Volunteer Coaches

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Thank You For Your Interest In Coaching!

Volunteer coaches play a vital role in youth sports.  Without the help of thousands of volunteers nationwide, sports programs would come to a screeching halt.  The youth sport coach is often the first person a child encounters when playing a sport for the first time.  It does not get said enough, but the Hillsborough Department of Parks & Recreation thanks you for donating your time and talent to our programs and the children.

Take a look at this page for information regarding compulsory background checks, as per township ordinance 2006-02, state mandated training (through the Rutgers SAFETY course) and other coaching resources.


What Do I Need To Do To Become A Coach?

You must have a desire to work with and help children of all abilities, and a willingness to teach and instruct proper fundamentals and skills in accordance with recreational and youth sport philosophies. 

Background Checks

Hillsborough's Township Committee and Department of Parks and Recreation takes the safety and welfare of children very seriously.  Township Ordinance 2006-02 requires criminal history background checks for all Department of Parks and Recreation employees and volunteers.  Coaches cannot be on the field or involved with the team without completing a background check.


Background Check Instructions

The Township of Hillsborough has entered an agreement with Protect Youth Sports and Verity.  This process allows coaches to complete the background check process quickly and  from the comfort of their own home.  Please follow these instructions to ensure your background check is completed properly.

1. Go to https://opportunities.averity.com/HillsboroughP&R to start the process.

2. Agree to the terms of the background check.

3. Fill in the background check form.  All fields are required.

4. Read and agree to the Disclosure and Authorization.

5. Complete payment information.  The fee is $19.95.

**Background checks must be completed with the Department of Parks & Recreation using this system every three years.**


Rutgers SAFETY Clinic

The Rutgers SAFETY Clinic (Sports Awareness for Educating Today's Youth) is a three-hour program that fulfills the requirements of N.J.A.C. 5:52, "Minimum Standards for Volunteer Coaches Safety Orientation and Training Skills Programs."  This clinic is required for all youth sport coaches.

For a schedule of clinic offerings, click HERE.  The Hillsborough Department of Parks and Recreation also schedules clinics throughout the year.  If the Department has scheduled a clinic, it will be posted below with information.

Youth Sport Coaching Resources

There are a variety of organizations that publish helpful information, offer training courses, and membership for youth sport coaches, parents, and officials.  Any courses or clinics offered by these organizations do not replace the state-required Rutgers SAFETY Clinic.

National Alliance for Youth Sports

The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) seeks to make the sports experience fun, safe, and healthy for all children.  Their website contains many helpful coaching tips and guidelines.  The NAYS also offers an online course for youth coaches.

Positive Coaching Alliance

The Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) stresses the philosophy of sports as an opportunity for character education through Double-Goal coaching; one goal is winning, the second, more important goal, is teaching life lessons through sport.  The PCA offers online courses for youth coaches.

American Sport Education Program

The American Sport Education Program (ASEP) offers courses to train coaches emphasizing athlete development rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude. ASEP also has sport-specific coaching classes.