Be Like Cal Contest

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Here is the 2011 Winner

We are proud to announce the winners of our 4th Annual Bayonne Cal Ripken Scholar Athlete award or what we call our " Be like Cal Ripken "contest winners.

Shane Paradine who played for the ROCK and Kapil Kanakaraj who played for NACIREMA GROUP both in our major league divisions were the only children in our league who were able to accomplish this great feat & win this most prestigious below for all the details.
CONGRATS to both Shane & who do it on and off the field !

Here is the 2010 Winner

We are proud to announce that we have two winners(Bret Jablonski & Kapil Kanakaraj) this year in our 3rd annual Cal Ripken be like me contest. Bret Jablonski who plays on Big Apple in the Ruth division & Kapil Kanakaraj who plays for McCabes in our Ripken division.

The contest was for 4th thru 8th graders in our Ripken or Ruth divisions or players who may be in high school....Like Cal Ripken Jr, who broke the record for playing in the most consecutive games ( 2,632 )....We want to honor our special kids who never miss school, never miss a game and who have 1st honors throughout the entire school year.. that's an accomplishment !!!!!!

Here is THE 2009 winner

2009 Be Like Cal Contest

As the school year is coming to a close for most...please let me know if anyone is in running this year for the be like Cal Ripken contest....

As we did last year and will be an annual event, our league is running a contest in honor of Cal Ripken Jr. and his longevity streak of playing in most games. The contest is for 4th thru 8th graders in Ripken or Ruth and some Babe Ruth division players who are in highschool.......We want to honor these special kids who never miss school, never miss a game and who have 1st honors throughout the school year....

Here are the 2008 Winners of the Be Like Cal Ripken Contest

Frank DiPillo
Frank, a newcomer to the Ripken league this year wasted no time strutting his stuff and quickly showed why he is already one of the league's best players. He was a major contributor in Amadeo & Miller winning the major league championship.

-Frank's favorite position on the diamond is Shortstop.
- When he is not playing baseball he enjoys playing video games.
-His favorite baseball player is Alex Rodriguez & his favorite team is the New York Yankees.
- Frank's academic accomplishments are happening at school PS 14
where his favorite subject is Math.
- When asked what does he want to be when he grows up, Frank hopes
to be a Professional baseball player or an Engineer.
Bret Jablonski
Bret, another Amadeo & Miller player who had the best year of his young career. His numerous game winning hits and solid defense at First base were key in bringing home the title.
- Bret's favorite positions at the Yard are First Base, Pitcher & Catcher.
- When the young man is not playing Baseball, he enjoys swimming
and playing wiffle ball.
- His favorite player is Jose Reyes & he is a huge Mets fan.
- Bret's academic accomplishments are also happening at the same
PS 14 school where his favorite subject is Social Studies.
- When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he also wants to
be an Engineer.
Anthony Pilovsky
Anthony, who this year played for McCabes in the Babe Ruth division was a 4 time all star while in the Ripken league which includes winning the Rookie league MVP in 2003.
- Anthony's favorite positions on the diamond are Pitcher, Catcher
and Shortstop.
- When this talented kid is not playing baseball, he is one of the most
fierce & competitive kids on the basketball court where he has starred
for both his Mount Carmel grammar school team & in the PAL.
- His favorite player is Derek Jeter and he likes the New York Yankee's
- Anthony's academic accomplishments were at Mount Carmel
school where Anthony enjoyed English as his favorite subject. He will
be attending St. Peter's Prep high school in September.
- When asked what he would like to be when he grows up, Anthony
indicated if something in sports does not work out, he would like to be
a Lawyer.

Be Like Cal Contest

Cal Ripken be like me challenge !

In honor of Cal Ripken and his longevity streak of playing in the most consecutive games 2,632 previously held by Yankee great ( Iron Man ) Lou Gehrig, who had played in 2, 130 consecutive games..........

The Bayonne Cal Ripken Baseball League during the 2008 season will honor its own players for their great work ethic ( kids who ace in school ) & kids who have ( perfect attendance the entire school year) & finally kids who do not miss any of their Cal Ripken or Babe Ruth games during the season.

Just like Cal Ripken.

Here is how the challenge will work. Any Cal Ripken or Babe Ruth player who is in grades 4th thru 8th or in our older Babe Ruth division who are in High School, will be eligible to win if he/she can do the following.
· All players must make 1st honors throughout the entire school year &

· All players must have PERFECT attendance the entire school year &

· All players must play the entire season missing no

Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth games due to health or other reasons during the 2008 season &

· All parents must have a copy of their kids school report cards turned in to Michael Miselis/ League Vice President at the end of the school year.

There will be a total of 8 players ( in honor of Cal Ripken's # 8 ) who will win a $ 100 gift card at our great sponsor Foot Locker here in Bayonne.

All the players that comply to the rules above will be entered in the contest, and we will pull 8 winners ( if we have that many ) out of a hat.

Parents...more details to follow when the season begins…please let your kids know about the challenge and lets see who can be like Cal Ripken !!!!! of the greatest role models of our time.

Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!