Frequently Asked General Questions

Is Mastic Sports Club a non-profit organization?
Yes. Mastic Sports Club is an 501(c)(3) corporation..

How long has Mastic Sports Club been in existence?
Mastic Sports Club was incorporated in 1961 and has been in existence ever since..

Does the club have an office ?
Not really. The club currenly holds its Board meetings at the American Legion Hall in Mastic Beach. We do have an office trailer at the Martin Johnson Memorial soccer fields, but there is still more money to be raised and work to be accomplished before using that site as the club's main office..

What is the club's telephone number ?

What is the club's address?
Mastic Sports Club, PO Box 225, Mastic, NY 11950

When are the Board Meetings and can anyone attend?
Mastic Sports Club holds its Board meetings on the first and third Wednesday of every month from 7pm to 9pm at the American Legion Hall in Mastic Beach. The first meeting of the month is a closed meeting to Board members only and the 2nd meeting (every 3rd Wednesday of the month) is open to anyone interested in attending the meeting

When are Board member position elections held ?
The nominations for all Board positions close at the end of the last Board meeting in October. The voting for officers takes place at the Mastic Sports Club general meeting during the last meeting in November.

What are the ages needed to register for each sport?
Each of the sports has a different age needed for registration. Please go to our home page and click on the appropriate sport to find the registration age information.