All teams from each borough who complete their regular season schedule will qualify for the league tournament. 

The League Post-Season Tournament is a SINGLE ELIMINATION tournament.

If a team does not play all of its regular season games, the league committee will make a decision whether to allow them to qualify for the tournament based on individual team circumstances.

If a team forfeits a regular season game, they must submit a letter outlining the reason(s) for the forfeit to the borough commissioner within 24 hours of the forfeited game time. If the league committee determines that the forfeit was due to circumstances beyond the team’s control, the team will remain eligible for the tournament.

Any team with one or more forfeits during the regular season will not be eligible for the tournament.

At the conclusion of the regular season, a tournament bracket will be randomly generated to determine playoff opponent. There are NO SEEDINGS in the tournament.

A coin toss will determine the home/visitor in every tournament game. (This includes the league “Final Four” and championship game).

All regular season game rules apply during the tournament, except that every game must have a winner. 

-For any tournament game to be deemed official, teams must play 4 full innings (3½ if the home team is ahead after the opponent bats in the fourth).

-In the event a tournament game cannot be completed, but has gone past the 4th inning, the final score will be the score at the end of the last completed inning.

 -If a game is tied, both teams must be prepared to finish the game the next day (appointed by the MSBL).

There is NO RE-ENTRY for players taken out of a tournament game. Once a player comes out of a game, they may not return for any reason.

The MSBL “Final Four” will include each borough’s tournament champion.