenny 1.1
   Kilkenny 8.10 - Woodville 4.6
  May 21st Kilkenny A 11.15 - Woodville North 8.7
   Kilkenny 10.11 - Henley 6.7
  May 28th Torrensville United 9.15 - Kilkenny 2.9
   Kilkenny 5.9 - Torrensville 5.6
 June 11th Albert Druids 15.15 - Kilkenny 8.17
Blue Division  
 June 18th Hindmarsh 17.13 - Kilkenny 10.11
 June 25th Don Bosco 14.8 - Kilkenny B 6.22
 July 2nd Brompton 32.42 - Davis Coop 0.1
 July 9th Kilkenny 10.11 - Torrensville 8.11
 July 16th Albert Druids 10.11 - Kilkenny 9.10
Gold Division  
 July 23rd Henley B 19.17 - Kilkenny B 6.4
   Kilkenny 8.15 - Woodville B 6.5
 July 30th Kilkenny B 6.7 - Croydon North 3.10
 Aug.6th  Kilkenny 10.17 - Henley 10.6
Blue Division  
 Aug.l3th Grange 11.14 - Kilkenny 7.12
 Aug.20th Henley A 18.9 - Kilkenny A 5.9
Page 60
Season 1950
West Torrens District had 3 Divisions A Grade Blue and Gold Division.Kilkenny had 2 teams blue and gold.
Gold Saturday April 29th Blue
Gold '"
 Saturday May 20th Gold
 Saturday May 27th Blue
 Saturday June 3rd Blue
 Saturday June 17th Gold
Blue ~f
 Saturday July 1st Blue
 Saturday July 15th Gold
 Saturday July 22nd Blue
 Saturday July 29th Blue
 Saturday Aug.5th Gold
 Saturday Aug.l2th
 Henley Beach 14.15 - Kilkenny B 7.7
 Kilkenny A 11.7 - Henley Beach A 10.9
 Woodville B 21.18 - Kilkenny B 2.1
 Kilkenny B 9.9 - Hindmarsh B 8.9
 Brompton 10.14 - Kilkenny 8.8
 Hindmarsh 14.16 - Kilkenny 3.4
 North Croydon 20.27 - Kilkenny 2.2
 Albert Druids 9.18 - Kilkenny 6.6
 Kilkenny 16.18 - Grange 3.6
 Torrensville United B 16.10 - Kilkenny 6.2
 Henley Beach A 18.17 - Kilkenny A 6.9
 Kilkenny B forfeited to Don Bosco
 Torrensville United 16.10 - Kilkenny B 2.9
Blue Division - Comprised of 7 teams
 :Henley Beach,Hindmarsh, Torrensville United, Brompton,Grange, Albert Druids,
Gold Division - Comprised of 7 teams:
 Henley Beach,Woodville B, Hindmarsh,North Croydon,Brooklyn Park, Don Bosco, Kilkenny.

Page 61
Season 1951
West Torrens District (Kilkenny had 2 teams blue and gold).
Blue Saturday May 5th
  Gold td
Gold Saturday May 12th
Blue Saturday May 19th
Gold Saturday May 26th Blue st
Blue Saturday June 2nd
Gold Saturday June 9th
Gold Saturday June 16th
Gold Saturday June 23rd
Blue Saturday July 21st
Blue Saturday July 28th
Blue Saturday Aug.4th Junior Union Game
Saturday Aug.l8th Semi Final
Blue Saturday Aug.25th Preliminary Final
Blue Saturday Sep.lst
Season 1952
West Torrens District
Blue Division
Saturday May 3rd May 10th May 17th May 24th May 31st June 28th
  Kilkenny 8.14 - Grange 3.5
  Lockleys 22.27 - Kilkenny 1.3
  Henley 6.14 - Kilkenny 4.7
  Kilkenny A 7.10 - Torrensville United 5.11
  Torrensville United B 12.15 - Kilkenny B 3.5
  Henley Beach 12.19 - Kilkenny 9.11
  Kilkenny 13.11 - Albert Druids 11.15
  Lockleys 21.28 - Kilkenny 8.5
  Henley Beach B 15.18 - Kilkenny B 5.9
  Hindmarsh B 22.23 - Kilkenny B 1.2
  Albert Druids 9.8 - Kilkenny 8.11
  Henley 17.11 - Kilkenny 8.11
  Hindmarsh 11.9 - Kilkenny 7.7
  Sturt District 7.10 - West Torrens 5.9
  Kilkenny Henley Beach 16.12 - Kilkenny 8.11
  Hindmarsh 16.28 - Kilkenny 4.5
  Henley 30.38 - Kilkenny 0.1
  Brompton 19.22 - Kilkenny 2.4
  Torrensville United 20.18 - Kilkenny 1.1
  Albert Druids 25.31 - Kilkenny 1.4
  Henley Beach A 46.29 - Kilkenny 1.0
Records were only found for 6 matches with no wins.
The opposition kicked 157.66 while Kilkenny kicked 10.5.In 6 games Kilkenny only averaged 1.5.
Page 62
Season 1953
Metropolitan Football Association teams competiting were:
 Hindmarsh Torrensville,College Park,Blackwood,Brighton,Mitcham,Edwardstown Plympton,Clifton,Kilkenny.
 - Clifton 8.10 Peters, Drummond, Odgers - Blackwood 1.4 Peters, Drummond, McDonald -
 Mitcham 4.7.10 - Kilkenny 7.16 Jaekell,A.Hewitt,Washington Goalkickers -
 Green 2 Washington,Blight,Hill, McDonald & Jaekell
 Kilkenny 7.15 - Brighton 6.9 Best Players - Stewart,Arthur,James
 Goalkickers - Kranz 2 Bates,McDonald,Washington Newcombe & Drummond
 Kilkenny 5.10 - college Park 4.2
 Best Players - McLean,A.Hewitt,Peters
 Goalkickers - Flaherty,McDonald,Peters,Bessell & Washington
This game against College Park was played at the Northern End Oval at St.Peters College
 and a horse stable was used as the change room.
 There were harnesses horse collars etc. hanging up.
 Also players playing on the next oval had 3 figure numbers on the back of the junmpers, 112,220 etc.
Saturday June 20th  
 Kilkenny 6.7 - Edwardstown 4.0
 Best Players - Peters,Drummond,White
 Goalkickers - Peters,Drummond 2 each Washington & Blight
July 4th 
 Kilkenny 11.10 - Plympton 10.13
 Best Players - Bessell,Newcombe,Peters
 Goalkickers - Peters 3 Drummond,McDonald,Schultz 2 each Flaherty & Oehme
July 11th
 Kilkenny 15.23 - Brighton 5.8
 Best Players - Dehmer,Peters,Kranz
July 25th
 Kilkenny 13.8 - Hindmarsh 5.6
 Best Players - Jenkins,Schultz,Drummond
 Goalkickers - Drummond 5 Schultz 4 Sunman McMillar Fletcher & Peters 1
 Kilkenny 8.14 - Edwardstown 6.14
 Kilkenny 15.17 - Mitcham 4.5
 Best Players - McLean,Oehme,Bessell Goalkickers - McLean 5 Flaherty 4 Oehme 3 Peters 2 Washington 1
 Kilkenny 11.8 Best Players - Kilkenny 16.26
 Best Players - Kilkenny 13.16 Torrensville 9
Saturday May 2nd
Saturday May 9th
  May 16th
  May 23rd
  June 6th
  June 13th
 6.10 - Kilkenny 6.12 - Oehme,Viovenel,Newcombe Peters
 Drummond Oehme 2 - Kilkenny 10.6 - Oehme,McLean,McDonald
Saturday Sept.l2th
 Edwardstown 1
 Best Players
Saturday Sept.l9th
 Plympton 9.13 Best Players (played at Hawthorn Oval)
Page 63
Season 1954
Metropolitan Football League
Saturday May 15th 
 Kilkenny 17.10 - Blackwood 2.4
 Goalkickers-Drummond 4,Washington 3,others not known.
 Best Players--Washington, McGlynn, P. Hewitt
Saturday May 22nd 
 Kilkenny 29.35 - Torrensville United 1.4
 Goalkickers-Peters 8,Collins 7,Oehme 3,
 Washington,Viovonel,Hill each 2,P.Hewitt,Pinder Sunman, McDonald, Drummond.
 Best Players-B. Hewitt,Pinder,McLean.
Saturday May 29th 
 Kilkenny 23.13 - Kesmond 7.6
 Goalkickers-P.Hewitt 10, Drummond,Collins, Peters each 3,Viovonel,Pinder,McDonald,Sunman
 Best Players-P. Hewitt,McDonald,McMillan
 Hewitt, Kilkenny had a day out agains 
 Kesmond on Saturday when they won 23:13 to 7:6., 
 Young Hewitt had a private bean feast scoring 10 goals.
 Woodville Times Friday 4th June 1954
Saturday June 12th 
 College Park 10.9 - Kilkenny 6.8
 Best Players-Washington, P.Hewitt,Collins
Saturday June 19th 
 Kilkenny 6.14 - Brighton 7.8
 Goalkickers-Peters, Drummond,Viovonel,P.Hewitt, McGlynn ,Washington
 Best Players-McLean, E. Collins, B. Hewitt, McGlynn
Saturday June 26th 
 Plympton 6.11 - Kilkenny 4.16
 Goalkickers-Drummond 2, McDonald, P. Hewitt
 Best Players-McLean,Collins,Kranz
Saturday July 3rd 
 Kikenny 14.13 - Hindmarsh 6.9
 Goalkickers-Jordan 5,P.Hewitt 3, McGlynn 2,
 Best Players-Mclean, McGlynn, Kranz
 B GRADE Kilkenny 14:13 Hindmarsh 6:9
 Jordan with a tally of five was top
 scorer in the Junior match Kilkenny V Hindmarsh. Other lads to shoot well were Hewitt
 and McGlynn for Kilkenny.
 Woodville Times Friday 9th July 1954
Page 64
Saturday July 10th
 Edwardstown 6.13 - Kilkenny 7.3
 Goalkickers-Jordan 4,Hewitt 2,McGlynn Best Players-McMillan, P. Hewitt ,Bessell
 Jordan of Kilkenny Juniors scored four goals against Edwardstown last week.
 The local lads were unlucky to lose by four points.
 Woodville Times Friday 16th July 1954
Saturday July 24th 
 Brighton 9.14 - Kilkenny 6.7
Saturday July 31st 
 Kilkenny 11.8 - College Park 9.17
 Breaking a consistent run of outs Kilkenny footballers got on top
 of their hoodoo to defeating College Park by three points on Saturday.
 College Park who are in second position on the premiership table were regarded as a serious obstacle.
 Kilkenny applied pressure from the first bounce and their team play and accurate kicking paid dividends.
 College Park had more opportunities than the local lads but failed dismally in turning them to
 use. From twenty six effective shots they could manage only 9.17. Kilkenny scored 11.8.
 Best players honors among a team of good'uns were awarded to Bill Mc Lean at centre half-back
 and Norris Jaekel at fullback.
 Woodville Times Friday 6th August 1954
 Kilkenny Past & Present footballers tried conclusive at Hahndorf Oval last week.
 The old timers had a clear cut victory, but says Bernie Jordan with the assistance of umpire Collins.
 Any excuses is better than none but the way 'Poppa' Blight coolly turned back the Present drive and the
 manner in which Tom Hosking kicked goals, and Tom Holland barred the goal mouth from the 'younger set'
 had more than a little to do with their victory.
 Vern Cook was well on top and in spite of suggestions that 'Skinny' Smith, 'Tubby' Skipworth and 'Fatty' Bugg
 should swap diets they were good enough to get in among the best players.
 Gino Chinca and Bill Hewitt were easily best for the vanquished.
 Woodville Times Friday 6th August 1954