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All Chapter AD's and Team AD's are required to complete a Concussion Certification Course. This requirement will be met at the AD certification clinic.

All coaches are required to complete a Concussion Certification Course  All Certificates must be turned in at the Coaches Clinics OR emailed to (specify which chapter you are from) 

Field passes will NOT be given to any who have NOT completed this course. 

Below is policy Southern California Jr. All American Football and Cheer has adopted in regards to concussions for youth/student athletes. This policy is also in compliance with our SCJAAF Rule book, insurance, school facilities and current law....

Jr All American Football of Southern California

Concussion Protocol

On October 26, 2016, the Governor of California signed California Assembly Bill 2007 into law. The law, titled “Youth Sports Concussion Protocols”, is effective January 1, 2017 and is found in the California Health Safety Code under the section referencing “Adolescent Health” (Cal Health and Safety Code §124235).


The new law applies to “youth sports organizations” which includes any organization, business, non-profit entity or local government agency that sponsors or conducts amateur sports competitions, training camps, or clubs in which persons seventeen (17) years of age or younger participate: youth sports organizations are required to immediately remove an athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or other head injury in an athletic activity for the remainder of the day. The athlete shall not be permitted to return to the athletic activity until being evaluated by, and receiving written clearance to return to athletic activity from, a licensed health care provider. 

 Article VII, Section C.

16. If a player should be shaken up during the game, make certain that the designated medical attendant is in charge of treatment. 

a.      Once the Medical assistant releases the player for participation, the Team A.D. assumes control. 

b.     In the event a player is carried off the field. The Team Medical Assistant must evaluate the player to determine the nature and extent of the possible injuries, if any, at which time, the player may either be released to continue playing or remain removed from play for future analysis, or further treatment as needed. Added 3/7/16 

c.      Any player, who is suspected of sustaining a serious injury or any type of head injury including but not limited to concussions in a practice, game or any SCJAAF event, is to be immediately removed from play/competition at that time for the remainder of the day.  

d.     Any player who has been removed from play due to a serious injury or under suspicion of concussion, is prohibited from returning to play until the athlete is evaluated by a license health care provider trained in education and management of concussions, and has received written clearance to return to play from the health care provider.  Added 3/7/16 

 An athlete who has sustained a concussion shall complete a graduated return to play protocol of not less than seven (7) days in duration under the supervision of a licensed health care provider

1.  A Doctors release detailing the return to play protocol will be mandatory for a player to return to play

2.  Player must complete the return to play protocol prior to being allowed to participate in contact drills/ games

If an athlete seventeen (17) years of age or younger has been removed from athletic activity due to a suspected concussion, the youth sports organization shall notify a parent or a guardian of that athlete of the time and date of the injury, the symptoms observed and any treatment provided to that athlete for the injury. 

·       SCJAAF Protocol

o   Write up accident report and have parent sign, concussion information sheet is to be provided along with accident form to parent along with return to play information sheet 

On an annual basis, a youth sports organization shall provide a concussion and head injury information sheet to each athlete. The information sheet shall be signed and returned by the athlete and, if the athlete is seventeen (17) years of age or younger, shall also be signed by the athlete’s parent or guardian before the athlete initiates practice or competition. The information sheet may be sent and returned through an electronic medium including, but not limited to, facsimile or electronic mail. 

·    Concussion Information Packets are provided to each Chapter/Team AD which they are to give to parents at beginning of season. Each team has a parent signature sheet stating parents agree they have reviewed and received, signature sheets need to be turned into Conference and placed on file for proof of compliance

On a yearly basis, the youth sports organization shall offer concussion and head injury education, or related educational materials or both, to each coach and administrator of the youth sports organization. Each coach and administrator shall be required to successfully complete the concussion and head injury education offered at least once, either online or in person, before supervising an athlete in an activity of the youth sports organization. –

·    Per the new rule, chapters needs to ensure that all coaches/ staff/ volunteers have provided a certificate of Completion for Concussion training-field passed will not be issued to any team staff member  who has not completed

·    Free Online concussion training is available at:


Downloadable copy of Concussion Protocol

Concussions Fact Sheets for Coaches/ADs

Parent and Athlete Information

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