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The Senior Season

This one is mostly for the parents. As many of our players start their Senior seasons a reminder of how far they've come and to enjoy the last ride.

How Many Scholarships are Available?

The attached chart shows how many potential scholarships are available in baseball depending on the division the school plays in.

The Reality of Athletic Scholarships

November 2, 2009
A good article from the NY Times giving a realistic look at what kind of scholarship money is available in "non-revenue" sports like baseball.

The Importance of Line Drives

September 28, 2009
A great article that we have discussed before on why you want to hit the ball "down and hard" and not lifted in the air. Click the logo for article.

You Never Know Who's Watching

A great article on playing hard and keeping a good attitude at all times on the field. Like they never know who's watching! Click the logo for the article.