KYA Football FAQ 

Since we are most likely coaching on the field, organizing blocking dummies in the shed, reviewing registrations for the upcoming season, or actually working at our “real jobs,” we need your help.  KYA Football is a volunteer organization, and we do not have a large customer service staff to answer everyone’s question immediately. Please read over our frequently asked questions to help us answer your question.  You will find answers to most if not all your questions here.  If you still have a question, then please feel free to contact us using the form at the end of this FAQ.  We love talking football so give us a shout if you need further assistance. Thank you for your understanding and interest in KYA Football.

How much does it cost to play tackle youth football at KYA?

    • Many times early registration is $185 and normal registration cost is $205. 

    • But, costs for each season vary, and you can save money on registration by signing up during our early registration period.  Please go to the for current registration costs.

    • The KYA Football registration provides game jersey and pants but does not cover player equipment such as shoulder pads and helmets.

    • Player Football Equipment will cost an additional $100 to $350 depending on player sizes and high-end brand or low-end brand equipment choices.  

    • You can find coupons all over our Facebook page to save on Registration fees.  

Who can Sign up for KYA’s tackle youth football league?

    • You do NOT have to live in Keller to plat KYA Football. Our registration is open to all that can attend practices and games in the Keller ISD area.  We've had families from Arlington playing at KYA Football.  
    • Youth ages 5 to 12 are eligible to register for Fall and or Spring tackle football seasons.  Children that were 4 on 8/1 of the current Fall school year or enrolled in 7th grade are not eligible to play KYA Football.  So, simply, you must be 5 years old to play in KYA Football and not in the 7th grade.  

    • There are ball handling weight restrictions for each age group. These over the weight limit players are not allowed to carry the football.  There are no weight restrictions for the Senior division. 

      • Mite - Fall 75 / Spring 80 lbs
      • Bantam - Fall 85 / Spring 90 lbs
      • Sophomore - Fall 105 / Spring 110 lbs
      • Junior - Fall 115 / Spring 120 lbs
      • Senior - No weight limit
    • There are no school boundary requirements to play KYA Football, but most practice locations and games will be on or near Keller ISD schools just North of Ft. Worth, Texas. 

What is KYA?

    • KYA, Keller Youth Association, is a 40 year old non-profit organization volunteer organization focused on youth sports in Keller, TX and surrounding communities in North Texas.  KYA believes that through community action we can help young people develop into better adults through participation in organized, supervised recreation.  The individual age appropriate leagues are designed to provide organized sports activities focusing on individual instruction and teamwork in a positive, constructive, and fun environment.  KYA believes that if you teach young people to play by the rules, they will learn to live by the rules.

My child has never played tackle football before will this be an issue?

    • We have many “rookie,” non-experienced first year players that start playing football at KYA.

    • KYA is a recreational league. Each year we will have a large percentage of "first year" players.

    • Yes, we have had several girls play KYA Tackle football.  Young ladies are welcome to play football a KYA.

 What is the time commitment? 

    • The weekly time commitment is around 7 to 9 hours of actual practice and game time.  

    • KYA Football has a three event rule so during the season there can be no more than two practices and one game in a week.  Prior to the season most coaches will practice twice during the week and on a Saturday.  

    • Most coaches keep practices to two hours each and the total pre-game warm-up and game time is around 2.5 hours.  

 Are you associated with Keller ISD?

    • No but most of our games are played on Keller ISD fields.  

Are you associated with the City of Keller?

    • No, but we work closely with the City of Keller’s Parks and Recreation Department.  

Does your league hand out trophies to everyone?

    • No, teams in our A bracket Super Bowls will receive trophies.  

    • Sometimes individual coaches will buy trophies for their teams.

My daughter wants to play football is that OK?

    • Yes, we have had several young ladies play KYA tackle Youth Football.  



How do I sign up?

You may register online using the "REGISTER NOW" link on the top of the right hand navigation bar. Registration for fall is typically open May – mid August. Registration for spring season is typically open December – mid February. There are discounts for signing up during our early registration period. We also have a few "on-site" registrations available.  See the"Keller Football League Information" on the right hand navigation bar for more details.

When do I register to play KYA Football?

    • Registration for our Fall season opens in April, with grass drills in late July & early August. Team placements for Fall occur in mid August, with the first game scheduled for mid-September. The Fall season ends just prior to Thanksgiving.

    • Registration for our Spring season opens in November, with grass drill in early February. Team placements for Spring occur in mid February, with the season starting just after KISD Spring Break, and completion by Memorial Day.

    • You can register online at  

How much does it cost to play tackle youth football at KYA?

Many times early registration is $175 and normal registration cost is $200. 


 Try Outs / KYA Football Grass Drills


What are grass drills and when are they held?

    • Grass Drills are a series of drills which the players perform, such as 40-yard dash (20-yards for 5/6 year old) and agility drill, which allow Coaches an opportunity to review a player's athletic ability. 

    • Players are required to attend one (1) of the grass drill events so that Head Coaches can evaluate them prior to the player allocation draft.


What football equipment do we need and how much will it cost?

    • You will be responsible to provide football equipment in the tackle divisions, including helmet, shoulder pads, pant pads, mouth piece, practice jersey/pants, and cleats.

      • Helmet, Chin Strap, & Mouthpiece     ~ $50 - $150

      • Shoulder Pads, optional rib protection  ~ $35 - $100

      • Practice Padded Football Pants   ~ $10-$25

      • Football Cleats (Molded) Footwear  ~ $20 - $80

      • Practice Jersey ~ $5 to $25

      • Game Socks  ~ $6 - $15

    • You can find most if not all items at our Sponsor Dicks Sporting Goods.  Many times you can save money and buy used equipment online or at swap meets.  

What color Helmet should I purchase?


 What size football will be used?

  • The Mite division game ball is a “PEE-WEE” sized ball.
  • The Bantam division game ball is a “PEE WEE” sized ball.
  • The Sophomore division game ball is a “JUNIOR” size ball.
  • The Junior division game ball is a “JUNIOR” size ball.
  • The Senior division game ball is a “YOUTH” size ball.



Can a whole team register as a team and stay together?

No, we are not a Select league.  We are a recreational youth football tackle league.  New coaches may be able to freeze 2 players and returning teams may freeze up to 4 players from the previous 2 seasons.

I have siblings that play in the same division and I want them to play on the same team. Can I be positive this will happen?

    • Yes! If we are aware of the request prior to the draft, we will assign brother to the same team. Please add a note to the comments section, and also notify us via email at

    • KYA Football does have a “brother option” for twins and closely related siblings that meet the age requirements and live in the same household / home address.   

Can my son’s friend also play on his team?

    • KYA Football is a recreational league and we strive to balance the talent as much as possible. Most children will be allocated to teams based on the player draft. We do not guarantee placement of players on specific teams.

    • Many times a specific friend will not be drafted on a team but other friends from school or neighborhood will be chosen by the coach.  Plus, youth football is an opportunity to make new friends and grow as a player by learning new team social skills.  Your child will make many new friends at KYA.

How many players on a team?

    • Teams will have a minimum of 15 players and a maximum of 20 players.  

    • We keep teams at these levels so everyone gets an opportunity to play.



How many times a week do the teams practice?

Twice a week and normally for 90 minutes to two hours. 

Where do the teams practice?

Practices are set by the individual KYA football coaches so they will vary from team to team. Most practices are held at local Keller ISD Schools or Parks. 



Where are KYA Youth Football games usually played?

Games are played on Saturdays at the Keller Sports Complex, and also at various KISD facilities.

Does everyone get to play in games?

Yes, KYA Football is a recreation youth tackle football league.  The league has mandatory play rules for players which are approximately a minimum of 10 guaranteed plays per player per game. Games are approximately 60 plays in total.  


Game Rules

What rules does KYA Football play under?

KYA Football uses UIL football rules with a few KYA Football adjustments for youth football

Do you use certified referees during the games?

Yes KYA Football referees are UIL High School ref crews.



How can I become a KYA Football Coach?

When you register your child online, you can volunteer as a coach, assistant coach, or team mom. If you would also like to be a head coach, please email us at or fill out the coaching application online.

How much time is involved in being a KYA Youth Football Coach.

You must be willing to give 15 to 20 hours a week to be a volunteer KYA Football Coach.

Are your coaches certified?

Yes, National Alliance for Youth Sports at

KYA Football Boosters / Volunteers

How can I volunteer at KYA Football?

When you register your child online, you can volunteer as a coach, assistant coach, or team mom. If you would also like to be a head coach, please email us at


KYA Cheer

Can my Daughter be a Cheerleader for my son's football team?

Because of the growth of our league, we can no longer guarantee team assignments of cheerleaders, except when the participants are the daughter/son of the Cheer coach. Please email if you are interested in becoming a Cheer coach