Playoff Chart 





NOVEMBER 19, 2017






Division 1 – Main Stadium                                                            Game Time                           Weigh In


8 Year Old      Bellmore v. Farmingdale                                        8:00am                                   7:30am


9 Year Old      Uniondale v. Farmingdale                                       9:30am                                   9:00am


10 Year Old   Garden City v. Massapequa                                     11:30am                                11:00am


11 Year Old   Farmingdale v. Massapequa                                  1:30pm                                  1:00pm


12 Year Old   Long Beach v. Rockville Centre                              3:30pm                                  3:00pm


13 Year Old   *Rosedale v. Hempstead                                        5:30pm                                  5:00pm




Division 2 Field #1                                                                                                                      Weigh In


9 Year Old      Rosedale v. Seaford                                                10:00am                                9:30am


10 Year Old   East Rockaway v. Franklin Square                         12:00noon                             11:30am       


11 Year Old   Mineola v. Rosedale                                                 2:00pm                                  1:30pm


12 Year Old   *Hempstead v. **Rosedale                                      4:00pm                                  3:30pm






Division 3 Field #2                                                                                                                      Weigh In


9 Year Old      Levittown v. Rockville Centre                                 10:00am                                9:30am


10 Year Old   Rosedale v. Oyster Bay-Bayville                             12:00noon                             11:30am


11 Year Old   East Rockaway v. Garden City B                            2:00pm                                  1:30pm


13 Year Old     *Levittown Red v. **East Meadow                                   4:00pm                                  3:30pm






      All Division 1 games will be played in the main stadium.  Division 2 and 3 games will be played on the outer fields, to be determined by NCYFL


      The home team is listed first in bold letters.


      The last HOME* teams playing on each field will supply the scale for that field.  The scales must be at the complex by 7:15am.  With the exception of the Stadium field, the last VISITING** teams playing on each field must supply the yard markers, chains and vests.  They must be at the complex by 7:30am.  PLEASE BE PROMPT.  IF YOU ARE LATE WITH ANY OF THESE ITEMS, THE GAMES WILL BE DELAYED!!!


      Concessions will be available in the stadium only.  Teams may not bring food or any cooking equipment.


      Referees fees will be paid by NCYFL


      ALL home teams must provide a Director to conduct the weigh ins.  You will be conducting up to 3 weigh ins at one time.  Teams may weigh in prior to one half hour before the game but not more than one hour.


      ALL towns must provide 3 Security Staff for each game.  The purpose is to patrol the sidelines and to keep all spectators off the field, sidelines and track.  They must remain on the track and are not permitted on the sidelines.  No one is permitted inside the fences or on the track. This includes any photographers.  ONLY THREE (3) SECURITY STAFF FROM EACH TOWN WILL BE PERMITTED.


      All Directors are invited to the Press Box after 11:30am for a Pre-Thanksgiving meal………...courtesy of NCYFL