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2016 League Home and Away Schedule

September 20, 2016

KSL League Schedule
This is the official KSL League Schedule for 2016. Click the blue schedule to view. Please check and make sure that you have the corrected time and place. This is now the final schedule and all changes have been made.

Here are some last minute changes due to the fact that CB folded their 55lb. team. These changes are effective immediately and supersede the schedule.



Week 6  CB at MA


  Saturday 55 bye


                   10am 65


                   12pm 75


             UD 2pm  90




Week 6  AW at WS


Saturday  10am 55


              WG   12 noon 90


              RX  2pm 105




  Sunday  10am  65jv OV


                 12 noon  75  OVF


                  2 pm  65  AW




Week 7   NO at CB


   Saturday  55 bye




Week 8   AW at CB


  Saturday  55 bye


                    65 10am


                    75  12noon